Germany Opportunity Card Requirements

Germany Opportunity Card Requirements

Thinking about working in Germany as a skilled professional? Check out the Germany Opportunity Card Requirements. It’s a new type of residence permit for people from outside the EU and EEA countries.

This guide will cover what you need to know to apply and the great advantages it brings you. It’s perfect for those wanting to work in Germany or employers seeking top global talent. Let’s explore this together.

The Germany Opportunity Card is a big step forward for skilled professionals wanting to work in Germany. You need to meet certain criteria and earn points to get this temporary permit.

Our aim is to help you understand and grab this chance to embark on a new career adventure. So let’s check Germany Opportunity Card Requirements to get easy access to Germany.

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Germany Opportunity Card Requirements: What You Need to Know

As we mentioned before, if you want to come to Germany for Job Search Opportunity Card then you have to follow some procedure. Also, you have to understand German Opportunity Card Requirements.

Germany Opportunity Card Requirements

When it comes to applying for a Job Search Opportunity Card Visa, you need to fulfill some criteria. Don’t worry! We will cover it in detail in this post. Please keep reading. However, let’s explain what is the Opportunity Card first.

What is the Opportunity Card?

The Opportunity Card is a new option from the German government. It helps skilled workers from outside the EU. It makes coming to Germany and searching for a job easier.

Easy and Fast Entry into Germany

With the Opportunity Card, job hunting in Germany is simpler. You don’t need a job offer to enter. This is a big plus for candidates from non-EU nations.

Securing Your Livelihood with a Good Income

This card also helps secure a good income in Germany. It lets you work part-time, up to 20 hours a week, for at least 12.41€ an hour (as of June 2024).

Working part-time can get you over 1,000€ each month. With a full-time job, you can earn even more, depending on the job and your skills.

Possibility of Permanent Residence in Germany

The Opportunity Card is for a year. Its main goal is to help you find work in Germany. Yet, it can lead to staying permanently. If you find a job match, you can stay longer. This improves your chance of calling Germany your permanent home.

Key Takeaways for Germany Opportunity Card Requirements

  • The Opportunity Card requires candidates to reach a total of six points using a points-based system
  • Four points are awarded for partial recognition of foreign professional qualifications
  • Three points are given for 5 years of professional experience or good German language skills at B2 level
  • Opportunity Cardholders can earn more than 1,000€ per month and work up to 20 hours per week
  • The Opportunity Card provides a pathway to permanent residence in Germany

Basic Requirements for the Opportunity Card

For the Germany Opportunity Card, applicants need to meet some key requirements. They should have finished two years of vocational training or have a university degree from their home country. It’s not necessary for their education to be recognized in Germany if they meet these criteria.

Vocational Training or University Degree

Applicants also need to show they know either German at the A1 level or English at the B2 level. This is part of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Knowing a language helps them find jobs in Germany and communicate well.

Language Skills: German A1 or English B2

Applicants can earn points if German language proficiency exceeds level A1. Specifically, you will receive one point for level A2, two points for level B1, and three points for level B2 or higher.

Additionally, one more point will be awarded if you have English proficiency at level C1 or above, or if you are a native English speaker. This is for option 1 applicants.

However, if you choose option 2 as an applicant, you either have to have German language skills of at least level A1 or English language skills of at least level B2.  

Sufficient Financial Means

The last requirement is having enough money to live in Germany. They can prove this with a job offer for part-time work or by showing their savings in a blocked bank account. A declaration of commitment also works. However, we suggest a blocked account. There are three popular blocked account companies in Germany. These are as below:

The Points System for the Opportunity Card

Besides meeting basic criteria, applicants for the Opportunity Card are also reviewed based on the points they earn. A major part of this is if their foreign qualification matches up. If they tried to get their qualification recognized and it was partly equivalent, they get 4 points.

German Big Cities

Professional Experience

Your professional work history is a key point. Having worked for two years in the past five gets you two points. If you have worked for five years in the last seven, you earn 3 points.

Language Skills Beyond Basic Requirements

Knowing languages better than the basics also helps. For German, you get points for A2, B1, and B2 levels or more. For English, if you’re C1 level or higher, you get an extra point.


