Scholarships in Croatia for International Students

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Croatia is located along the Adriatic Sea. Higher education in the country is remarkable. Even scholarships in Croatia allows international students to pursue degrees.

So, if you are willing to study in the country, this article might help you. Before moving to the core, let’s get some precise ideas.


Higher education in Croatia

For higher education, there are two segments. The first one is about university degrees. And the second one is about a professional degree.

Using university degrees, the students can prepare for almost all types of jobs. With professional degrees, they get in-depth knowledge. Such degrees enable them to be more skilled in the job sector.


Top four scholarships in Croatia


Bilateral Scholarships

The scholarship is applicable for international students. They can pursue higher education in the country. But the scholarship is meant for a higher level of studies.

But the recipients of the scholarships have to be citizens of the countries related to Croatia. Students from specified countries can apply for this.

Besides, they have to demonstrate certain skills. Learning the Croatian language is a must for them.

Further, students nominated from partner institutions will be eligible for the grants.

CEEPUS Scholarships

Central European Exchange Program for University Studies (CEEPUS) is for international students. The grant covers a wide range of activities. A successful candidate will get a monthly stipend to continue studies. Also, the grant will cover accommodation.

The sole purpose of this scholarship is to enhance the student exchange program.

In line with the students, the teachers also can have a scholarship. They will get the grants under two categories.

Research project scholarship

If you are a researcher, this particular scholarship can help you out. However, this is a prestigious scholarship. And a limited number of students can avail of it.

When you plan to conduct research in a Croatian scientific institution, it’s the right one for you. The application process begins in early of every year.

Please be noted that this scholarship is also for selected countries. Not everyone can apply for it. Students and researchers from China, Greece, Ukraine, Poland, among others are fit here.

The scholarship covers both partial and full scholarships for the students. Even if you are an undergraduate, you can apply for it. But you have to be from the listed countries.

Zagreb School of Economics and Management Scholarship

This scholarship is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. And the amount is around 3,000 Euros.

Besides, if you want to pursue an MBA, you also have that option. In this case, you will have a scholarship of around 3,000 Euro altogether.

However, you can extend the scholarship further. But you must show excellent academic skills. You must obtain a certain CGPA to proceed further with the scholarship.

This is all for today on scholarships in Croatia. However, I have penned articles on scholarships in Germany, the USA, and the UK.

Also, you can share your thoughts in the comment box below. Will be back shortly with any other interesting topic for you.

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