Best Paid Ausbildung in Germany (25+ List)

Best Paid Ausbildung in Germany

Ausbildung in Germany is a popular term when it comes to learning and earning at the same time! But all the ‘Ausbildung’ or apprenticeship isn’t paying the same amount of money per month. So here is a deal! In this blog post, we will let you know the Best Paid Ausbildung in Germany.

Are you interested in doing an Ausbildung in Germany and getting an overview? We will cover everything here. So, read this post till the end…

Determining the best paid Ausbildung (apprenticeship) in Germany can vary depending on individual preferences, interests and career goals. However, some Ausbildungs are known to offer higher salaries and good career prospects.

Keep in mind that the exact salaries and rankings can change over time, so it’s important to research up-to-date information.

Best Paid Ausbildung in Germany

Best paid Ausbildung in Germany: an overview

When anyone does Ausbildung in Germany, Azubi or Ausbildende (trainees) typically earn an average monthly salary ranging from €550 to €1,500. Actually, this income depends on their chosen profession.

Salary after completing the Ausbildung

After successfully completing the Ausbildung program, individuals can expect an average gross wage spanning from €2,050 to 3,200. Furthermore, certain top-tier Ausbildung vocations command salaries that soar as high as €4,300 per month.

There are lots of professional Ausbildungs in Germany. But all professionals aren’t getting the same amount of money for their work, unfortunately! That’s why you need to know which profession pays better than others. In this article, we will let you know in detail. Even we will give you the full list of Ausbildung in Germany.

What is Ausbildung?

Ausbildung, or vocational training, offers a unique approach to education in Germany. It allows individuals to gain practical skills in various fields while earning a salary simultaneously.

This win-win situation has made it a popular choice for those seeking affordable education and financial independence. If you want to get an A-Z guidelines about Ausbildung in Germany then this post will be very helpful. We have covered everything about Ausbildung.

The range of possibilities within Ausbildung in Germany is vast. That’s why people also can choose on their own. Some Ausbildungs are really popular in Germany, some aren’t. Some of the popular Ausbildung in Germany include:

  • Salesperson
  • Handicrafts
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Mason
  • Painter
  • Hairdresser
  • IT Specialist

Earning potential during Ausbildung in Germany

As we mentioned earlier, there is huge earning potential during Ausbildung in Germany. During your vocational training (Ausbildung) in Germany, your earnings can vary depending on the profession and employer.

On average, trainees earn between €550 and €1,500 per month. However, some of the best-paid Ausbildung professions can fetch up to €4,000 per month. By the way, if you are a foreigner and would like to come to Germany with an Ausbildung then you may consider reading this post: Best Ausbildung in Germany for Foreigners.

Prospects After Completing Ausbildung

Upon successfully completing your vocational training program, your earning potential takes a leap. The average gross wage after Ausbildung ranges between 2,050 EUR and 3,100 EUR per month. Certain professions even offer salaries of up to 4,000 EUR per month.

Best paid Ausbildung list in Germany

In this section, you will have the chance to know about the best-paid Ausbildung list in Germany. This comprehensive compilation encompasses a range of lucrative options across industries. From industrial mechanics to IT specialists, the list showcases high-earning pathways for aspiring professionals.

Moreover, you will find opportunities to align your interests with financial success. Take help from this list to secure a prosperous future by choosing from the best-paid Ausbildung programs available in Germany.

Since you are curious about which Ausbildung programs offer the best earning potential. Here are some well-compensated professions in Germany:

  • Asphalt worker (Asphaltbauer/in)
  • Physics Laboratory Assistant
  • Air Traffic Controller (Aviation Specialist)
  • Nurse
  • Aircraft Mechanic
  • Policeman
  • Pharmaceutical Salesperson
  • Silversmith
  • Physics laboratory assistant
  • Salesperson for Insurance and Finance
  • Social Security Clerk
  • IT Specialist
  • Specialist in Mechatronics
  • Bank Clerk
  • Tiles, slab and mosaic mason
  • Production Specialist (chemistry)

