How to be attentive in online classes: 6 Best Tips Ever!

Do you feel bored while online class is going on or have a hard time taking online classes productively? Do you start scrolling on Facebook, YouTube, or other websites in the middle of your online lectures? Then this article can prove highly effective for you! Here I will give you online classes 6 best tips.

Due to the pandemic called corona-virus, many educational institutes all across the world are shifting online. But students in many countries, even in developed countries, are facing challenges to cope with online learning. In this article, I will provide you with the most important ways to cope with the shift and become a better online learner. Let’s dive into it!

Tip #1: Set up a particular place for studying

Studying in the exact place daily will help you boost your concentration level. This place could be your dining room, kitchen, or any other room which is well-lit and tranquil except your bedroom. Who knows, you might have already reserved your bedroom for Facebook and Netflix. You have to set up the place in a way that while you are there you do nothing but take online classes, finish your homework, and so forth. Not even Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube are allowed in that place. This kind of behaviour will send a message to your subconscious mind that this designated place is only for learning.


Tip #2: Give the utmost importance to online course

While attending university classes, you don’t mind rushing to the class not to miss out on any important lesson. However, many students have a very problematic mindset when it comes to attending online lectures, as they downplay the importance of screen-learning, thinking Online classes can never replace traditional offline classes. But the pandemic has shown us that we should not shy away from online learning rather we must evolve and adapt to the change as this is the new normal. So, when you will consider online classes as important as the traditional ones, then your concentration level will automatically increase.

Tip #3: Hold yourself responsible

Set goals at the beginning of the semester. Make a weekly or daily routine with a reminder so that you are not missing out. Without any specific plan to continue your online learning, you cannot go a long way. You will be severely confronted with floods of distractions on the internet, if you are not committed to taking your classes, finishing your assignments, and so on.

In traditional classroom settings, you will be reminded to finish your projects by your teachers every now and then. But while attending classes online, you have to make sure that you have allotted enough time to complete your assigned task. In that case, if you can pair up with your friends, it could prove super effective to hold yourself accountable.

Tip #4: Make a schedule for yourself

This tip might seem like a herculean task to follow through. Due to this pandemic, our nightlife is occupied by some gripping web series on Netflix and Amazon Prime, and so on. So, our sleep routine has become a mess! But, to take online classes as effectively as possible, you have to draft a schedule of all classes that you are going to attend in a week. If you do not make a schedule of your week and randomly start joining your Zoom classes, then you are bound to feel lost and less attentive during the classes.

Sit down and plan out at least a rough schedule. This will help you take online classes more productively in your online classes.

Tip #5: Get off all the distractions!

Before joining your online lectures, you have to Turn off the phone, log out from your FB account, and so forth. Another thing you can do to boost your productivity is to keep your cell phones away.

It could be in another room. It might be very tempting to scroll through Facebook, YouTube, etc. in between the class, but don’t fall prey to such temptations as it will crush your concentration level.

Online learning has nothing to do with your reduced attention, but distraction surely has!

Tip #6: Master Time-Management Skills

No matter how talented you are, how much you have paid for the course, or how responsible you are, everything will go in vain if you cannot take charge of your schedule. You can plan to finish loads of projects in a very short span but if you keep your all tasks remain untouched until the last moment, then you will be missing out on many opportunities to learn that many are dying to grab!

Create a schedule for taking care of classwork based on the time of day when you work best and stick to it. Since you know your optimal working schedule, you can base your assignments around it.

That’s all for today! Hope this will help you take online classes more productively and make the most out of it. For more articles about higher study-related tips and tricks, please visit: Study Related Other Tips Here!

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