Study Medicine in Germany- Things You Need to Know


Planning to be a doctor and in Germany?

Well, I appreciate your thoughts and you need to get some warm wishes from me. In fact, study medicine in Germany is one of the toughest jobs in the world. And you are a brave warrior!

This is not like ordinary medicine courses. In Germany, it takes six years and three months to complete the course. And you know what – you have to appear in a state exam. Without the exam, you cannot have the license to practice in Germany.

Still feeling interested?

To be frank, is it hard to study medicine in Germany. But, I am sharing the necessary information gradually. You will have a comprehensive idea about the process.

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Anyway, let’s get back on our track. The steps are as followed.

Check academic background

The first and most important issue is to get some good academic scores. Unless you have an impressive track in your academic arena, you are not even eligible to apply for the medicine course at any German institution. Therefore, you must own a smart and satisfactory academic record. The entry test is extremely competitive and you can survive with the academic record.

Learn German early

First of all, you need to learn the German language. The language will help you study the course materials and communicate with fellow students and faculties. The most important issue is that you need to appear in the test using the German language.

Prepare to finance

Do you know how much does it cost to study medicine in Germany? If you do not have any idea get some from online sources. Besides, the study of medicine in Germany is on your own. You will not get any additional financial support. No organizations or institutions will provide you with fund or scholarships. Thereby, you are to arrange for the financing of your entire medicine course.

But if you are a German, you can find some sort of grants under certain strict conditions.

Know the terms and conditions

Moreover, you must have to know about the terms and conditions of medicine study in Germany. The course tenure is six years and three months. You will not have any break in this time. Besides, you are to appears at a state exam to pass the course.

So, you need to get familiarity with the terms and conditions of the study. If you are impatient, you may seek options to leave the course too. But that would not be wise at all.


There are several stages in this process. I will explain them in brief.

Stage 1– the first stage is consisted of four semesters. After completing them, you have to participate in the first three sections of the state exam.

Stage 2 – in this stage, you will have six semesters. If you can successfully complete the semesters, you are almost there.

Stage 3– you have completed the most crucial parts of your medicine study. In this third stage, you will have to participate in a practical session. You need to spend a year for practical at a clinic or at a hospital. You can select your preferable department now.

Stage 4– it’s the final stage. Now, you have to sit for the final state exam. You are to attend both written and oral tests. If you pass the test, you are a doctor and can place a request to practice.

Remember, you have to work as an assistant doctor for the next five to six years.

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