Water management

Sustainable Water Management and Engineering at Hof University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Climate change and the growing world population are some of the reasons why the need for sustainable and stable water management is becoming more complex. New challenges and qualifications have emerged for engineers who also…

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development studies

MA in Development Studies at University of Passau, Germany

The MA Development Studies program enables students to develop the advanced knowledge, analytical skills, and conceptual frameworks required to understand and navigate economic and social development complexities. Who should study in this degree program? This…

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MSc in Biochemistry at University of Dresden, Germany

Germany is one of the most popular destinations for higher education. If you want to do MSc in Biochemistry, you can choose the University of Dresden because the University of Dresden is one of the…

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University of Kassel, Germany

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Karlshochschule International University in Germany

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Facts about Germany

10 Uncommon Study Facts About Germany You May Not Know Before

Most likely, you already know tuition fee is free in most public German universities. Moreover, studying in Germany is undoubtedly among the world’s top study destinations for international students. Besides, there are some uncommon study…

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University scholarships in Germany

5 Most Popular University Scholarships to Study in Germany

Germany, a thriving country in Europe, is now one of the optimal study destinations. Advancing in information technology, this country is likewise at the peak of Europe in several aspects including education. Particularly the education…

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KAAD Scholarship in Germany

KAAD Scholarship in Germany: How to Apply?

Most of the dignified university’s mission is to offer affordable, accessible higher education to any qualified student. For this reason, they also proffer some tremendous grant opportunities. KAAD scholarship program is one of them. In…

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Top five universities in Germany for computer science

Top 5 universities for computer science in Germany

Well, I have come up with another much-asked article! If you go through all my written articles, you will see an unwavering love flowing from me for Germany. Germany has carved a special place in…

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Top-Ranked 100 Universities in Germany

University Name QS Ranking 2021 THE Ranking 2021 ARWU Ranking 2020 Technical University of Munich (TUM) 50 41 54 Ludwig Maximilians University Munich 63 32 51 Heidelberg University 64 42 57 Humboldt University Berlin 117…

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