Admission Deadlines in German Universities 


Excited about your admission to German educational institutions?

Well, in that case, you need to know the semester schedule.

Usually, Germany has two semesters in educational institutions. They are:

  • Summer semester
  • Winter semester

The deadline for the admission and other formalities is until July 15 every year. For the courses slated to begin in the winter semester.

And the deadline is January 15, every year. For admission in the summer semester.

The classes for the Winter semester usually begins on October 1, annually. And it ends by March 31, the next year.

And for the Summer, the classes begin on April 1, every year. And the semester ends on September 30, of that same year.

But right now the academic activities in Germany halted. Most of the German universities have been conducting online classes during this time. And this situation may get an extension.

However, not to worry.

The admission and admission processing activities will resume shortly, in Germany.

So, it is advisable that if you are one of those, check the respective websites of your institutions.

Also, you need to check the FAQ sections of those sites. To get an in-depth idea about the admission, processing, and other preparations.

And, for admission processing payment, make it at least 8 weeks before the deadline ends. If you need documents, prepare them as fast as you can.

It is notable that the world is experiencing a pandemic. For Novel Coronavirus Disease. The disease is also known as Covid-19.

It has made the world standstill. Therefore, almost all the activities halted across the globe. Germany is also a part of it.

However, if you are one of those – seeking admission in German institutions for higher studies– you need to know that

Stay home, stay safe during this Covid-19 outbreak. To know more about the latest updates on scholarship and other educational information in Germany, check here.

And, also you can use the comment box below to share your thoughts and ideas. Sharing the activities during this Covid-19 period would be an exciting topic to discuss.

Thank you.

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