Opportunity Card for Bangladeshi Citizens: Step-by-Step Guide

Opportunity Card for Bangladeshi Citizens

The Opportunity Card for Bangladeshi Citizens presents an incredible chance for those looking to move to Germany for job opportunities. However, to get the job searching Opportunity Card for Germany, you need to fulfill some criteria.

This guide will help you understand the process, requirements, and benefits of the Opportunity Card, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make your application successful.

If you read this blog post till the end, you will know how to get the Opportunity Card as a Bangladeshi Citizen. So without further ado let’s get started…

What is the Opportunity Card?

In short, the Opportunity Card, available from June 2024, is a part of the German Residence Act. It allows eligible individuals to come to Germany to look for a job and participate in additional training for recognizing foreign professional qualifications.

Opportunity Card for Bangladeshi Citizens

The Opportunity Card is valid for one year, during which you must support yourself and can work part-time for up to 20 hours per week.

How to Obtain the Opportunity Card

To obtain the Opportunity Card, research eligibility criteria, gather necessary documents, complete the application process online or in person, and wait for approval confirmation. Be prepared.

Eligibility Criteria of the Opportunity Card

There are two primary ways to be eligible for the Opportunity Card:

  1. Skilled Workers
  2. Points-Based System

Skilled Workers

If you can prove that your foreign qualification is fully equivalent to a German qualification, you can receive the Opportunity Card without additional requirements. You must also provide evidence that you can support yourself financially.

Points-Based System

On the other hand, if you do not qualify as a skilled worker, you must provide proof of a degree from a foreign university or a vocational qualification recognized by Germany.

Additionally, you need basic German (level A1) or intermediate English skills (level B2). Points are awarded based on various criteria, such as qualification recognition, language skills, professional experience, age, and connection to Germany. You need at least six points to qualify.

Points System Breakdown: Opportunity Card for Bangladeshi Citizens

The Opportunity Card points system for Bangladeshi citizens considers age, education, work experience, language proficiency, and adaptability. Higher scores improve the chances of obtaining the card and accessing better opportunities.

  • Qualification Recognition: If your qualifications are recognized in Germany, you receive points.
  • Language Skills: Basic German (A1) or intermediate English (B2) skills will earn you points.
  • Professional Experience: Points are awarded based on your professional experience in the last five to seven years.
  • Age: Younger applicants receive more points.
  • Connection to Germany: If you have previously lived in Germany or have close relatives there, you can earn additional points.
  • Accompanying Partner: If your spouse or registered partner is also applying for an Opportunity Card, you gain an extra point.

Opportunity Card Germany Points Calculation

Opportunity Card

[The degree or training certificate must be issued by an accredited institution in the country where it was obtained. Training completed at a German Chamber of Commerce Abroad (AHK) is also acceptable, even if it is not recognized as vocational training by the country where it was obtained.]

[The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) defines the language proficiency levels.]

[The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) defines the language proficiency levels.]

  • ICT professionals: Software and applications developers and analysts, database and network professionals
  • Health professionals: Medical doctors, nursing and midwifery professionals, veterinarians
  • Teaching professionals
  • Science and engineering professionals
  • Production and specialized services managers: ICT service managers; Manufacturing, mining, construction, and distribution managers; Professional services managers
  • Any legal stay of 6 months or longer, including au pair stays, language courses, exchange studies, research stays, internships, working holiday/youth working program stays, and volunteering, qualifies. Touristic stays are not considered.

If you have no job offer, you can obtain both a Blocked Account and Health Insurance for your visa application easily from here!

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Required Documents for the Opportunity Card

To apply for the Opportunity Card, you must submit the following documents:

  • Two completed and signed application forms
  • Two recent biometric passport photos
  • A valid and signed passport with at least two empty pages
  • Two copies of the passport’s data page
  • A cover letter detailing your job interests, where you plan to live, and how you will support yourself
  • A detailed curriculum vitae (CV) outlining your professional experience
  • Proof of sufficient financial resources, such as a blocked account or a formal declaration of commitment
  • Private health insurance is valid in the Schengen area with a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros
  • Certificates proving your qualifications and language skills

A visa checklist for the Opportunity Card was revealed this week by the German embassy in Bangladesh. You can download it for free from here.

