Ausbildung as a Baker in Germany (Salary: €803-€1,246)

Baker Ausbildung in Germany

Though the salary is a little bit less than other Ausbildungs but if you think about one of the easiest Ausbildungs in Germany could be Baker. In this post, we will let you know everything related to a baker Ausbildung in Germany. If you like hand work rather than table-job, Ausbildung as a Baker in Germany could be a great solution.

So if you are considering a career in baking in Germany or beyond, read this content till the end. Here you will learn about the salary and other formalities of being a baker in Germany. In addition, we will also let you know how much can you earn during your Ausbildung in Germany as a baker.

In German the profession is known as Bäcker. Don’t forget this word! We will need that later on. 🙂

Ausbildung as a baker in Germany: things you should know

Ausbildung in a bakery as a baker is one of the most popular Ausbildung in Germany. Since there are tons of bakeries in Germany, the baker profession is also a very popular one.

Baker Ausbildung in Germany

That’s why pursuing a baker’s apprenticeship, known as ‘Ausbildung’, is a fantastic way to turn your passion for baking into a rewarding profession.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the essential steps, requirements and benefits of Ausbildung as a baker in Germany.

What is Ausbildung?

In our several posts, we have mentioned that Ausbildung is a German apprenticeship system that merges practical training with classroom education. It’s a well-respected path to acquire hands-on experience and knowledge in various trades, including baking.

In Germany, vocational training holds a significant place in the education system. It not only empowers individuals with skills but also supports the country’s economy by producing skilled professionals.

Benefits of choosing a baker’s Ausbildung

Opting for a baker’s apprenticeship has several advantages. You get the chance to learn from experienced bakers and improve your baking skills. In addition to that you will be able to secure a promising future in the culinary world!

There are lots of benefits to choosing a baker profession. Such as:

  • Creative expression: Baking allows you to express your creativity through unique recipes, flavors, and decorative designs.
  • Job stability: On the other hand, baking is an essential skill and there’s a constant demand for baked goods, providing job security.
  • Satisfaction: Moreover, seeing people enjoy your delicious creations can be incredibly satisfying.
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities: You can start your bakery or catering business.
  • Flexible work hours: In Europe and America, many bakers have flexible working hours, allowing for work-life balance.
  • Community connection: Bakers often become valued members of their local community, known for their tasty treats.
  • Healthier eating: As a baker, you have control over ingredients, allowing for healthier alternatives in your recipes.

These benefits make a career as a baker appealing to those who have a passion for the art of baking and a love for delicious treats.

Interesting part of the bakery profession

Every profession has its merits and demerits. In our case, we can tell you about the bakery profession. When other professionals are taking their lunch break, you’re already finished your job! Since you had to start work at very early in the morning.

Ausbildung in Germany in bakery industry

To rise in the morning is also very good for your health, isn’t it?

On the other hand, you have time in the afternoon for your hobbies, family or for friends to enjoy. Though the weekend could be hectic for you. Since huge people want to buy things from the bakery and enjoy the weekend, you probably need to work more. 🙁

But then again another positive thing, you have one day off during the week. While other people are at work, you are enjoying your day off. 🙂

What do you need to do as a baker trainee?

Generally, bakers play a vital role in crafting a wide array of delectable treats. They specialize in making bread, rolls, pastries, cakes, and delightful desserts. To accomplish this, they meticulously measure out ingredients such as flour, milk, eggs, yeast, various spices and sugar.

After assembling these components, they expertly blend them in accordance with the provided recipe. As the dough takes shape, they keep a watchful eye on the fermentation process, ensuring that it proceeds as planned. Once the dough is prepared to perfection, bakers skillfully transfer their creations into the ovens.

As the ovens work their magic, bakers supervise the baking process, ensuring that each item is cooked to perfection. This step is crucial to achieving the desired taste and texture. After the baking is complete, bakers employ their creativity to add the finishing touches.

Additionally, they may apply glazes or adornments to enhance the visual appeal, making the treats even more enticing and delicious. Their craftsmanship and dedication result in the delectable treats we all enjoy.

Where you can work after finish baker Ausbildung in Germany?

Basically, there are lots of options in Germany to work as a trained baker. Since the market is huge. Germans are fond of bakery products. That’s why your work-world would be very versatile! So now the question is: where can you work?

Generally, the bakers find employment in these areas in Germany:

  • in the gastronomy and catering sector
  • in large industrial bakeries
  • artisan bakeries
  • in specialist shops that have bakeries

Salary of a baker Ausbildung in Germany

Living on just rolls and cakes is impossible. That’s why before choosing a career as a baker, it’s important to know what the baker’s salary is like. When you finish your bakery work in the morning smelling like fresh bread, you’ll want to have money for shopping in the afternoon and to pay your rent at the end of the month. Right?

During the three-year baker apprenticeship (Ausbildung), salaries are set by communal agreements. This means all bakery trainees following the bakery trade agreement get the same pay nationwide in Germany.

