Recognized Bangladeshi Universities By German Authority

Here you will find the Recognized Bangladeshi Universities By German Authority… This list was made with the full help of ANABIN. If you have any questions please contact them directly.

By accessing the ANABIN University list, aspiring students can ensure their degrees are appropriately recognized, streamlining the application process and easing their transition into German universities. Likewise, professionals seeking job opportunities in Germany can rely on ANABIN to validate their credentials, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

Recognized Bangladeshi Universities By German Authority: H+, H- or H+/-?

From the list below you will see some words you might not be familiar with. Don’t worry! We will explain all here. One of the very common questions about ANABIN is H+, H- and H+/-. What does H+ ANABIN mean?

First of all, let’s explain about H+. With H+ ANABIN means, institutions of this type (H+) are recognized as universities in the respective country (in this case Bangladesh) of origin (accredited, certified, etc.) and based on this, are to be regarded as universities in Germany.

H- is showing its negative sign! With H- ANABIN means, that the recognition or the accreditation is missing in the country of origin and it is also not classified as University in Germany to be recognized.

And finally, we have H+/-. This sign also shows its meaning itself. H+/- by ANABIN means, the institutions have no clear statement that can be made neither in the country of origin nor in the German recognization process.

Be careful about H+!

Plus sign (+) always doesn’t mean positive! Keep in mind, the classification as H+ only means that qualifications obtained at this institution can be subjected to an equivalency assessment in the higher education sector. This does not involve a preliminary decision as to whether the degrees from this institution can be equated with German university degrees!