Financial Proof

You must show that you have at least 1,027 euros per month for your stay, totaling 12,324 euros for a year. This can be proven through a blocked account, secondary employment in Germany, or a formal declaration of commitment from a third party.

The easiest way to show financial proof is by making a blocked account. You can have these three options.

You can read more about blocked accounts in Germany from this blog post.

How to Apply for an Opportunity Card Visa from Bangladesh

Firstly, to apply for an Opportunity Card Visa from Bangladesh, check eligibility, and gather required documents. Lastly, fill out the application form online, pay fees, schedule an interview, and await approval.

Step 1: Self-Check

Before applying, visit the “Make it in Germany” website and complete the self-check to ensure you meet the requirements. This step helps you understand if you qualify and what additional steps you may need to take.

Step 2: Prepare Your Documents

Gather all necessary documents as listed above. Make sure they are complete to avoid delays or rejections. Incomplete applications can lead to significant delays, so double-check everything.

Step 3: Register Online

Register online for an appointment to submit your visa application. Choose the employment category during registration. Ensure you book your appointment well in advance, as slots can fill up quickly.

Step 4: Submit Your Visa Application

Submit your visa application along with all required documents. Ensure everything is in order to avoid any issues. The visa section may ask for additional documents, so be prepared for this possibility.

Step 5: Wait for Approval

After submitting your application, wait for the visa section to review it. They may request additional documents if necessary. This process can take some time, so be patient and follow up if needed.

Step 6: Travel to Germany

Once your visa is approved, you can book your flight to Germany and start your journey. Remember to book your flight only after receiving your visa to avoid any unnecessary expenses.

Opportunity Card Visa for Germany

How to Take an Appointment for an Opportunity Card Visa Application from Bangladesh?

Booking an embassy appointment for a Job Search Opportunity Card visa from Bangladesh is not particularly difficult. You need to visit the embassy’s website to check if the visa appointment system in the Employment category has available slots. Once you secure an appointment, they will let you know the date for the visa interview. On that day you must go to the embassy with the related documents.

Take an Appointment for an Opportunity Card Visa Application from Bangladesh.

Benefits of the Opportunity Card

The Opportunity Card offers numerous benefits for Bangladeshi citizens:

  • Job Search: You can stay in Germany for up to a year to look for a job that matches your qualifications.
  • Training: You can participate in additional training to get your foreign qualifications recognized in Germany.
  • Part-Time Work: You can work part-time for up to 20 hours per week while searching for a job.
  • Support for Families: Your spouse or registered partner can also apply for an Opportunity Card, providing an additional point towards your application.
  • Cultural Experience: Living in Germany offers a chance to experience a new culture, learn a new language, and meet new people, enriching your personal and professional life.

Tips for a Successful Application

  • Complete Your Documents: Ensure all documents are complete and correctly filled out. Incomplete applications can lead to delays.
  • Be Honest: Provide truthful information in your application. Any false information can result in rejection.
  • Prepare Financial Proof: Make sure your financial proof is adequate and meets the requirements.
  • Learn Basic German: Even if you meet the English requirement, learning basic German can be beneficial and earn you extra points.
  • Stay Organized: Keep track of all your documents and the application process. Staying organized can help you avoid any last-minute issues.

Embassy’s Example Email: What You Need to Submit

To shorten your stay at the Embassy during your appointment and enhance your safety given the current situation, please submit scans of all the listed documents via email.

  • Filled in application form for a long-term visa (VIDEX) and declaration of consent
  • Biometric passport pictures (not older than six months)
  • Copy of the ID page of your passport  – valid for at least one year and three months from the intended date of entry into Germany
  • CV along with all educational certificates and  mark sheets including your HSC / A-Levels
  • Employment contract with / binding job offer of your future employer in Germany, stating your future designation and describing the field of work, weekly working hours and the annual pre-tax salary
  • “Stellenbeschreibung” form of the Federal Employment Agency, filled in by your (future) employer in Germany
  • If applicable: Pre-Approval by the Federal Employment Agency (copy) – the original must be submitted during your appointment.

