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Canada is one of the top developed countries. The entire environment in the country is stable and people are living in harmony. Living costs in the country is a bit higher but people have no issues in dealing with the expenses. The government provides different types of benefits to the citizens while they also follow the usual norms. Study in Canada with Canadian scholarships for higher education in the country is available for everyone. Students and researchers with merit can apply for different government and non-government scholarships and grants.

The country provides scholarships to local and international students. The country has a congenial atmosphere for the students while the degrees are up to the mark. Besides, the application process is easier too. Many of the students seek higher study opportunities in Canada. But they are unaware of the facts about the scholarships. A notable number of public and private organizations provide scholarships and grants for international students and researchers.

Thereby, the top five scholarships of Canada are explained here. They will guide the potential students and researchers to pursue their higher study in Canada. To know more about the features of higher study in Canada , you can click here.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

This is one of the top scholarships offered by the Canadian government. The program is also known as Vanier CGS. The program attracts attention of global students and provides a high-class opportunity to the students and researchers. If you want to know more about the scholarship, visit

Getting the scholarship requires some specific criteria for the students and researchers. If someone wants to enroll under this program, they are to demonstrate their leadership skills. Besides, they also need to have a high standard in their academic portfolio. The courses offered under this program include social science, humanities or engineering.

Remember, the number of this scholarship is limited. There are only 167 scholarships for a year while around 500 international students can pursue their PhDs. The authority awards $50,000 annually for each of the students for their postdoctoral studies. The applicants have to undergo several phases of scrutiny. Once they are selected, the selection committee will offer them the scholarship.

MA and Doctoral Awards at University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo is one of the leading and renowned educational institutions in the country. The international students in Canada also have the opportunity of getting a scholarship at the University of Waterloo. Students who want funding for their higher studies in Canada can apply for the program. The university authority provides options for MA and Doctoral researches.

But the students have to enroll for their full-time research. At the same time, they should have a valid permission for studying in the country. Alongside the permit, they are also to meet the criteria of certain academic issues. Unless you have any outstanding achievement in your academic arena, you cannot get the rewards.

The award of the program is worth $2045 for the MA students for per term during the studies. But if the students come for PhD degrees, they will get $ 4090 for a term. But if the students cannot manage the awards, there are many other options to explore. They can also apply for some other contemporary scholarship available in the university.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship is popularly known as the OGS program. Usually, the provincial government provides the scholarship for the students. The sole aim is to inspire the students in having excellence. Basically, this scholarship is based on merit. The students with exceptional merits will have the chance of getting the grants.

Interestingly, there are no academic bars or divisions available here. Anyone from any discipline can apply for the scholarships. The reward amount is $15,000 for a year. The grant covers the additional costs of the students including their living cost, academic costs and others.

Before the application, the students have to get certain achievement in their academic background. It includes a first-class grade in all your academic studies. Besides, you are to submit all your authentic documents of academic career to the authority for verification. If they find any inconsistency, the award program will be annulled.

Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

Students and researchers who want to have a doctorate can apply for Trudeau Foundation Scholarships. But the scholarship prefers the students of social science and humanities departments. And the numbers of scholarships are very limited. Only 15 students and researchers can have the scholarship. Both the local (Canadian) and internationals students are eligible for the applications.

The program is too competitive due to its value. So, the competitions are tougher. Unless you have a higher merit, chances are lower that you will enjoy the provisions. The authority will provide $60,000 annually. The students and researchers can avail the grant for consecutive three years. But if you need the fund for over three years, you are to manage the remaining sessions.

The selection criteria are similar like the other scholarship programs. As a student or researcher, you are to enroll at any recognized educational institution. The students from the developed countries will get priority in the program.

Canada Memorial Scholarship

If you cannot manage the government scholarship in Canada, there are options for non-government scholarships as well. You can apply there too. The Canada Memorial Scholarship is one of those which encourage the students of the under-developed countries to apply.

The selection process for this scholarship is special. There are two stages of selection process. The applicants have to demonstrate certain features and criteria during the selection process. The potential candidates have to submit their detailed information electronically using the website ( The authority will crosscheck the information and ask you to provide some other documents.

The selected applications will be asked for interview that will be held in a preset venue. They have to explain their field of study, why they prefer this particular course and other details. Based on the satisfactory performance, the selection committee will offer a scholarship that will cover different aspects of living and studying in Canada. To know more about the higher study in Canada, visit here.

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