List of Recognized Bangladeshi Universities By German Authority

SL.Name of the InstitutionPlaceInstitution typeStatus
1.(The) University of ComillaComillaNicht anerkannte HochschuleH –
2.Ahsanullah University of Science and TechnologyDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
3.American International University BangladeshDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
4.Anwer Khan Modern Medical CollegeDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
5.ASA University BangladeshDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
6.Asian University for WomenChittagongInternationale HochschuleH+
7.Asian University of BangladeshDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
8.Atish Dipankar University of Science and TechnologyDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
9.Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical UniversityDhakaHochschuleH+
10.Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural UniversityGazipurHochschuleH+
11.Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, BangladeshDhakaMedical CollegeH+
12.Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science & Technology UniversityDhakaHochschuleH+
13.Bangladesh Agricultural UniversityMymensinghHochschuleH+
14.Bangladesh Army International University of Science and TechnologyComillaPrivathochschuleH+
15.Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology, QadirabadDayarampurPrivathochschuleH+
16.Bangladesh Army University of Science & Technology, SaidpurSaidpurPrivathochschuleH+
17.Bangladesh Institute of Technology – ChittagongChittagongInstitute of TechnologyH+
18.Bangladesh Institute of Technology – DhakaDhakaInstitute of TechnologyH+
19.Bangladesh Institute of Technology – KhulnaKhulnaInstitute of TechnologyH+
20.Bangladesh Institute of Technology – RajshahiRajshahiInstitute of TechnologyH+
21.Bangladesh Islami UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
22.Bangladesh Islamic UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
23.Bangladesh Open UniversityGazipurHochschuleH+
24.Bangladesh Textile UniversityDhakaHochschuleH+
25.Bangladesh UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
26.Bangladesh University of Business and TechnologyDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
27.Bangladesh University of Engineering and TechnologyDhakaHochschuleH+
28.Bangladesh University of Health Science DhakaDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
29.Bangladesh University of Professionals HochschuleH+
30.Bangladesh University of TextilesDhakaHochschuleH+
31.Barisal UniversityBarisalHochschuleH+
32.Begum Rokeya University, RangpurRangpurHochschuleH+
33.BGC Trust University BangladeshChittagongPrivathochschule mit wechselndem AnerkennungsstatusH +/-
34.BGMEA University of Fashion & TechnologyDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
35.BRAC UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
36.Britannia UniversityComillaPrivathochschule mit wechselndem AnerkennungsstatusH +/-
37.Canadian University of BangladeshDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
38.CCN University Of Science And TechnologyComillaPrivathochschuleH+
39.Central University of Science and TechnologyDhakaPrivathochschule mit wechselndem AnerkennungsstatusH +/-
40.Central Women’s UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
41.Chittagong Independent UniversityChittagongPrivathochschuleH+
42.Chittagong University of Engineering and TechnologyChittagongHochschuleH+
43.Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Sciences UniversityChittagongHochschuleH+
44.City UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
45.Comilla UniversityComillaHochschuleH+
46.Cox’s Bazar International UniversityCox’s BazarPrivathochschuleH+
47.Cumilla UniversityComillaHochschuleH+
48.Daffodil International UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
49.Darul Ihsan UniversityDhakaNicht anerkannte HochschuleH –
50.Dhaka International UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
51.Dhaka UniversityDhakaHochschuleH+
52.Dhaka University of Engineering and TechnologyGazipurHochschuleH+
53.East Delta UniversityChittagongPrivathochschuleH+
54.East West UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
55.Eastern UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
56.European University of BangladeshShyamoli – DhakaPrivathochschuleH+
57.Exim Bank Agricultural University BangladeshChapainababgonjPrivathochschuleH+
58.Fareast International UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
59.Feni UniversityFeniPrivathochschuleH+
60.First Capital University of the Bangladesh ChuadangaChuadangaPrivathochschuleH+
61.German University BangladeshGazipurPrivathochschuleH+
62.Global University BangladeshBarisalPrivathochschuleH+
63.Gono BishwabidyalayaDhakaPrivathochschule mit wechselndem AnerkennungsstatusH +/-
64.Green University of BangladeshDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
65.Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology UniversityDinajpurHochschuleH+
66.Hamdard University BangladeshGazariaPrivathochschuleH+
67.Holy Spirit Major SeminaryDhakaKatholische Hochschule Kanonischen RechtsH+
68.IBAIS UniversityDhakaPrivathochschule mit wechselndem AnerkennungsstatusH +/-
69.Independent UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
70.International Islamic University ChittagongChittagongPrivathochschule mit wechselndem AnerkennungsstatusH +/-
71.International Standard UniversityDhakaHochschuleH+
72.International University of Business, Agriculture and TechnologyDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
73.International University of ScholarsDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
74.Ishakha International UniversityKishoreganjPrivathochschuleH+
75.Islamic UniversityShantidanga-DulalpurHochschuleH+
76.Islamic University of Technology Internationale HochschuleH+
77.Jagannath UniversityDhakaHochschuleH+
78.Jahangirnagar UniversityDhakaHochschuleH+
79.Jashore University of Science and TechnologyJessoreHochschuleH+
80.Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam UniversityMymensinghHochschuleH+
81.Jessore University of Science and TechnologyJessoreHochschuleH+
82.Khulna UniversityKhulnaHochschuleH+
83.Khulna University of Engineering and TechnologyKhulnaHochschuleH+
84.Khwaja Yunus Ali UniversitySirajgonjPrivathochschuleH+
85.Leading UniversitySylhetPrivathochschuleH+
86.Manarat International UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
87.Mawlana Bhasani Science and Technology University, TangailSantoshHochschuleH+
88.Metropolitan UniversitySylhetPrivathochschuleH+
89.National Major SeminaryDhakaKatholische Hochschule Kanonischen RechtsH+
90.National UniversityGazipurHochschuleH+
91.Noakhali Science & Technology UniversitySonapurHochschuleH+
92.North Bengal International UniversityRajshahiPrivathochschuleH+
93.North East University BangladeshSylhetPrivathochschuleH+
94.North South UniversityDhakaPrivathochschule mit wechselndem AnerkennungsstatusH +/-
95.North Western University, KhulnaKhulnaPrivathochschuleH+
96.Northern University of Business & Technology, KhulnaKhulnaPrivathochschuleH+
97.Northern University, BangladeshDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
98.Notre Dame CollegeDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
99.Notre Dame University BangladeshDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
100.Pabna Unversity of Science and Technology HochschuleH+
102.Patuakhali Science and Technology UniversityPatuakhaliHochschuleH+
103.People’s University of BangladeshDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
104.Port City International UniversityChittagongPrivathochschuleH+
105.Premier UniversityChittagongPrivathochschuleH+
106.Presidency UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
107.Prime UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
108.Primeasia UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
109.Pundra University of Science and TechnologyBograPrivathochschuleH+
110.Queen’s UniversityDhakaPrivathochschule (Status ungeklärt)H +/-
111.Rabindra Maitree University PrivathochschuleH+
112.Rajshahi Science & Technology UniversityNatorePrivathochschuleH+
113.Rajshahi UniversityRajshahiHochschuleH+
114.Rajshahi University of Engineering and TechnologyRajshahiHochschuleH+
115.Ranada Prasad Shaha UniversityNaryanganjPrivathochschuleH+
116.Rangamati Science and Technology UniversityRangamatiHochschuleH+
117.Rangpur University HochschuleH+
118.Royal University of DhakaDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
119.Shahjalal University of Science and TechnologySylhetHochschuleH+
120.Shanto-Mariam University of Creative TechnologyDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
121.Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural UniversityDhakaHochschuleH+
122.Sonargaon UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
123.South Asian UniversityDhakaInternationale HochschuleH+
124.Southeast UniversityDhakaPrivathochschule mit wechselndem AnerkennungsstatusH +/-
125.Southern University BangladeshChittagongPrivathochschule mit wechselndem AnerkennungsstatusH +/-
126.Stamford University, BangladeshDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
127.State University of BangladeshDhakaPrivathochschule mit wechselndem AnerkennungsstatusH +/-
128.Sylhet Agriculture UniversitySylhetHochschuleH+
129.Sylhet International UniversitySylhetPrivathochschule mit wechselndem AnerkennungsstatusH +/-
130.The Millenium UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
131.Times University BangladeshFaridpurPrivathochschuleH+
132.United International UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
133.University of Asia PacificDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
134.University of BarisalBarisalHochschuleH+
135.University of BarishalBarisalHochschuleH+
136.University of ChittagongChittagongHochschuleH+
137.University of Creative Technology, ChittagongChittagongPrivathochschuleH+
138.University of Development AlternativeDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
139.University of DhakaDhakaHochschuleH+
140.University of DhakaDhakaHochschuleH+
141.University of Global VillageBarisalPrivathochschuleH+
142.University of Information Technology and SciencesDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
143.University of Liberal Arts BangladeshDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
144.University of RajshahiRajshahiHochschuleH+
145.University of Science and Technology, ChittagongChittagongPrivathochschuleH+
146.University of South AsiaDhakaPrivathochschule mit wechselndem AnerkennungsstatusH +/-
147.Uttara UniversityDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
148.Varenda UniversityRajshahiPrivathochschuleH+
149.Victoria University of BangladeshDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
150.World University of BangladeshDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
151.ZH Sikder University of Science & TechnologyDhakaPrivathochschuleH+
Anabin University List of Bangladesh (Recognized by German Authority). Updated on August 2023

