Part-time jobs in Germany for English Speakers: Secrets to Know

Part-time jobs in Germany

Part-time jobs in Germany are available for almost all international students here. Students and individuals who want to get financial assistance during their studies can apply. Germany is one of the best places to pursue a higher educational degree. In this blog post, we will reveal some secrets about part-time jobs in Germany for English Speakers.

But expenses in the country also need consideration when you are to study in Germany. So, if you are unable to manage any scholarships or grants, you need to get a job. However being an international student, this is not possible to engage in jobs as a full-timer.

So, before you apply for any part-time jobs in Germany, you need to focus on the following issues.

Types of part-time jobs in Germany

First of all, you need to know about the kinds of jobs. Of course, there are a large number of posts available here. But you cannot apply for all the jobs. Some of the part-time jobs will have a schedule conflict with your academic studies.

So, the best thing is to know the types of jobs that will have no such issues at all. Many of the part-time jobs are notable in this case. You can teach German to English to people who want to know. Besides, you can work as a bartender or waiter, or waitress in nightclubs.

Further, you can work in supermarkets as a sales assistant, a research assistant in organizations, support staff, and others. You have to find out the right one and check the timing. To learn more about part-time jobs in Germany, you can visit this link.

Working hours

Besides, working hours matter most in part-time jobs in Germany. Usually, the Germans are flexible in terms of working hours. They work for 35 to 40 hours a week when they work as full-timers. But regarding the part-time, the flexibilities are more. An international student can work for around 20 hours a week. This is based on their academic calendars.

They can decide the working hours considering their academic schedules. Even, some employers allow international students to take a break during working hours to attend classes. If you are under scholarships like DAAD, you cannot avail of this option. Students are allowed to work 120 full days or 240 half days per year.

Income tax for part-time jobs in Germany

There is no part-time job salary average. Therefore, there is no fixed income for international students. Generally, the students who work part-time need not pay their income taxes. But there is a specific limit too. If you cross the boundary, you are to pay the taxes to the government.

A student can earn up to Euro 450, and the payment is based on the hour. If the earnings exceed this limit, the tax will automatically be deducted from the salary. However, as you are an international student, the authority will pay you back the tax at the year-end that it deducted earlier.

Paid internship

Some of the organizations also have the scope of paid internships. The key idea is that an intern will learn something new in a professional environment. However, getting paid during the internship is a great idea. So, when you are to study in Germany, you can also opt for paid internships. But you need to find out the right organizations who will pay.

Seasonal jobs

When you are studying in Germany, you can find some seasonal jobs too. Those jobs can help you gather a smart amount of Euros. During festivals or events, you can take part in the jobs. But you need to ensure that there are no disturbances in your studies. Remember, you are for a higher study, not to have jobs.

You will be participating in jobs to manage your living and other costs. Make sure the job does not become your primary focus. The seasonal jobs take more time than the average ones. When you are participating in seasonal employment, ensure you have time for your studies as well.

Minimum hourly wage for part-time jobs

The minimum hourly wage for international students is around 9.19 euros in Germany. Earlier, it was 8.85 euros. A minimum wage commission is formed in the country to revise the wage after every two years. But in some places, the rate is a bit higher.

In those cases, the job categories are a bit different. You need to invest more of your focus, labor, and time to get the raised payment. The location also matters. When you are in Berlin, the rate would be higher.

Final thoughts about part-time jobs in Germany for English Speakers

So, if you are looking for part-time jobs in Germany, you can get one which fits you best. The jobs will help you generate funds for your everyday expenses if you fail to get a scholarship like DAAD or others. They are great ways indeed to continue your studies and pursue your dreams. You can Search for Part-Time Jobs Here.

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