As of October 2023, in the first training year, trainees in the bakery industry’ monthly salary is a minimum €803 to €933. For the second year gross salary is €888 to €1,070 and for the last and third years it is €1,008 to €1,246.

But trainees in the bread and baked goods sector usually earn slightly more. The standard wage varies from state to state. For your info, there are 16 states in Germany.

Latest updates on salary of a baker Ausbildung in Germany

From our research, we have seen that, in the first year of training, bakery trainees in this field earn €803 to €1,100 gross per month. In the second year, it’s around €888 to €1,270 and in the third year, it’s about €1,008 to €1,440.

Bakery Ausbildung salary

Collective agreements are periodically renegotiated by bargaining parties. For instance, in NRW state, the salary for trainees in the bread and baked goods industry increased as of July 1, 2023. Baker trainees now receive nearly €1,100 in the first year, €1,270 in the second year and €1,446 in the third year of training. By the way, these all are gross salary per month. You have to think about a 15-25% tax deduction from that salary.

First year€803 to €933
Second year€888 to €1,070
Third year€1,008 to €1,246
Monthly salary of Ausbildung as a Baker in Germany

But if you do your Ausbildung as a Baker in the trade sector then you will get a lower salary. Please check the table below:

First year€680
Second year€755
Third year€885
Monthly salary of Ausbildung as a Baker in Germany (Trade or ‘Handwerk’)

How much does a baker earn after Ausbildung?

Generally, as a fully trained baker, your earnings would be much higher than during your apprenticeship honorarium. Your starting salary could be between €1,950 and €2,300 per month. But again, it depends on the type of employment and the company.

Also, it depends on which state you live and work in. For example, in Munich, the salary structure is completely different than in Saxony. Because the salary is based on the cost of living in the respective place of residence.

On average, trained bakers in Germany earn around €2,400 per month. As with any profession, your salary as a baker increases the more professional experience you gain. By taking advantage of further training opportunities, you can further improve your wages.

If you take on a managerial position in your company, this will have an equal impact on your tasks and your earnings. Once you have passed the master’s (not the typical master’s degree, it’s called Meisterprüfung in German) examination, you will earn an average of €3,150 as an employed master baker.

Requirements and eligibility for baker Ausbildung

As with some other Ausbildung, you don’t need many qualifications to start an Ausbildung as a baker. If your job-giver accepts your application even grade five or eight is enough to start your Ausbildung.

Bäcker Ausbildung

But to start your baker’s apprenticeship journey in Germany, it is better to have a middle school-leaving certificate (Hauptschulabschluss) or its equivalent. Hauptschulabschluss in Germany means 9th grade.

In addition to this, if you are a foreigner and would like to do Ausbildung as a Baker in Germany then better to have some German knowledge. Typically German B1 certificate is enough. But in some cases, if you have work experience then a German A2 certificate also can help you to get your Ausbildung in Germany as a baker.

The application process for Ausbildung as a baker in Germany

The application process for Ausbildung as a Baker in Germany is pretty much straightforward. You just need to find an offer for Ausbildung as a baker. There are lots of websites where you can find the Ausbildung offers in Germany. Such as the Degreeola Job Search Engine.

On our job search engine, you can find an Ausbildung offer very easily. Firstly, you need to search an Ausbildung with your desired keyword. In our case, it is ‘Bäcker‘. And in the location or ‘where’ field we will put ‘Germany’. Please check the photo below.

Bakery Ausbildung in Germany

As of today, from our search, we have found around 2,200 Ausbildung offers in Germany as a baker. So, now your turn to find an Ausbildung in Germany!

When you’ve found a suitable offer, follow the application process which is written in the job description. Now you just need to apply for that Ausbildung. Usually you have to include or submit a resume and a cover letter. Some companies have online application systems and some companies can ask you to apply via eMail. Finally, you have to wait for the assessments and attend interviews (most probably online).

Can non-German citizens pursue a baker's Ausbildung in Germany?

Yes, non-German citizens can participate in Ausbildung programs. Germany is open to international applicants and many bakeries welcome diverse talent.

What happens after completing a baker's apprenticeship in Germany?

After successfully completing your Ausbildung, you’ll receive a certificate, which qualifies you to work as a skilled baker anywhere in the world. You can seek employment in bakeries, or pastry shops or even consider starting your own bakery.

How much can I expect to earn as a baking apprentice in Germany?

The salary for apprentices can vary based on location and the specific bakery. On average, apprentices typically earn between €800 to €1,250 per month before tax.


In conclusion, we would like to say, that the Baker Ausbildung in Germany offers an excellent opportunity for aspiring bakers to acquire the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career. With a well-structured apprenticeship system and state-of-the-art training facilities, it shares the way for a bright future in the baking industry.

Aspiring bakers can rest assured that this program will provide them with the knowledge they need to master the art of baking and secure a rewarding global profession.

Finally, we encourage you to share your thoughts, questions or experiences in the comments section below. Your input can be invaluable to others considering a baker’s apprenticeship. And if you find this content helpful then share it with your friends and colleagues.

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