Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Electronics at Aalborg University (AAU)

Aalborg University (AAU) 3 Years
Denmark Full Time
Bachelor of Science (BSc) Onsite
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MSc in Advanced Architecture at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences 4 semesters
Germany Full Time
Master of Science (MSc) Onsite
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Public Policy and Human Development (MSc) at Maastricht University

Maastricht University 1 year
Netherlands Full time
Masters (MSc) On-campus
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International Social and Political Studies (BA) at University College London

University College London 3-4 years
UK Full time
Bachelors (BA) On-campus
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Low carbon development in the Pacific – “it makes sense.”

Pacific societies are highly dependent on energy generated by fossil fuels. The average Pacific island household spends a large portion of their income on electricity, petrol and diesel for transportation, and imported goods shipped to…

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Low Carbon Development shared the Pacific island way

What does a globally renowned Pacific island comedian and low carbon development have in common?  Everything. During the Inaugural Pacific Resilience Meeting in Suva, Fiji this week, Mr Tofiga Fepulea’i, a Pacific entertainment icon was…

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Marine Spatial Planning in Samoa for resource management and resilience for climate change and disaster risk reduction

The Samoan Government is implementing a four-year project to build resilience by strengthening community engagement through Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and Ecosystem Based Adaptation. MSP or ocean planning provides a framework and consultative process to…

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‘Uto ni Yalo’ Trust share low carbon idea

Sharing traditional canoe building, navigation and seafaring knowledge will help cut pollution in our oceans and the environment, the Pacific Resilience Meeting (PRM) has heard. Mr Dwain Qalovaki, Secretary of the Suva-based ‘Uto ni Yalo…

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Youth are future assets in disasters

Society must partner with youth in creating innovative solutions for a resilient future, according to a young humanitarian professional. Sandra Uwantege Hart, Pacific Cash and Livelihoods Advisor at Oxfam Vanuatu has outlined her vision for…

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World pledges to protect polluted, degraded planet as it adopts blueprint for more sustainable future

The world today laid the groundwork for a radical shift to a more sustainable future, where innovation will be harnessed to tackle environmental challenges, the use of throwaway plastics will be significantly reduced, and development…

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