Top 4 scholarships in Bulgaria for international students

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Bulgaria is a nice place for higher studies. And of course, you will have ample options for scholarships in Bulgaria.

All the facts have made it easier for people to pursue higher education in the country. But most of the cases, they do not know about the scholarship programs. Hence, they miss the potentials.

In this post, you will get some comprehensive ideas about the grants. It will make your higher studies in the country easier.

So, let’s start diving into the deep of the matter. In the end, it is expected that you will have some solid ideas.

Types of scholarships

Usually, there are two types of scholarships available in the country. The first one is for native students. And the second category is for international students.

However, in this post, I will discuss the ones for international students in the country.

Eastern European Study Abroad Scholarship

This could be either a full or partial scholarship in Bulgaria. The most important fact is that it covers almost all the international students. But you are to be a skilled and deserving candidate.

Further, this is a series of scholarships. You can have it at different levels of your academic studies.

The partial scholarship will cover the academic costs only. But the full scholarship will cover all the other costs as well.

A successful candidate will get up to 2500 USD.

OppU Achievers Scholarships

If you are a foreign student in Bulgaria, this is one of the best scholarships in Bulgaria for you. However, you need to have certain skills and expertise to apply. And the scholarship helps to excel in the students in future career tracks.

The primary amount of stipend you will receive is USD 2500. Interestingly, a student can apply four times a year for the scholarship.

However, please be noted that the scholarship is for higher education. If you are a student of bachelor or MA level, you are eligible for this.

Afidavit Full Science and Law Scholarship

Planning to study science in Bulgaria? This Afidavit Full Science and Law Scholarship is there to help you out. This scholarship is also applicable to students with a law background. Or, if they want to study law.

Also, be noted that the scholarship is available for the MA and doctoral levels.

Being a full-funded scholarship, you are to demonstrate high skills and expertise. Without an outstanding academic background, you cannot apply here.

The authorities offer the scholarship twice in a year. Students from around the world can apply for it (of course, following the application criteria).

It covers tuition fees, academic fees, housing allowance, and others.

Fulbright Bulgaria

Fulbright Bulgaria is for a certain group of students. Especially for US students. The US professionals will get the scholarship to conduct their research or studies.

In an academic year, the students and professionals will get it five times. Each of the tenures of the grant would be up to five months. This scholarship in Bulgaria covers almost all the costs of the students.

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