25 Best paid Ausbildung list in Germany

SL.NameSalary Range (Approx.)
1.Asphalt worker (Asphaltbauer/in)€838 – €1,495
2.Building materials tester (Baustoffprüfer/in)€653 – €1,518
3.Construction equipment operator (Baugeräteführer/in)€838 – €1,495
4.Scaffolding engineer (Gerüstbauer/in)€965 – €1,475
5.Salesperson for insurance and finance€1,070 – €1,230
6.Tile, slab and mosaic installer€838 – €1,495
7.Track fitter (Gleisbauer/in)€838 – €1,495
8.Aviation specialist€942 – €1,051
9.Nurse€1,166 – €1,328
10.Physics laboratory assistant€976 – €1,264
11.Policeman€950 – €1,400
12.Pharmaceutical salesperson€1,043 – €1,139
13.Building sealer (Bauwerksabdichter/in)€838 – €1,495
14.Social security clerk€1,043 – €1,380
15.IT specialist€976 – €1,199
16.Specialist in mechatronics€830 – €1,495
17.Caregiver€1,166 – €1,328
18.Bank clerk€1,150 – €1,300
19.Production Specialist (chemistry)€1,006 – €1,303
20.Silversmith€1,037 – €1,264
21.Tile, slab and mosaic layers€830 – €1,495
22.Production specialist (chemistry)€1,006 – €1,153
23.Architectural draftsman€838 – €1,495
24.Building sealer (Bauwerksabdichter/in)€838 – €1,495
25.Facade fitter (Fassadenmonteur/in)€838 – €1,495
Best paid Ausbildung in Germany

Dual vs. Educational Ausbildung in Germany

Generally, in Germany, there are two types of Ausbildung. These are:

  1. Schulishe (educational) Ausbildung
  2. Duale Ausbildung

Educational or Schulishe Ausblidung programs are based on the school. There is no need to go for a job. And Schulishe Ausblidung more toward theoretical learning. Normally there is no salary for this type of Ausbildung.

On the other hand, Duale Ausbildung combines practical training with theoretical education in the school. And Duale Ausbildung offers a monthly salary.

Both types of Ausbildung are popular. But Duale Ausbildung is more popular than Schulishe Ausbildung. The choice between these options depends on your preferences and goals.

Some best-paid Ausbildung covered by Degreeola

Advantages of Ausbildung (Vocational Training) in Germany

Ausbildung or vocational training in Germany has lots of advantages for individuals seeking practical and rewarding career paths. Hands-on learning opportunities to enter into a direct job market can foster your skill development. Not only that it can also give you financial independence at the same time.

Moreover, Ausbildung programs cover a wide spectrum of fields, allowing you to finetune your education to your passions. As you progress through the Ausbildung, you gain real-world experience and accumulate knowledge.

These things will make you a valuable asset in your chosen industry. Moreover, Ausbildung bridges the gap between education and employment. Opting for vocational training comes with several benefits, including:

  • Financial independence: You earn a salary to support yourself
  • Practical learning: You gain hands-on experience in your chosen field
  • Swift career start: Upon completion, you’re ready to step into your profession.
  • Diverse career paths: With over 400 Ausbildung (vocational occupations) professionals in Germany. Means there’s something for everyone!

Pursuing Ausbildung as a Non-EU Citizen

Since March 2020 there have been huge changes in Germany. Non-EU citizens also can look for an Ausbildung in Germany. And there is also a new immigration law into action in 2023. People from outside of Europe can come to Germany and can apply for a Job Seeker visa. These type of possibilities opens a new door for you in Germany.

Just start searching for your desired Ausbildung in Germany. In the search box simply write ‘Ausbildung’ and as a location write ‘Germany’. You will find all the Ausbildungs are open to application.

How much is paid for Ausbildung in Germany?

The payment for Ausbildung in Germany varies based on the profession. Trainees can earn between €550 and €1,500 per month on average. After completing the program, the average gross wage ranges from €2,050 to €3,100. Certain professions, however, offer even higher salaries, reaching up to €4,000 per month.

How much does an Ausbildung Nurse earn in Germany?

The salary for Ausbildung in nursing is really good. An Ausbildung nurse in Germany earns a decent income. During training, they can expect to earn around €1,100 to €1,350 per month.

After completing the program, their earning potential increases. Nurses typically start with a salary of €2,200 to €2,740 per month, reflecting their vital role in healthcare. And it can be up to 4,200 EUR over time.

Which Ausbildung is best in Germany?

Actually, determining the best Ausbildung in Germany depends on individual preferences and career goals. Various factors, such as personal interests and industry demand, influence the decision.

High-paying options like air traffic controllers, IT specialists and mechatronics specialists are often popular. Exploring the comprehensive list of Ausbildung professions in Germany helps identify the optimal match, ensuring a successful and fulfilling career path. By the way, we have added a big list above. Please check that.

Final thoughts

Vocational training or Ausbildung in Germany offers a pathway to success that’s both practical and financially rewarding. With a wide range of professions to choose from, the opportunity to earn while you learn is really a great option as a foreigner!

Moreover, after finishing your Ausbildung you can expect a lucrative career in Germany. Ausbildung proves to be an excellent choice for those seeking a strong start in their professional journey.

Whether you’re passionate about technology, healthcare, finance or craftsmanship— there’s an Ausbildung program waiting to empower you with the skills you need!

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