ANABIN Syrian University List: Recognized Syrian Universities By German Authority

ANABIN Syrian University List

There are not many higher educational institutes in Syria in comparison to the figure of people. In our research, we have found that there are not more than 30. As per Wikipedia, there are only 8 public universities, 1 college and 1 virtual (online) university over there.

In addition to 6 higher institutes in Syria and these are owned by the government. But if you would like to study in Germany from Syria your institute’s name should be in ANABIN Syrian University List. That’s why we have made a list of Recognized Syrian Universities By the German Authority.

ANABIN Syrian University list

Above all, studying in Germany offers exciting opportunities for international students. To pursue higher education in Germany, it is necessary for foreign students to have their educational qualifications recognized by the German authorities. In this blog, we will explore the ANABIN Syrian University List. It is an important resource for students from Syria who wish to study in Germany.

ANABIN Syrian University List

The importance of ANABIN recognition

We will give you the full list of recognized Syrian universities by the German authorities here. The German office called Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB – Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen). Here we will also let you know the significance of this recognition

ANABIN recognition holds tremendous importance for students who are planning to study in Germany. Firstly, it is an online database maintained by the German Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB). Additionally, ANABIN evaluates and acknowledges foreign educational qualifications, including degrees and diplomas. Through ANABIN, students can ensure their qualifications meet the required standards in Germany, thus enhancing their eligibility for higher education opportunities.

ANABIN Syrian University List FAQs

What is ANABIN in Germany?

ANABIN in Germany is a part of ‘refers to the ‘Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen’ (ZAB). In English, it is called the ‘Central Office for Foreign Education’. ANABIN is an online database that evaluates and recognizes foreign educational qualifications, including degrees and diplomas. ANABIN’s recognition is vital for international students planning to study in Germany, ensuring eligibility for higher education opportunities.

What is H+/- by ANABIN in Germany?

H+/- by ANABIN in Germany refers to the classification system used to indicate the recognition status of foreign universities. ‘H+‘ signifies full recognition, while ‘H-‘ indicates a lack of recognition. This classification is important for international students to determine the eligibility of their educational qualifications for studying in Germany.

What is ZAB in Germany?

The ZAB in Germany is: ‘Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen’. It means the German Central Office for Foreign Education.

For international students, especially those from countries like Syria, ANABIN recognization is really very important. It determines their eligibility for higher education in Germany. With ANABIN recognition, students can enjoy a smoother admission process. Sometimes even they can transfer the credits and apply for different scholarship opportunities in Germany. And it gives assurance that their qualifications meet the required standards in Germany.

Institution NamePlaceTypeStatus
Al-djami’a as-suriyya al-khassaDamaskusPrivate HochschuleH+
Djami’at bilad ash-sham li-l-‘ulum ash-shar’iyyaDamaskusPrivate HochschuleH+
Djami’at qasyun al-kassa li l-‘ulum wa t-tiknuludjyaDamaskusPrivate HochschuleH+
Qasyoun Private University for Science and TechnologyDamaskusPrivate HochschuleH+
SIUSTDamaskusPrivate HochschuleH+
Syrian International University for Science & TechnologyDamaskusPrivate HochschuleH+
Syrian Private UniversityDamaskusPrivate HochschuleH+
Syrian Virtual UniversityDamaskusFernhochschuleH+
ANABIN Syrian University list

Last words

After reading this small post, you already understand that the ANABIN Syrian University List serves as a vital resource for Syrian students aspiring to pursue higher education in Germany. This list is for Syrian students aspiring to pursue higher education in Germany. Its recognition by the German Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) opens doors to numerous opportunities, making the dream of studying abroad a reality for many.

By understanding the importance of ANABIN recognition, explore the list of recognized Syrian universities, and students can take confident steps toward their academic ambitions in Germany. It will help navigate the recognition process in Germany, allowing students to pursue their academic ambitions confidently.

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