MSc in Screen Cultures at University of Oslo, Norway

University of Oslo 2 Years
Norway Full Time
Master's Onsite

Screen Cultures lets you study how screens affect our understanding of the world, through the different screens of the cinema, television, computer and smartphone, their films, series, games, and social media.

As a Screen Cultures master student, you will acquire screen literacy. Since screen edges have become the ledges of what we know, our central research question then, is: “How do the distinct qualities of screens and the conditions of viewing they afford, affect our understanding of the world?”

Screen Cultures examines the screens that provide and prohibit access to our global realities and affect all aspects of our everyday lives. And our objective and vision are to challenge and ultimately change the way we view screens.

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Course Details:

Screens are sought out (cinema, television), chanced upon (digital signage advertising), carried (smartphone, laptop), and worn (HoloLens, smartwatches, and another wearable tech). We look at screens, but we also touch them – tapping, tilting, and swiping to acquire a diverse range of information. So much of our daily experience is screened, yet we rarely stop to think about the impact and implications of this.

Through the Master´s program Screen Cultures, you will study how screens – and our interaction with them – affect our experience and understanding of the world.

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