Top 5 German Universities to Study Computer Science

Top five universities in Germany for computer science

Well, I have come up with another much-asked article! If you go through all my written articles, you will see an unwavering love flowing from me for Germany. Germany has carved a special place in the world in terms of ensuring top-notch job-oriented education. But when it comes to pursuing computer science, Germany is second to none. So, today I will take you through the top 5 German universities to study computer science.

Germany enjoys a host of worldwide top-ranked universities. According to findings, studying computer science in Germany is the most sought-after program among international students. Because this branch of study guarantees the highest employment rates in Germany. On top of that, free education is the biggest plus point. Germany will not only provide you with the required skill sets to get into job markets but also offers diversity, and opportunities to roam around across Germany.

Now let me give you a list of the top 5 German universities to study computer science. By the way, these universities is also recognized the best global universities for computer science in Germany.

5. University of Bonn

If you think about universities in Germany that have shown an overwhelming stride in embracing technology, the University of Bonn should not escape your list. The University of Bonn is the home of 35000 students, with some 5000 international students pursuing degrees in as many as 200 subjects.

The university has proved to be one of the most shining research universities in Europe, with well-equipped lab facilities. Students pursuing computer science programs from this university have been working in the top-notch companies in the world, especially in Silicon Valley. According to the QS ranking 2021, the University of Bonn is among the top 240 best universities in the world.

Hence, pursuing computer science at such a prestigious university surely brings a shining career for you. Moreover, you can experience the scenic beauty of the city of Bonn.

4. Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University, the oldest university in Germany, has been the lighthouse of spreading knowledge for a long time. The university was founded in 1386. This university offers a wide range of subjects in the field of Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy, Bio-sciences, Arts, Theology, and more.

However, the computer science program has a special reputation among international students. Due to the facilitating learning and teaching condition, the university remains one of the most sought-after universities in Germany not just for computer science courses but for a variety of programs.

3. Technical University of Berlin

The Technical University of Berlin is the hub of the brightest students and professors in Germany. The university carved a pretty reputable place among the prestigious universities in the world. With being one of the largest universities in Germany, it encompasses about 35,000 students flocking from around 130 different countries.

The university offers as many as 130 study programs, with the Computer Science program being the most prominent one among international students. Moreover, excellent achievements in research and teaching are the building blocks of this university. On top of that, this university is ranked #148 in QS Global World University Rankings 2021. To know about top five universities in Berlin, run through it!

2. RWTH Aachen University

Situated in the city of Aachen in Germany, RWTH Aachen University is one of the most technologically forward universities. This university houses over 45000 students with 10455 students studying in 57 different programs. This university ensures a highly student-friendly approach so that students’ inner potentials are fully unleashed.

Among the plethora of courses, computer science programs at both graduate and undergraduate levels are really on demand. On top of that, the university secured #145 in QS Global World University Rankings 2021.

Furthermore, graduate students from this university are always placed in the top position due to their obsessive focus on building up students’ resolute and job-oriented skill-set. 

1. Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich is the best research university in Germany. Especially the computer science faculty is top-notch, and this is the largest computer science faculty in entire Germany with 5400 students. This university has shown a consistent upward trend in global rankings, securing the position among the top 50 universities globally.

The university is also striving for remarkable excellence in the field of Automotive Software Engineering, Biomedical Computing, Computational Science and Engineering, Robotics and Cognitive Systems, Data Engineering and Analytics, and Informatics: Games Engineering.

By the way, this list is not rigid as per the standard, quality or rankings, because there are countless excellent universities. I just singled out those having been ranked by QS ranking. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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