Want to Work as a Doctor in Germany- Info You Must Know

Well, if you want to work as a doctor in Germany, you have ample options. But you also need to remember certain aspects.

Germany is a land of opportunities. People live here in peace and harmony. But they need to visit the doctors every now and then for numerous reasons.

Studying medicine in Germany is tough for native students. And when you are a non-German, this might be the toughest job for you. In fact, the non-Germans have to follow certain guidelines to practice medicine in Germany.

Once you are established as a doctor, you will have ample options to show your skills and benefits the nation as well.

In this post, I have shared three basic steps that you will need to practice medicine in Germany. Here they are. But if you need to know more about the medicine internship in Germany or other relevant issues, click here.


Step 1

Command over the German language


The first and most important issue is to gain a command over the German language. As a matter of fact, most of the German people communicate using the German language. So, if you are an English or what so ever, you must know German.

This is the first criteria for working as a doctor in Germany. If you cannot comply with the language issues, this is not possible to practice medicine in Germany. The native students have to participate in a state exam that is completely in the German language. Moreover, before getting the license to practice, you are to work with different German hospitals.

While getting an internship in the German clinics and hospitals, you have to use the language. Besides, you will need the language skill for many other purposes during your stay in the country.

Step 2

Right documents


In the second step, you need to submit or get the required documents. The documents may vary in states but the principles are the same. The documents will ensure that you have the right types of degree in medicine to practice in Germany.

Besides, the documents may also need German translation. You can get the translated version of the documents from any renowned translator.

The documents may include all the academic certificates, mark sheets, recommendation letters, police clearance, among others. Remember, the authority will verify the documents by all means. So, it is wise not to adopt any unfair ways in this process of providing the documents.

Another important matter is to get the medial diplomas or degrees from any recognized institution. If your institution is famous, you can apply to any reputed medical or clinics to be an assistant doctor. Or you need to select any particular institution for practice and submit the name of the institution to the authority for permission.

Step 3



This is the third and last stage in this process. Based on your request and following the approval process, you can get the approval to practice. This is also known as the license to practice medicine in Germany.

If you have a license to practice from the other EU countries or outside of EU countries, you have to establish your skills and expertise. Most importantly, you are to show the language skill when a panel of physicians will take your interview.

However, to do better in the interview or get some additional knowledge, a non-German doctor can have some training. In this process, they can get skills in the German language and know the usual medical terms.

The other impressive issue is that the non-German doctors, who want to practice in Germany, can have some in-depth knowledge in the healthcare system of the country.


To wrap the post

Finally, when all the processes are complete, you are to register with the State Medical Chamber. This is will ensure that you are a practising doctor in Germany.

To wrap the post, I would love to say that the importance of physicians is more and it is increasing gradually. So, if you want to work as a doctor in Germany, you must follow the procedures above.

But remember, you will get temporary permission to practice in Germany for around two years. And the regulation is different in states. But when you get permission to practice in any state, you are bound to follow certain conditions. For some detailed ideas, this link can help you.

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