How to Get UK Student Visa for Higher Studies

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Higher study in the UK is easier now than before. Getting a uk visa is not a big deal as there are ample options available. Besides, if you are a student, you can get a UK Student visa smoothly. However, the scenarios are different too. Many of the students are unable to get the uk visa as they cannot apply for it rightly. If you want to know how to move to england permanently, you cannot apply for the visa. The requirements are not the same. So, you are to know the facts and accordingly apply for the student visa.

Besides, the uk student visa processing time is not complicated. And they are processed shortly after the application. The following guidelines will help you get the right directives. Or if you want to know more about the scholarship or higher studies in other countries, visit this site.

Know the visa types

Before you apply for the uk visa, you need to know the visa type. And if it is about student visa or higher study, you must know the categories. Currently, there are three categories available. First of all, the UK government has arranged for a short-term study visa.  Secondly, there is a general student visa (also known as tier 4 visa) and the child student visa (which is also known as tier 4 visa). So, if you want to pursue higher study in the UK, you need to know your visa type. Or you have to sort out which one suits you most.

Age limitations

All the uk visa applicants for higher study should be over 18. Unless you are 18, you cannot apply for the student visa, even the short-term one too. Usually, the short-term courses are valid for up to six months. But in case of needs and other issues, you might get an extension for up to 11 months. So, you are to stay in the country this time. And if you are not matured, you cannot expect to stay this duration. Therefore, you need to be at least 18 so that you can take care of yourself.

Select your institution

At the same time, you have to select your academic institution. If you are planning for a general studentship in the UK, ensure your institution has the Tier 4 Sponsor License. Without the license, you cannot manage a sponsor in the county. And if there are no sponsors, you cannot move there. Besides, the institution also needs to be cooperative to help you apply for the student visa in UK. They will also inform you when to apply and with other necessary details.

Fill the application forms

In this stage, you are to complete the application forms. The first form is from the institution where you are applying for higher study in UK. And the second one is your uk visa application form. Both forms needs perfection. Make sure you are not making any mistakes while filling in the forms. Besides, check the spaces and boxes if they need any revision or correction. When the filling is done, submit them respectively. If you are to send them electronically, that is easier. But if they want, you have to mail the forms in their postal address.

Document preparations for uk student visa

On the other part, you are to prepare your documents. First of all, you will need to have your academic records. They include the former institution details, academic results, and others. Besides, you need to have a passport with validity of at least six months to apply for the uk visa. Do not forget to attach your recent photograph with the application. It is wise to check if any other recommendations are there which you need to meet. Besides, being a points-based selection system, you have to gain at least the minimum points to be selected for the student visa in UK.

English language skills

As it is a point-based selection system, you need to score a good point. If you have any certification in English language, it will add points. Remember, not only the certification will do, you have to demonstrate the skills in person as well. So, it is better to keep practicing as long as it needs you to be an expert. If you are unlucky, you may not get selected as you lack the skill. However, the skill is not necessary if you are from any EU or English spoken countries.

Financial statement

Besides, you have to provide the financial statement of your bank to ensure your financial stability. The statement should cover all the necessary expenses in the country, including your living costs, costs for reading materials, tuition fees, and other essential expenditures. It takes around £1300 for a student a month. So, you are to be able to meet the costs during your stay in the country.

Paying uk student visa fee

When all the preparations are completed, you have to apply for the visa with the payment of uk visa fee. Currently, the visa processing fee is around £ 348 for an individual or student. Besides, there are some other fees that you have to pay when you are inside the country. However, the uk student visa processing time is not lengthy. After applying for the visa, you can get the result within a week. For details of the uk visa, visit this site.

Pursuing a higher study in UK is possible. But you have to start the process with care. Most of the applicants fail to secure their visas as they make mistakes in the application. When you are applying for the visa, you need to check all the major and minor issues. Once you are done with them, you need to focus on how to move to england permanently. It will help to reduce your uk student visa processing time. The process will help you guide through the obstacles. In the end, you can be the right candidate and get your best higher education in the country.

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