Which are the 5 Best Countries for Business Studies?

Best Countries for Business Studies

Which are the 5 Best Countries for Business Studies? Well, You are going to get this answer throughout the article. Before that, let’s find out why people want to get a higher degree in business studies.

The demand of Business graduates is everywhere. For instance, in the health sector, science, engineering, law, or media. For that reason, young people with a higher degree in business education have more opportunities for jobs, earnings, and world travel than others. These students are ahead of others in their ability to think, research, analyze and communicate on critical subjects. They also earn more than other graduates. Consequently, the tendency of the students towards taking a degree in this subject is the most. Almost every prudent students want to get a higher degree in any subject from a developed country where the quality of education is ensured. According to this view consider the following five countries if you want to acquire a higher degree in Business Studies.



France is not only with excellence in business education, but also has 25 of the top 95 business schools in Europe. All these educational institutions situate nowhere else but in the capital, Paris. Moreover, Financial Times extolled these institutions as the top European provider of the executive MBA program and the overall second best business school in Europe. An MBA in France offers access to quality business education, interesting markets, as well as diverse networking opportunities. Specifically, HEC Paris has remarkable ranks as one of the top business schools in the world. Further, ranking at number two in the top European MBA rankings according to the Financial Times, while number 16 globally.



There are many opportunities to get a degree in business studies in Ireland. The educational institutions here offer degrees in this regard while maintaining international standards. There are also many possibilities to work in the country with a degree in business studies. Firstly, the degree in Business Economics and Social Studies at Trinity College is gaining popularity among international students. The University of Limerick’s Kemi Business School and Dublin City University’s Dublin City University has also fame regarding this subject. In addition, law and accounting students at the University of Limerick have the opportunity to study law and business together. Students from the BA in Global Business Department at Dublin City University also have the chance to study in the United States for two years. There are also many exceptional business education courses in the country.

For example, at Maynooth University, Equine Studies is taught with BBS. Graduates from this department can easily find a multi-million dollar job in Ireland or elsewhere in Europe. Dun Laoghaire’s Institute of Art Design Technology (Dun Laoghaire) offers integrated courses in industrial management and business education. Further, relatively small educational institutions also have a variety of courses on business studies. Human resource management and accounting are significant among them.



There are  12 business schools in Australia that are consistently ranked well worldwide. Such as Melbourne Business School (Melbourne) Australian Graduate School of Management (Sydney) Macquarie Graduate School of Management (Sydney) University of Queensland Business School (Brisbane) University of Western Australia’s Business School (Perth) etc.  Pursuing a business degree from these renowned Australian universities enables plenty of employment opportunities for students all around the world. Moreover, acquired high-standard qualifications from this business school are invaluable and recognized globally.


United Kingdom

According to Financial Times European Business School Rankings2021, 22 of the top 95 business schools in Europe are from the United Kingdom. Some remarkable of those include The London Business School (London) University of Edinburgh Business School (Edinburgh) Durham University Business School (Durham) Lancaster University Management School (Lancashire) Alliance Manchester Business School (Manchester), and so on. A wide choice of highly regarded universities located in the UK. On the other hand, plethora of startup business opportunities with international settings after graduation. Most of the business schools offer short courses with a higher reputation.


United States

The United States has undoubtedly a wide range of the number of highly prestigious business schools that provide top-notch instruction and opportunities to learn from real-world situations. The best U.S business schools are a blend of private and public academic institutions. These noteworthy learning institutions proffer prestigious world-class degree that has a global acceptance. Every year students from different corners of the world flock to the business schools of the USA because they see the strength of these programs as the best preparation for a good career both in the United States and in their home country. This is one of the most vital reasons to choose the United States for studying business. Harvard University, Stanford University, University of California such business academic hub are always in the front row of the world university ranking.


To sum up, In this digital era, it is not difficult at all to find the best option for business studies. Above mentioned recommendations of the best 5 countries for business studies curtail your hassle half. Hopefully, this article has shown you a pathway. To recapitulate it can be said that there is no field of human life where business graduates are not required. In all cases, budget control and business management are needed. Almost in every sector like retail, education, banking, world trade as well as government jobs, charities, media, science and engineering, hospitals, tourism, etc. business degree holders are working. Therefore, be meticulous with the requirements as you enroll at the business school of your choice. Best wishes!

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