Your age matters as well. If you’re 35 or younger, that’s 2 points. Between 35 and 40? You get a point.

Previous Stays in Germany

Time spent in Germany previously is also a plus. Living there for at least six months straight in the past five years gives you an extra point.

How Many Points You Need?

Applicants need at least 6 points to work in Germany with the Opportunity Card. This method carefully selects skilled workers from outside the EU. It ensures they have the needed skills, experience, and ties to Germany’s job scene.

Germany Opportunity Card Requirements (Job Search Opportunity Card)

To be a successful applicant for the Germany Opportunity Card you need to meet certain basic criteria. In this section, we will explain them a bit.

Meeting the Basic Requirements

To get the Opportunity Card, you need to do a few things. You should have finished two years of vocational training or a university degree. This degree should be accepted in your home country.

You must also show you know the German language at the A1 level or English at the B2 level. And, you have to prove you have enough money for your stay, which for one year is 12,324€.

Scoring 6 Points or More

You need at least six points in a special system along with the basic needs. The point system looks at things like your education level, work experience, extra language skills, how old you are, and if you’ve been to Germany before.

Applying for the Opportunity Card

To apply, for the Opportunity Card Visa go to a German mission in your home country. You’ll need to hand in an application and your passport. Make sure to bring all the papers showing you meet the requirements.

Germany Chancenkarte Requirements

Germany Opportunity Card Requirements (Visa Checklist)

Now, we are in the big part! Here we will give you all the details of the Germany Opportunity Card Visa Requirements or Visa Checklist one by one.

Required Documents for Application

  1. Personal Identification
    • A valid passport has been issued within the last 10 years and has at least 2 empty pages.
  2. Application Forms
    • Application form & declaration (in accordance with Section 54 of the Residence Act) duly signed (2 copies).
    • Declaration for Additional contact and legal representation information (2 copies).
  3. Photographs
    • 2 current, identical biometric passport photos.
  4. Passport Copies
    • Copy of your passport’s data page (A4 size copy) (2 copies).
  5. Financial Proof
    • Proof of sufficient financial means to cover the costs for the time of your stay by one of the following:
      • Proof of a ‘Sperrkonto’ (blocked account) in Germany with sufficient funds currently amounting to at least 1,027€ per month plus sufficient funds for the return flight.
      • ‘Verpflichtungserklärung’ (formal obligation letter) by a sponsor living in Germany.
      • Statements of a current bank account, etc.
  6. Accommodation Proof
    • Proof of accommodation in Germany, including complete actual address.
  7. Educational and Work Qualifications
    • Proof of vocational or academic training (e.g., university degree, diploma) and (if applicable) prior work experience.

Qualification Recognition Options

  • Option 1:
    • Proof of acknowledgment of your qualification for Germany.
      • Academic degree: Anabin database printouts listing both your degree and the awarding institution OR ‘Statement of Comparability’ by Anabin.
      • Vocational training: Proof of recognition of your training.
    • General information on the recognition process: Anerkennung in Deutschland.
  • Option 2:
    • Proof of completed vocational training of at least 2 years duration that is recognized by the state in which you obtained it OR a completed university degree that is recognized by the state in which you obtained it.
    • Confirmation from the German Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) was obtained through the ZAB website.
    • Proof of knowledge of German on level A1 from Goethe Institute or ÖSD OR knowledge of English on level B2, certificate with ALTE Q-mark.

Additional Documents

  • Notification of Partial Recognition
    • Notification of partial recognition of vocational qualification.
  • Language Skills
    • Proof of German skills on levels A2, B1, B2, C1 from Goethe Institute or ÖSD.
    • Proof of English skills on level C1, certificate with ALTE Q-mark.
  • Work Experience
    • Proof of work experience in connection with the qualification.
  • Legal Stay Proof
  • Motivational Letter/Statement of Purpose
    • Duly signed motivational letter/statement of purpose containing:
      • Type of work or job intended in Germany.
      • Duration and proficiency of German learning.
      • Details of job applications or interviews.
      • Reasons for choosing Germany over other EU countries.
    • Attach proof of job applications or interview invitations.
  • Personal Status Proof
    • Birth certificate of applicant.
    • National ID card (with English translation) if applicable.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Retirement Provisions
    • If 45 years or older or turning 45 while in Germany: duly signed declaration regarding provisions for retirement.
  • Health Insurance
    • Proof of health insurance for the duration of your stay.

