10 Surprising Study Facts about the UK

Facts about the UK

The United Kingdom is truly a reflection of academic success, with world-recognized universities, a culturally diverse environment as well as highly skilled academic staff. With rapidly growing popularity among international students in the UK, thousands of aspiring students have chosen to qualify for one of the UK’s many top universities. Likewise, there are so many interesting facts about studying in the UK. Today’s article is all about this topic. To explore these facts about the UK keep reading until the end.

10. International student number growth

International student figure growth in the UK last over a decade is significant. According to recent statistics from the Higher Education Statistics Agency, there are currently 485,645 international students pursuing their degrees in the UK. The number has experienced an increase from the previous year’s statistics. Among them, a total of 86,485, are international students arriving from China.

The most popular subject among international students in the UK is Business Studies. Besides, other popular subjects for international students in the UK include Social Studies, Medicine, as well as Creative Arts. According to recent statistics, around 127,335 international students in the UK were pursuing a degree in Business & Administrative studies. This makes this degree one of the top choices for international students. On the other hand, A total of 43,145 international students enrolled in Social studies.

8. Non-EU student number is more than EU students

According to the latest statistics by HESA, 94,200 international students are coming from other EU countries, enrolled in full-time undergraduate programs in the UK. Additionally, 160,135 international students are coming from outside of the EU, at the same level of study. 34,910 international students from inside of the EU are enrolled in full-time postgraduate programs in the UK, while 159,430 students at the same level of study come from countries outside of the EU.

7. Most international students come from Asia

Asia continues to send the greatest number of students to study at UK universities, beating Europe to the top spot. Students from Asia account for 44% of international students currently in the UK. China has the highest number of students (more than 40,000), followed by Hong Kong, India, and Malaysia. So, there’s obviously a good reason why so many students continue to choose the UK for their higher studies.

6. The UK offers some unusual degrees

The UK offers some of the most unusual degrees. Although UK universities are known for offering some of the best and most respected degrees around, there are actually some pretty unusual courses that are available to students. For instance, ethical hacking, surf science, and technology, puppetry design, and performance, or even floral design are just some of the unique choices that other countries just don’t offer. This is probably one of the unknown study facts about the UK.

5. More than one type of university in the UK

Did you know that there are three types of universities in the UK? Polytechnic or metropolitan (they mean the same thing), ancient, and Russell Group are the three categories UK universities fall under. For example, there are only 24 universities in the Russell Group. They commit to industry-leading research and an outstanding learning experience for all students, with prestigious universities like Cambridge, Oxford, and Newcastle all being members. With so many amazing options, the choice is entirely up to you. Each has its pros and cons. To help you learn more, read this blog to find out about the different types of universities in the UK and what makes them so special.

Study Facts about the UK

4. The UK produces the world-class leaders

It would be a matter of great veneration that you can be part of an exclusive group that can make a real difference in the world through research and innovation. That’s where the UK stands out. Moreover, 54% of all research conducted by universities in the UK is classed as being either world-leading or internationally excellent. In general, the UK is considered a world-leading research ample nation. That’s a great reputation to have and something you can be a part of and benefit from. There are plenty of cities in the UK that focus on creativity and innovation. Newcastle, for example, is home to world-changing innovations, such as the electric lightbulb, the first turbine-driven ship, and even the first locomotive – which eventually led to the industrial revolution.

The UK is the most recommended destination by international students. Some common answers given include the UK having leaders in research and discovery offering quality lectures. In addition, state-of-the-art laboratories were another popular answer. It’s easy to find out why. It’s an English-speaking country with a great mix of different cultures, beliefs, and races, not to mention amazing career prospects. This is not at all surprising why so many international students choose the UK and then recommend others for their amazing experiences.

2. UK universities degrees are well renowned

Degrees from UK universities are widely known to be of high-quality Degrees as the university education quality is world-class. There’s genuine worldwide recognition there and that’s shown with UK universities consistently ranking highly in league tables. It’s also something employers are looking for. So, when you graduate with a UK university degree, this will be a great selling point in your favor when applying for jobs. For example, the links Newcastle University has with employers put us in the top 20 universities for graduate career prospects in the UK. Just see for yourself what Newcastle University graduates bring to businesses.

1. Tuition Fee Loans for students

For bachelor studies, the entire tuition costs in the UK are fully covered by the British Government’s governmental loan. Master students also get a helping hand, the postgraduate loan of 11.222 pounds being in place. It is one of the most resounding study facts of the UK. Both of them are repaid only after graduation and only depending on the student’s salary upon employment. Your EDMUNDO Counsellor will help you understand all the details while also aiding you in sending eligible applications within the deadline.

Study Facts about the UK

End Words

To sum up, it can be recapitulated that having world-class universities, excellent teaching methods, and unbeatable multiculturalism, it’s no surprise that the UK is like a magnet for international students. Undoubtedly, it is important to think about things before going abroad that are neglected or left out at the last minute. For this purpose, these facts are upheld by the readers. As a result, to help you prepare for life as a UK university student and enjoy the best experience.

I think the article is full of useful information from different perspectives. Before deciding to study in the UK you ought to know the study facts regarding the country. However, To get a more didactic and informative blog like this, keep browsing this site daily. Consider sharing any content if you think it may be helpful for any reader. Best wishes!

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