Romanian Government Scholarship: Facts and Figures to Know

Romanian Government Scholarship

The Government Scholarship in Romania is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious scholarships in the world. Under this scholarship program, a student can do Bachelor’s, Masters or Ph.D. Citizens of all non-EU countries can apply for this scholarship. Throughout this entire article, readers will learn about the facts and figures of Romanian government scholarship. So, delve into it.


  • According to the United Nations, there are 193 independent and sovereign states in the world today. The number of member states of the European Union is twenty-eight or twenty-nine. It can be said that out of the citizens of the remaining 164 states, only 85 scholarships have been allotted. This means competition is huge. If you want to be nominated for this scholarship, you need to be sharp academically and your resumé must be enriched in that way.
  • Involvement in Extra-Curricular activities is another important issue for obtaining a Scholarship.
  • A student can complete Bachelor’s, Complete Master’s, and even Ph.D. In previous years, those who went to Romania under this scholarship had the opportunity to study in English or French, but from this year on, the Romanian government has made it compulsory for each of the scholarship holders to study in the local language of Romania. Therefore, you will be given admission to the Romanian language course at first instead of the main program directly. If you can show enough proficiency in Romanian then only later you will get enrolled in the main program.
  • Scholarship applications are generally accepted from mid-December of each year to mid-March of the following year.
  • Except for two subjects in Medicine and Pharmacy, you can study all other subjects under this Scholarship.


  • Under this scholarship, the government of the country will bear all the expenses of your education in Romania. Instead of providing a home allowance, scholarship recipients will get student hostel accommodation amenities. In addition to tuition fees and accommodation, a Bachelor’s student will receive 65 EURO, a Master’s student 75 EURO, and a Ph.D. student 85 EURO as a monthly stipend.

Eligibility Criteria

All international students may apply. Nevertheless, A candidate must submit the present academic documents from an accredited institute. A candidate must apply within the enrolment dates. Moreover, A candidate must have good health. A candidate can apply in all fields except pharmacy, dentistry, or medicine. All bachelor’s and master’s students would take courses in Romania. Furthermore, Candidates who don’t know the Romanian language will have to take a year Romanian language course.

Application Process

All applications have to send electronically or physically preferably via diplomatic missions of Romania. Documents sending via email are not acceptable. Don’t send directly to the MFA or to the MNE. To know more details click here.

Required Documents

The following documents are required to apply for the scholarship:

  • MFA application form
  • MNE application form
  • All educational certificates and transcripts
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Biographical Page of Passport as well as first three pages
  • Medical Certificate (Medical Certificate should clearly state that the applicant does not have any sort of contagious diseases or other conditions incompatible with the required studies)
  • Résumé
  • Two copies of the photo
  • In addition, to apply for a scholarship, you need to obtain an official letter from the Embassy of Romania or a Diplomatic Mission.

Once all the documents are ready, you will send them to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. It usually takes about mid-June for all the process’s completion. Ministry of Foreign Affairs or MNE’s Authority can take an interview of final candidates.

Final Words

Romanian government scholarship is one of the most exalted scholarships in Europe. If you have made the final decision on higher education in Europe, you must try to win this scholarship. Because, above all, Romania is a suitable place for higher education. People who visit Romania at least once want to stay because the country’s amazing natural beauty and human hospitality will impress you so much that you will want to visit Romania again and again. So, why not come to study? Learn more about the best universities and scholarships in different developed countries from this website. Share with friends as well. Happy reading 🙂

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