Higher education in Costa Rica for international students


Costa Rica is a Central American country. It comes with coastlines with the Pacific and Caribbean. Hence the country gets an impressive look. Higher education in Costa Rica for international students is easier as well.

Many of the foreign students pursue their higher education. The country has lots of options to offer to them. Moreover, there are some reputed institutions. So, higher study becomes affordable.

The degrees of the country are also acknowledged globally. With all the combinations, you can have a pleasant experience here.

In this post, you will get precise ideas about higher education in the country. Let’s start exploring them.


After completing primary and secondary education, students enroll in universities. But if you are a foreigner, you can also enroll. The process is simple.

There are two types of universities.

  • Public
  • Private

The number of public universities is five while the number is more than five for the privates.

The public universities are:

  • Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica
  • Universidad de Costa Rica
  • Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica
  • Universidad Estatal a Distancia
  • Universidad Técnica Nacional de Costa Rica

Usually, public universities offer a wide variety of courses to students. Interestingly, the courses are not the same in the public universities. The authority of the country has a law about these issues.

Two public universities cannot offer the same program to students. They have to bring change to the programs.

Tuition fees

The cost of higher education in Costa Rica is reasonable. You need not much to spend on your higher education. But the tuition fees vary based on the courses and level of education.

When you are an undergraduate student, you have to pay around 80 USD for a credit hour. And the fee is around 140 USD for the postgraduate students.

However, you may also need to spend around 100 USD for other costs (in a year).


If you have financial constraints, you can avail of scholarships. But you need to be eligible for the programs. Also, you must have some outstanding academic backgrounds.

Generally, the scholarships cover almost all the costs of the students. But those with a partial scholarship may need to bear some additional costs.

The costs that the scholarship cover include tuition fees, accommodation, living costs, and others.

University Admission

To get admission to any of the universities, you have to pass the admission test. No matter at what level you are, you must sit for the test. Without the test, you are not eligible to get the admission. And of course, you are to pass the test.

Top courses

The top courses of the country include – BA, MA, MBA, and postdoctoral degrees.

Well, that was all from me today about higher education in Costa Rica. Hope you get some precise knowledge about higher education here.

However, you can also check info on higher studies in other countries here.

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