Bangladeshi Universities Recognized by ANABIN

ANABIN is an online database that provides valuable information about the recognition of foreign educational qualifications in Germany. It includes a comprehensive list of universities and other institutions worldwide, along with their respective accreditation status.

This database is an essential tool for international students and professionals seeking to study or work in Germany. By accessing ANABIN’s university list, individuals can verify the status of their degrees and qualifications, ensuring a smooth transition into the German education system or job market.

ANABIN plays a crucial role in promoting transparency and facilitating international cooperation in the academic and professional spheres.

Recognized Bangladeshi Universities By German Authority: FAQs

What does H+ University mean by ANABIN?

In short, the symbol “H+” next to an institution’s name signifies that it is recognized by the German authorities. This simple yet powerful indicator holds great significance for international students and professionals seeking to study or work in Germany.

The “H+” designation in the ANABIN University list provides a clear way to identify institutions that have received the approval and recognition of the German educational system.

What does H +/- in Anabin mean?

In the ANABIN portal if you see H+/- then it is a little bit tricky. The designation “H+/-” next to a university’s name indicates a conditional recognition status by the German authorities. This symbol conveys that the institution’s recognition is subject to certain conditions or restrictions. It means that the university’s qualifications may be partially recognized, or there might be specific limitations on the recognition of certain degrees or programs.

What does H- University mean by ANABIN?

In the ANABIN website, the designation “H-” next to a university’s name indicates that the institution is not recognized by the German authorities. Universities with an “H-” status do not meet the required standards or qualifications set by the German education system.

Closing statements about ANABIN University list

In conclusion, we would like to say, the ANABIN University list serves as a valuable resource for individuals looking to pursue their educational or professional aspirations in Germany. This online database offers a comprehensive compilation of universities and institutions from around the world, along with their accreditation status in Germany.

For international students and professionals, ANABIN is an important tool that provides clarity and transparency regarding the recognition of foreign qualifications in the German education system and the job market.

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