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Our website aims to make the scholarships, education and job pursuing process easier. In this website, you can get all the necessary and related information for getting international scholarships and any kinds of jobs around the globe. This is a platform that will cater all the information, tips and tricks to reach your goals of international scholarships and career.

However, remember we need some personal information that you will share with us during the website visiting process. We are highly cautious about the safety and security of your personal information. And we treat them as the most valuable property.

By going through this Privacy Policy of Degreeola, you agree that we can use your details for our needs. We can also share your information in case of necessities as well as and when we need.

Privacy Policy Range
First of all, under this Privacy Policy, we will collect some of the necessary information while you try accessing into the website for getting information about local and international scholarships and jobs.

However, please remember that during this process, if there are any privacy violations through any third-party or intruders, we shall not bear any liabilities for that. Besides, we are not liable if someone violates the privacy policy who is not under our control.

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