Application Preparation

  • Prepare two identical sets of applications. Copies must be size A4.
  • On the date of the visa appointment, the originals of all documents must be presented.
  • The German Mission reserves the right to ask for additional documents.
  • Submission of documents does not guarantee visa approval. Incomplete documentation or refusal to appear for a visa interview may result in rejection.

Working Permissions and Conditions

  • Working Limitations
    • Permitted to work for an average of a total maximum of 20 hours per week.
    • If already employed, submit the work contract, ‘Erklärung zum Beschäftigungsverhältnis’ and Declaration according to § 18 AufenthG.
  • Try-Out Period
    • Participation in a try-out period of no more than two weeks, aligned with qualifications or aimed towards starting vocational training or connected to a training measure based on partial recognition of training.
  • Employment Restrictions
    • Other types of employment are not allowed. The visa will be changed to a residence permit for employment and a work permit once adequate employment in Germany is found.

You can check your own point here for the Opportunity Card in Germany!

Opportunities with the Opportunity Card

The Germany Opportunity Card brings many chances for those wanting to work in Germany. It lets you search for jobs during your year there. You can try out many jobs that last two weeks. This helps you see which job fits best with what you want to do.

Job Search and Trial Jobs

With the card, it’s easier to start looking for work in Germany. You can try different jobs for up to two weeks each. This lets you find a position that meets your career goals and qualifications.

Part-Time Employment

The Opportunity Card also lets you work part-time, up to 20 hours a week. This helps you make money and gain work experience while looking for a full-time job. With the minimum wage at 12.41€ per hour (2024), a part-time job can give you over 1,000€ a month. It helps you stabilize your finances while in Germany.

Life in Germany

Extending Your Stay

If you find a good job with the Opportunity Card, you can stay longer in Germany. You might be able to change from the temporary Opportunity Card to a more lasting stay. This increases your chances of building a future in the country.

Germany Opportunity Card Requirements FAQs

What is the Germany Opportunity Card?

The Germany Opportunity Card is a special permit for skilled workers from outside the EU. It makes it easier for them to come to Germany to look for work.

What are the key advantages of the Opportunity Card?

This card makes entering and finding work in Germany quick. It also helps you make a good living and offers a chance to stay in Germany for a long time.

What are the basic requirements for the Opportunity Card?

Applicants need either two years of school training or a college degree. They must also be good in German (A1 level) or English (B2 level). They should be able to support themselves financially in Germany.

How does the points-based system work for the Opportunity Card?

The system looks at several things like your education, how much you’ve worked, your language skills, age, and if you’ve been to Germany before. Each of these things gives you points.

What is the application process for the Opportunity Card?

You can apply at the German mission in your country or, if you’re in Germany, at a local office. You need to fill out an application, show your passport, and prove you meet the requirements.

Germany Opportunity Card Requirements: Download Visa Checklist PDF

From here you can download the Visa Checklist PDF for the Opportunity Card for Germany.


To sum up, we would like to say that the Germany Opportunity Card is perfect for skilled workers from non-EU countries. It gives a way to enter the German job market easily. However, to get this card, you need to meet key rules and earn at least 6 points.

This lets you have a temporary residence and look for a job in Germany. The Opportunity Card makes entering Germany quick. It offers a chance for a good salary and even living there permanently.

Because Germany is looking for skilled workers. And the Opportunity Card helps both job seekers and companies find the right people. It is mainly for skilled professionals who are 35 or younger, have worked for at least three years, and know German or English.

The Opportunity Card changes the game for skilled workers. It offers a simple way to start working in Germany and maybe have a bright future there. This program is a step towards fixing Germany’s need for skilled workers. It opens doors for job seekers and companies to do well in Germany’s growing economy.

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