Ausbildung in Germany Requirements: Know Before You Apply!

Ausbildung in Germany Requirements

Many young people want to do an Ausbildung and are confused about the Ausbildung in Germany Requirements. That’s why, in this blog post we will let you know Ausbildung’s requirements.

Besides that, you will get the answers of the related questions about Ausbildung in Germany.

Not only that, today’s blog post will give you all the answers you might have in your mind as a question. For example, what documents and qualifications do you need? When to apply, how to apply for an Ausbildung etc.

So, be sure to read this post till the end to learn more about this topic. It will be very helpful if you want to get an Ausbildung in Germany.

What’s Ausbildung in Germany Requirements?

To be honest, there are no hard requirements for Ausbildung in Germany. We assume that you can speak, understand, and write German proficiently to perform the job effectively.

Ausbildung in Germany Requirements

Some companies are very strict about language certificates. The embassy also asks for the certificate if you are trying to come to Germany to do an Ausbildung as a foreigner.

As far as our research we saw that at least an A2 level of German is very important and fortunately, it is very easy to achieve.

But sometimes some employers can ask for at least a B1 or even B2 level. So my suggestion would be, to have your B1 certificate as soon as possible and learn to speak German as much as possible too.

Academic requirements of Ausbildung in Germany

For the academic side, if you have a 10th-12th class of academic background then this is enough. Not only that, even some companies can offer you an apprenticeship only with the study of grades five to eight. Such as Maler or Painting Ausbildung or Baker Ausbildung in Germany.

But unfortunately, this type of Ausbildung pays less compared to other Ausbildungs in Germany.

So try to have your academic certificates ready in German and also verified by German authorities. This type of preparation shows your motivation.

We have interviewed some of the CEOs of German companies and they said, documents aren’t important for them.

They want an application for Ausbildung which should be really creative. Every employer will try to know why you are perfect for that position (Ausbildung).

That’s why you should endeavor to articulate your strengths cleverly, providing employers with deeper insights and potentially impressing them with your application.

Apart from this, your overall profile is important, which the employer will try to understand. It can give the employer a very good impression of you to offer you the Ausbildung.

What documents do you need to apply for Ausbildung?

We have seen that, if you are from Germany only a few documents are enough for the Ausbildung application such as Anschreiben (Application, where you should show your motivation and strength), Lebenslauf (Resume or CV) and your academic documents. Your CV should be in EUROPASS format.

If you are a foreigner or outside of Germany and want to do your Ausbildung then you might need some extra documents as per the embassy’s demand in your home country.

By the way, we have answered a lot of questions about Ausbildung in Germany in another blog post. Please check that.

Normally embassy can ask for around 10-12 documents from you. The German embassy in Podgorica, Montenegro shared a document and they have mentioned a comprehensive list of the documents they need to process your visa for Ausbildung.

Ausbildung requirments in Germany
Before you apply you have to know the requirements of Ausbildung in Germany

But in your case, it might be different. That’s why you need to contact the German embassy in your country. We have found a document from the German embassy of India.

Ausbildung visa application requirements checklist

Let’s have a look at what they actually want to get an Ausbildung visa. These are actually standard documents that all Ausbildung applicants should have.

  • Valid passport (issued within the last 10 years and with at least 12 months validity left)
  • 1 copy of your passport’s data page (A4 size copy)
  • 3 passport pictures according to biometric specifications
  • Motivation letter
  • Ausbildungsvertrag‘ or Training contract signed by the German employer and the employee (if applicable with IHK recognition)
  • Ausbildungsplan‘ or Training Plan
  • If the school conducts the training and pays a salary below 903€, OR…
  • If the training occurs at the company’s facilities (along with vocational school) and the salary falls below 927 EUR, the financing gap must be covered with a blocked account OR a ‘Verpflichtungserklärung’ from a sponsor in Germany.
  • Pre-approval by the Federal Employment Agency (Pre-approval by the Federal Employment Agency is not mandatory. It can however shorten the time to process your application significantly)
  • Personal CV containing full education and employment history
  • Academic qualification or school leaving certificate
  • You need a German language skills certificate (minimum B1 level) OR confirmation from the school/employer that they checked and found your language skills sufficient OR confirmation from a preparatory language class.
  • (Gesetzliche oder private Krankenversicherung) from a German employer valid from the date of employment
  • Certificate about compulsory health insurance

Keep in mind some points

Also, keep in mind, you have to submit 2 copies of each item. Before going to apply for a visa you need to make an appointment first.

Secondly, if not already part of the mandatory health insurance, you must provide a separate travel health insurance covering the period from your arrival in Germany until the start of employment.

Thirdly note that the German Mission reserves the right to ask for additional documents.

You can download Ausbildung visa application requirements checklist document from our other post. Or also from the download button below:

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Ausbildung in Germany Requirements: FAQs

How to apply for Ausbildung in Germany

It is not hard at all. You need to find an employer who’s offering an Ausbildung and then just apply via email. We have a template of the application and CV above. After downloading do, some personalize and just apply for your dream Ausbildung in Germany.

What are requirements of Ausbildung in Germany?

Normally there are no strict requirements for Ausbildung in Germany. But at least an A2 level of German is very important, sometimes some employers can ask for a B1 or even B2 level. A school passing certificate is also very important.

How to get Ausbildung visa in Germany

If you’re not from the EU, you’ll need to apply for a visa at the German embassy in your country. Foreign students (Azubi) must meet certain criteria in order to be granted an apprentice visa. It depends on your home country and what type of documents they want.

But normally they want an Ausbildung contract, an Approval letter from the agency for work, financial proof to cover your costs during your stay in Germany, health insurance, visa fees, biometric pictures etc.

How can I join Ausbildung in Germany?

There is nothing to join really. 😉 If you find an employer who can offer you an Ausbildung then you are good to go. Just apply via email with the necessary documents and wait for the reply. It is better to apply to several companies so that you can secure at least one position.

How can I apply for Ausbildung in Germany?

As we mentioned earlier, finding an Ausbildung is not hard if you follow the system. First of all, you have to find a company by searching on the Internet. There are huge websites where you can find lots of offers of Ausbildung. But the easiest way would be LinkedIn or XING.

Or even you can search Ausbildung on our website which is known as Degreeola Job Search. Just write your keyword in the ‘what‘ field and Germany as a location in the ‘where‘ field.

Let’s say, you have searched and found some offers that suit you. Now what? You have to apply, right? OK, so let us help you by providing a sample of the Ausbildung application and a CV. By the way, you must write both of these in German.

If you have already seen our sample CV (Lebenslauf) and application (Anschreiben) then you will see how it is described. What format is used here? It’s called EUROPASS Format.

But please never copy this and don’t apply it to all companies with the same words. If possible then take help from someone who’s native German or at least has very good knowledge of German.


The current labor shortage has led to numerous job openings in Germany, providing opportunities for those willing to make an effort. Many companies in Germany are actively seeking candidates for various types of apprenticeships.

From today’s blog post, you must have understood what kind of qualifications you need or what are the requirements of Ausbildung in Germany.

If you find this post helpful please share it with your friends and family members who are eager to find a job.

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