Proof of recognition of foreign qualification:

In the case of skilled workers with vocational training you have to provide these documents:

  1. Notification of recognition of foreign vocational training: Written notification of the agency in Germany responsible for recognition of vocational training (original and two (2) copies)
  2. In the case of skilled workers holding a university degree:
  3. Two (2) printouts from the “Anabin” database on the qualification and on the institution
  4. or (if the qualification is not assessed as “entspricht” (comparable) or “gleichwertig” (equivalent) and/or the institution is not classified as “H+”)
  5. Statement of Comparability by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) (original with two (2) copies)
  6. or (in the case of regulated professions in which permission is required to exercise the profession, for example, doctors, engineers; a complete list is available from the Federal Employment Agency or the European Commission)
  7. Permission to exercise a profession issued by the authority responsible for recognizing qualifications or assurance of permission to exercise a profession (original and two (2) copies) (for example, for medical professions: the decision of the licensing authority in the federal territory, i.e. assurance of permission to exercise a profession and/or issuing of medical license)

What else does the embassy say?

We will only consider complete sets of documents for scheduling an appointment.

Kindly submit all documents in one merged „.pdf“-file and ensure that your e-mail does not exceed the size of 5 MB. For IT security reasons, it is neither possible to submit documents in .zip or other compressed formats, nor is it possible to upload the documents to a cloud-based storage provider. Please send this pdf containing all required documents within seven days (=7x24hrs) of having received this e-mail. Kindly ensure that you reply only to this e-mail without removing this trail mail.

If you are unable to submit the documents within the requested time frame, you will unfortunately have to register for a new appointment via our website (keeping an expected waiting time of several months in mind). Unfortunately, we cannot grant requests for an extension of the aforementioned deadline.

Please wait to receive a specific date and time for your appointment before coming to the Embassy, as we limit the number of customers allowed on our premises.

Living and Working in Germany

Undoubtedly, living and working in Germany offers diverse job opportunities. It has high-quality healthcare, excellent public transportation, and a vibrant cultural scene, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle for residents.

Germany Opportunity Card Application

Finding Accommodation

Finding a place to live in Germany can be challenging, especially in big cities like Berlin, Munich, or Frankfurt.

Start your search early, and consider using online platforms like Immobilienscout24 or WG-Gesucht. You can also join Facebook groups for expats in Germany to get advice and find rental offers.

Understanding the Job Market

Generally, Germany has a robust job market with opportunities in various sectors, including engineering, IT, healthcare, and finance. Research companies and job openings in your field. Websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and the Federal Employment Agency’s job portal can be helpful.

Integrating into German Society

Learning the language and understanding German culture can significantly enhance your experience. Consider enrolling in a language course and participating in community activities. This will help you integrate better and make new friends.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory in Germany. Make sure you have private health insurance that covers you for the entire duration of your stay. Once you find a job, you will switch to the public health insurance system, which provides comprehensive coverage.

FAQs about the Opportunity Card for Bangladeshi Citizens

What is the opportunity card in Germany from Bangladesh?

The “Opportunity Card” (Chancenkarte) in Germany is designed to attract skilled workers from non-EU countries, including Bangladesh. It provides a points-based system for easier access to the German labor market, considering factors like qualifications, age, work experience, language skills, and ties to Germany.

What is the minimum language requirement for the Opportunity Card?

You need at least basic German (level A1) or intermediate English skills (level B2) to qualify for the Opportunity Card. Having higher proficiency in either language can earn you additional points.

How long is the Opportunity Card valid?

The Opportunity Card is valid for one year. During this time, you can look for a job and participate in training. If you find a job that matches your qualifications, you can apply for a work visa or residence permit.

Can I bring my family with me?

Yes, your spouse or registered partner can also apply for an Opportunity Card. This provides an additional point for your application. However, they must also meet certain requirements and provide the necessary documents.

What if my application is rejected?

If your application is rejected, you will be informed of the reasons. You can address these issues and reapply. Make sure to review all requirements and documents thoroughly to avoid rejection.

Can I work full-time with the Opportunity Card?

No, you can only work part-time for up to 20 hours per week while you are looking for a job. Once you find a full-time job, you can apply for a different type of work visa that allows full-time employment.


In conclusion, we would like to say that the Opportunity Card for Bangladeshi citizens is a fantastic chance to explore job opportunities in Germany. By following the steps and meeting the requirements, you can take advantage of this opportunity and build a successful career in Germany.

However, make sure to prepare thoroughly, stay organized, and seek help if needed. For more detailed information and to start your application process, visit the “Make it in Germany” website. Good luck on your journey to a new career in Germany!

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