Five most affordable Public Universities in Canada!

most affordable universities in canada

When we think about studying abroad, the first country clicking into our mind is Canada. The opportunities to study in Canada is countless.

Moreover, Canada is the most welcoming and multicultural country on the globe. But everything comes at a cost. Canada is no exception in that regard. Because studying in Canadian universities is incredibly expensive for international students. No worries, I am here to rescue you by not providing money but giving you the information about the five most affordable public universities in Canada. Let’s dive in!


1. Memorial University of Newfoundland

The Memorial University of Newfoundland, also known as MUN, is a public research university. MUN thrives on innovation, excellence, and creativity. Moreover, Memorial University of Newfoundland offers an array of study programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

At present, this university also hosts over 19000 students, with about 3,400 international students. The university owns four campuses, and St. John’s is the main campus. The university ranked among the 651-700 universities worldwide according to the QS ranking. The tuition fees for local students range between 2,550 CAD 8000 CAD. But international students pay 11,460 CAD or more depending on the course. 

Is MUN a good university?

MUN is one of the top-notch public universities in St. John's, Canada. Moreover, employ-ability after studying there is really convincing.

What is the IELTS requirement for MUN?

For bachelor's, students need to get at least 6.5 overall with no band less than 6. And for masters, getting 7 in IELTS with no band less than 6.5 is mandatory.

Can I manage the tuition fee by working part-time?

It's impossible to fund your whole tuition fee through working part-time.


2. University of Regina (U of R)

The University of Regina is best known for its rich cultural heritage. Originally, the University of Regina was established as a private college back in 1911. Later on, it was turned into a public university. The University of Regina is located in Regina, SaskatchewanCanada.

Basically, University of Regina devotes its resources on experimental learning. Moreover, this university welcomes as many as 16000 students from home and abroad in various undergraduate and graduate programs. The university represents ten faculties along with 18 research centers.

Furthermore, the tuition fees for international students are relatively reasonable. Hence, the tuition fees start from 8,492.3 CAD in undergraduate courses.

Is University of Regina good for international students?

The University of Regina is one of the most welcoming university for international students. On top of that, it has one of the highest number of international students.

What are the best programs of University of Regina?

Programs in arts, business administration, education, media, engineering, social work, and health studies are very popular in U of R.


3. Royal Roads University (RRU)

Royal Roads University is a public research-oriented university. The university is based in Colwood, British Columbia. Opened in 1955, the main campus is situated in Colwood, British Columbia. Besides, the university hosts 5300 students with 550 international students.

Furthermore, this university attracts international students for the small-size class, low tuition fees, and so on. In addition to that, the university offers courses in business, communication, education, culture, technology, humanitarian studies, tourism, hospitality, and many more. While the domestic tuition fee stands at 8,240 CAD, international tuition stands at 19,200 CAD and more.

Why should I choose Royal Road University?

First of all, Royal Roads University has ranked #1 in Canada by students in the National Survey of Student Engagement. Secondly, this university consistently receives positive reviews for ensuring quality education, campus safety and small class sizes.


4. University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan is the largest university in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada. Since its inception, the university has consistently left a mark in the research arena by being the top research university. The university offers an array of undergraduate and graduate programs for international students to choose from.

So, if you take interest in the field of agriculture, medicine, arts, science, low and engineering and whatnot, the university should at the top of your list. As of 2020, the university is home to over 25000 students, and they come from 100 different countries. Besides, the university offers over 120 graduate degree programs and nearly 200 undergraduate programs. Last but not least, the cost of studying at this university is 6536 CAD for international students.

Is University of Saskatchewan good for international students?

With a thriving economy, there is no better choice to study than in University of Saskatchewan. Moreover, settling down in Saskatchewan is easiest in whole Canada for international students.

What is the ranking of University of Saskatchewan?

According to QS ranking, the university was ranked 465 in the world and 16 in Canada.


5. University of Prince Edward Island

University of Prince Edward Island is a public university in the capital of Prince Edward Island City, Charlottetown, Canada. The university was founded in 1969. Moreover, the university offers a range of UG and PG programs to international students.

In addition to that, Prince Edward Island is one of the most beautiful provinces of Canada. Moreover, the university offers a host of amenities for students. Currently, there are 4,208 students enrolled in undergraduate programs and 461 in postgraduate courses. Finally, the tuition fee for international students is 7176 CAD.

Is Prince Edward Island an ideal place to live for international students??

Prince Edward Island is the smallest and the least populous province of Canada. There are multiple opportunities to live in PEI including lower price, affordable rent and so on.

That’s all for today. If you want to know more about Canada, hit the link. I will come up with another important article soon.





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