Study in dices

How to be attentive in academic studies – 6 simple hacks

Are you struggling with your academic studies? You need more time to focus or sitting idly on your reading table? I can picture the scenario – you are sitting alone and thinking about life, love,…

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University in Switzerland

Why study in Switzerland – top reasons explained

Can you picture Switzerland? Or, do you know why study in Switzerland is preferable to many? The first thing that pops up in your mind is snowy mountains. Right? Besides, there are lots of people…

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Sweden flag

Study in Sweden – facts you must check before applying

Do you want to study in Sweden? Well, then I hope you have landed on the right page. If you want to complete your research or study in Sweden for free, it’s the right article…

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Helsinki Cathedral

Higher education in Finland – a basic guide for beginners 

Planning for higher education in Finland? You are in the right tab. You need a pile of information about the country, its culture. And of course, about the courses, you are to study in the…

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University of Oslo

Study in Norway – a non-traditional way of higher studies

What does the study remind you of? Sitting on a desk all the time? Or, carrying a bag filled with books and papers? Or, a student who did not sleep last night to submit the…

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Eiffel tower

Study in France – scholarships you need to check in 2020

Want to study in France? Well, that’s an excellent idea. Picture yourself walking down the streets of the medieval cities towards your university. Or passing an idle evening beside the beaches of the Mediterranean. Visiting…

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Buenos Aires

International scholarships in Argentina in 2020

Are you looking for an international scholarship in 2020 in Argentina? Well, you are in the right place. Argentina is an amazing country with a number of things to offer to its citizens and travelers….

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German text box

German language learning in Germany in 2020

Are you planning for a higher study in Germany? You must need skills over the German language. In fact, without having a good command over the German [the language is commonly known as “German”], you…

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Education system in South Africa – facts you must check

The importance of education in South Africa is beyond description. It’s a vast country with a huge population. The characteristics of this continent are ruled by breathtaking natural beauties, forests, deserts, and diversified population. Despite…

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Woman in mid of stack of books

Top 3 PhD scholarships in Australia for int’l students

Higher education in Australia is not a dream now. Especially, if you want to have PhD scholarships, you can have it. Easily. But the fact is that you need to know how to apply for…

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