Opportunity Card Germany Calculator

Opportunity Card Germany Points Calculation System

Opportunity Card Germany Points Calculation System

The Opportunity Card Germany Calculator facilitates easy assessment of immigration points, streamlining the process for prospective migrants. By inputting relevant data, such as qualifications and language proficiency, individuals can swiftly determine their eligibility. This tool simplifies the complex points system, offering clarity and guidance to applicants.

Are you interested in working in Germany?

What is a Germany Opportunity Card?

The Germany Opportunity Card, also known as the Chancenkarte, is a new system designed to help skilled workers from non-EU countries move to Germany. It’s like a special pass that lets people who have the right skills come and work in Germany more easily. That’s why we have enabled this Opportunity Card Germany Calculator.

Understanding the Opportunity Card Germany Calculator

The Opportunity Card Germany Calculator (Chancenkarte Point Calculation) is a helpful tool designed to estimate your eligibility for the Germany Opportunity Card. By entering details like your qualifications, work experience, and language skills, the calculator gives you an instant score based on the criteria set by the German government.

This score helps you understand how close you are to qualifying for the Opportunity Card, making it easier to plan your move to Germany. Using this calculator is an essential first step for anyone considering this immigration pathway.

How Does the Opportunity Card Work?

The Opportunity Card works by giving points to people based on their qualifications, language skills, work experience, and other important factors. If you get enough points, you can qualify for the card and move to Germany. This system is similar to the ones used in Canada and Australia.

Eligibility Criteria for the Opportunity Card

To get the Opportunity Card, you need to meet certain criteria and earn enough points. Here’s how you can earn points:

Foreign Professional Qualification (4 Points)

Language Proficiency

  • Good German Language Skills (3 Points): If you can speak German well, you get more points.
  • Basic German Language Skills (2 Points): If you know basic German, you get some points.
  • English Language Skills at C1 Level (1 Point): If you speak English very well, you can earn some points too.

Professional Experience

  • Five Years of Related Experience (3 Points): If you have five years of experience in your field, you get a lot of points.
  • Two Years of Related Experience (2 Points): If you have two years of experience, you get fewer points.


  • Below 35 Years (2 Points): Younger people get more points.
  • Between 35 and 40 Years (1 Point): People in this age range get some points.
  • Over 40 Years (0 Points): People over 40 will not get any points for their age.

Residency and Family Factors

  • Six Months in Germany (1 Point): If you’ve lived in Germany for six months, you get points.
  • Spouse or Partner Eligibility (1 Point): If your spouse or partner qualifies for the Opportunity Card, you get more points.

How to Use the Opportunity Card Germany Calculator

Our Opportunity Card Germany Calculator is a simple tool to help you figure out if you qualify for the card. You just need to enter your qualifications, work experience, and language skills. The calculator will then tell you how many points you have and if you might qualify for the Opportunity Card.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Opportunity Card


  • Easy Access to Jobs: You can get a job in Germany without having one before you move.
  • Simplified Process: The process is easier for skilled workers.
  • Boosts Germany’s Economy: More international talent helps Germany stay competitive.


  • Annual Limits: There is a cap on how many cards are given out each year.
  • Language Requirements: You need to know German, which might require extra study.
  • Age Limit: The age limit might be a problem for people over 40.

Conclusion: Enter Germany Without a Job Offer!

The Germany Opportunity Card is a great chance for skilled workers to start a new life in Germany. By using the Opportunity Card Germany Calculator and understanding the criteria, you can improve your chances of getting this special card and moving to Germany for work.

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