Nursing in Germany – facts and figures explained

Do you know that the average lifespan of human beings is on the rise?

And so, they need various types of medical supports for a healthy and happy life. So, nursing in Germany could be a great profession. In fact, Germany is in need of a trained nurse to take care of the in and outbound patients. And, the profession of nursing in Germany has lots of potentials.

The nation needs skilled nurses but the number is insufficient in terms of vacancies. A recent study has found that there are only 19 nurses available against 100 vacancies.

So, if you are skilled in nursing and want to have a growing career, Germany is the perfect place to settle. Besides, nursing in Germany salaries is also smarter to lead a happy life.



Well, you will get a comprehensive explanation in this post. Let’s start diving deep.

However, if you need more information about nursing in Germany, you can visit this link. And if you want to study medicine in Germany, you can follow this link which is enriched with necessary information.

Scopes of working as a nurse in Germany


When you are in Germany and want to work as nurse, you will have ample options. Nurses in Germany work in hospitals, clinics, assist doctors, or even serve the patients at their homes.

Besides, you also need to prepare documents, case histories and other relevant information of the patients.

So, this would be a great scope of working as a nurse in Germany.


Prospects of foreign nationals


If you have required nursing skills and a license, you can continue the profession at anywhere in the country. The prospects are huge but you need to be sincere and skilled in the profession.

The most important issue is that you have to get a license for the profession. And to achieve the license, you are to follow certain stages.

First of all, you have to sit for an adaptation course that will assess your skills like language. Besides, the test will also analyze your professional skills.

Besides, you need to apply to get the recognition of your professional qualifications. If everything matches with the criteria of the state, you will get the license and can start serving.


Benefits of nursing in Germany


When you are in Germany as a trainee nurse, you will get over 1000 euros as salary. After completing probation period and other formalities, you can around 2200 to 2500 euros. So, this is a smart amount to lead a decent life in line with serving the people. But you have to cross the qualification process smoothly and with an outstanding performance.


What you will need?


#Language skills

Having a good command over the German language is one of the top priorities. If you are not skilled in the language, you need to have training. Your language proficiency will be tested. So, you need to have at least B1 or B2 in the level of proficiency.

#Professional qualifications

Besides, you need to have the right types of qualifications to play the role of a nurse in Germany. In fact, your past qualification needs to be from any recognized institution. The recruiting authorities will crosscheck if the qualification is valid to allow you to perform the assistive role.

If you have the required qualification, you can sign up for the role. Remember, if there is any lack or inconsistency in the qualification or documents, you will be discarded.

#Stable health

Moreover, you need to be stable in your health. If you have any chronic disease or anything that may pose threat, this not your cup of tea.

Remember, you need to get certification from a German doctor. The doctor will certify that you are mentally and physically fit. If the certification is not positive, you cannot have the job. So, get a certificate from a German doctor stating that you are completely fit to perform this role.


If you are not sincere in providing care to the patients and who are in need, you cannot continue the job of a nurse. Besides, you might have to work in shifts. So, you must have a positive attitude that will make the things happen. Even, at times you may need to work in some odd hours of the day or night. Without sincerity and commitment to the job, you cannot do it effectively.

This is the last portion of the post. We always expect some remarks and thoughts from our readers’ end. So, you can also drop a line in the comment box about the article or any other necessary points that we might have missed.

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