Aupair in Germany Requirements, Salary & More (A to Z Guide)

Aupair in Germany

Are you dreaming of living in Germany and immersing yourself in its rich culture? Do you love working with children and want to gain valuable experience while exploring a new country? If the answer is ‘YES’ then look no further than becoming an Aupair in Germany!

In this ultimate A to Z guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the requirements, salary, benefits and more for being an Aupair in one of Europe’s most exciting countries.

So grab your passport and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime action!

Aupair in Germany Requirements: Things you need to know

If you are considering becoming an Aupair in Germany, there are a few essential things you need to know. First of all, you must be between 18 and 26 years old, have a genuine interest in childcare, and be willing to commit to a stay of at least six months.

The contract normally goes for one year. And if you are an EU Citizen then your age can be 30 years old instead of 26.

Knowledge of the German language is important. You have to have ‘Deutsch Zertifikat A1’. German authority thinks language proficiency is important since it helps with communication and integration into the host family.

In Germany, au pairs are expected to work up to 30 hours a week. They need to have one whole day off every week. It’s important to understand that the au pair program is designed for cultural exchange, not just a job. It highlights the need to keep a good balance with the host family.

German law mandates that au pairs receive a monthly stipend which is 280€ at the moment. Additionally, you’ll receive housing, meals, and language course expenses up to 70€ per month. You’ll also get a monthly transportation ticket. Normally host families ensure Aupair’s basic needs are met.

What is an Aupair?

So what is an Aupair? An Aupair is basically a kind of domestic helper. Their duties typically include taking care of babies. If we broaden the definition of an Aupair then need to say, an au pair is a young person who travels to another country to live with a host family and assist with childcare and light household duties and in return, they get accommodation, a stipend and of course, the opportunity to experience the local culture.

The word “au pair” comes from French, meaning “on par” or “equal to.” It highlights the idea of a mutually beneficial relationship between the au pair and the host family.

Typically, young adults, often between the ages of 18 and 30, who are keen on cultural exchange, improving language skills, and experiencing life in a different country, become au pairs.

Aupair in Germany

Requirements for Becoming an Aupair in Germany

To become an Au Pair in Germany, there are several requirements that you need to meet. Here are the key requirements:

  1. Age: You must be between 18 and 26 years old to participate in the au pair program in Germany. If you are a citizen of any European country then your age can be up to 30.
  2. Childcare experience: While formal qualifications in childcare are not mandatory, having experience or a genuine interest in caring for children is highly recommended. This could include previous babysitting, tutoring, or volunteering experience.
  3. Language skills: Basic knowledge of the German language is important for effective communication with the host family and the children. You need to have a German language A1 certificate.
  4. Health and character requirements: You must give a health certificate showing you are physically and mentally fit for the Au Pair program. Additionally, you may be required to provide a criminal record check or a certificate of good conduct from your home country.
  5. Education: While not a strict requirement, having a high school diploma or equivalent educational qualification is preferred.
  6. Commitment: Au pair stays in Germany typically last for at least six months and can be up to one year. You should be willing to commit to this duration.

It’s important to note that specific requirements and regulations may vary depending on the region in Germany and the individual host family. It’s advisable to consult with the related authorities.

Salary as an Aupair in Germany

When it comes to Salary as an Aupair in Germany then this part is a bit tricky. Actually, there is no so-called ‘salary’ for Aupairs in Germany. Since nearly all expenses are covered by host families, a substantial salary shouldn’t be anticipated, correct?

But no worries, you will get some monthly 😉 It was only 260€ per month. But recently it increased and became 280€ per month.

How to apply for Aupair in Germany

First of all, you have to find a host family. And then apply with your motivation letter. So how to get a host family in Germany? It’s very easy! Better you search for opportunities from different platforms or on Google. Two well-known platforms, and, exist in the realm of au pair services. You should find a host family.

Once you have met the requirements, you’ll need to be ready for an interview with the host family. The interview will cover your personal history and ask about your reasons for wanting to be an Aupair.

If you’re accepted, the family will give you a work contract that explains your work hours and other job conditions.

If you would like to Germany as an Au Pair then you can register yourself here.

Aupair in Germany

Benefits of working as an aupair in Germany

There are many benefits to working as an Aupair in Germany. First, it can be a great way to experience the country while making some money. Second, many Germans are happy to have someone who speaks their language living nearby.

Third, you get the opportunity to travel to the whole of Germany during your break at work and of course, the whole European Union countries since your visa covers it. Fourth, you will be able to meet new friends from around the world in your Aupairing time.

Understanding the aupair program in Germany

To begin our exploration, let’s start by understanding what an au pair is in Germany. An au pair is a young person who goes to another country, lives with a host family and helps with childcare. In return, they get a place to stay, meals, and a weekly stipend.

In Germany, the au pair program promotes cultural exchange and language learning between the au pair and the host family.

Aupair in Germany requirements: visa process

Securing the appropriate visa is a crucial step for becoming an au pair in Germany. Typically, au pairs require a national visa, also known as a D visa, to enter Germany.

First of all, you get a visa for three months and when you are in Germany then you apply for a residence permit which is typically for one year.

The visa process involves submitting an application at the German embassy or consulate in your home country. You might need a formal invitation from the host family, proof of health insurance, enough money, and a valid passport as requirements.

Aupair in Germany requirements: How to extend your stay

If you wish to stay in Germany after your au pair program, there are various options available. You may consider pursuing further education, obtaining a work visa, or exploring other cultural exchange programs.

It’s important to research and understand the specific requirements and processes to ensure a smooth transition.

If you would like to Stay in Germany after the Au Pair program then you can read this article.

Au Pair vs. Nanny: Understanding the Difference

Although people occasionally use the terms ‘au pair‘ and ‘nanny‘ interchangeably, the two roles have clear differences. Now, let’s look at the different tasks, needs, and cultural exchange parts of being an au pair. We can compare them with the responsibilities of a nanny in Germany.

Au pairs and nannies both provide childcare, but there are important distinctions between the two roles. Au pairs join cultural exchange programs, living with host families for a short time to explore a different culture and enhance their language abilities.

Want to get the full guideline of Aupair in Germany? Then download the 12-page guideline from the German government!

They typically work part-time hours and receive a stipend for personal expenses. In contrast, nannies are professional caregivers who work full or part-time, often with long-term arrangements. They are employed by families and focus solely on childcare duties.

Nannies receive a regular salary and may have additional benefits. Deciding between an au pair and a nanny depends on factors like wanting cultural exchange, how long care is needed, and the level of professional expertise needed.

If you wanna come to Germany as an Au pair then you can register here.

Au Pair Agencies and Resources in Germany

Numerous au pair agencies and resources are available to assist you in your journey as an au pair in Germany. These organizations provide guidance, support, and valuable connections with host families.

Let’s check out some well-known au pair agencies like AuPairWorld, AuPairCare, and World AuPair. They can assist you in finding good opportunities in Germany.

Aupair in Germany Requirements: FAQs

How much is an Au Pair paid in Germany?

Aupair in Germany

At the moment the minimum monthly stipend for an au pair in Germany was set at €280. However, it’s important to note that this amount can change, and it’s advisable to check the most up-to-date information from official sources or reputable au pair agencies.

In addition to the monthly stipend, host families in Germany typically provide accommodations and meals. Host families also cover the costs of health insurance for the au pair. It’s also common for families to cover transportation expenses for the au pair’s arrival and departure.

What are the requirements for Au Pair in Germany?

The minimum age for applying for an Au Pair visa is 18 years old and the maximum age for applying is 26 years old. An Au Pair can stay in Germany for a maximum of one year. An extension in Germany or a second Au Pair stay in Germany is not possible.

How to apply for an Au Pair job in Germany?

In order to work as an Au Pair in Germany, applicants must obtain a residence permit in the form of a visa. The visa will also contain a work permit.

Which country in Europe is best for au pairing?

Germany and Switzerland stand out as exceptional destinations for au pairing, offering numerous advantages that make it an ideal choice. Their unique geographical location, bordered by several countries Germany and Switzerland provides unparalleled opportunities for exploring Europe, making those top picks for those with a passion for travel. The benefits of au pairing in Germany and Switzerland are too vast to enumerate there.

Final thoughts about Aupair in Germany requirements

Becoming an Aupair in Germany is an incredible opportunity to explore a new culture, enhance your language skills, and build lifelong connections.

By understanding the requirements, salary expectations, visa process, and available resources, you are well on your way to embarking on this rewarding adventure.

Remember to research thoroughly, engage with reputable agencies, and embrace the experience wholeheartedly. Good luck on your journey as an au pair in Germany!

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    Au Pair Cover Letter Examples
    Use these Au Pair cover letter examples to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

    Cover Letter Insights
    Published Apr 2, 2023
    An au pair is a person who provides childcare and light housework in exchange for room and board. They’re often from another country, and many families hire au pairs to help with their children during the school year.

    If you’re looking for an au pair position, you’ll need to write a cover letter that shows your enthusiasm for the job and highlights your qualifications.

    Check out the examples below to learn how to write an effective au pair cover letter.

    Formal/Professional Writing Style Example
    With a strong passion for childcare and over three years of experience as an Au Pair, I am confident in my ability to make a valuable contribution to your family while ensuring the well-being, happiness, and development of your children.

    During my previous experience as an Au Pair, I have gained expertise in various aspects of child care, including meal planning and preparation, organizing age-appropriate activities, assistance with homework, and facilitating healthy social interactions. Additionally, I am qualified in First Aid and CPR, demonstrating my commitment to the safety and well-being of your children.As a responsible, reliable, and compassionate individual, I pride myself on my ability to adjust to new environments and integrate into a diverse range of families. My adaptability, patience, and excellent communication skills have allowed me to develop strong relationships with both children and their parents, creating a positive and supportive atmosphere within the home.

    Aside from my passion for child care, I am also fluent in English and Spanish, offering valuable linguistic skills that can be utilized to teach or help your children with their language studies. I hold a valid driver’s license and have an impeccable driving record, ensuring that transportation for your children remains safe and efficient. I am excited about the opportunity to work as an Au Pair with your family and contribute to your children’s development while providing a caring and nurturing environment. I look forward to discussing my qualifications further during an interview. Thank you very much for considering my application.


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