Top 3 PhD scholarships in Australia for int’l students

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Higher education in Australia is not a dream now. Especially, if you want to have PhD scholarships, you can have it. Easily.

But the fact is that you need to know how to apply for scholarships in Australia. Also, you must know about some of the scholarships in the country. Most of the cases, potential candidates cannot have the scholarships.

First of all, either they miss the deadlines, or they lack the right idea about the application.

However, in this post, I will inform you about the top five PhD education scholarships in Australia.

Let’s explore them below.


Australia Awards Scholarships

This scholarship is from the Australian Government. If you are planning to pursue your PhD in Australia, it could be of great support.

Earlier, the scholarship had a different title – “Australian Development Scholarships.” The scholarship aims to assist the students and researchers in developing countries. It is more suitable for postgraduate studies.

The scholarship will cover tuition fees in full. Also, you will get a return air travel. Besides, the scholarships also cover living expenses in partial, pre-English course fees, and more.

To avail the scholarship, you have to be at least 18 years old. And you should not have any permanent residence status in Australia.

At the same time, you must have an excellent academic track.

To get some detailed ideas about the scholarships


Destination Australia

This is the other grants for higher education, including PhD in Australia. Under this program, the Australian government provides scholarships to a wide number of students are researchers. Alongside international students and researchers, the domestic ones can also apply.

Another impressive feature is that successful applicants can experience Australia. When they are in the country for their research, they need to move in remote parts. It’s a great opportunity to explore the land.

The annual amount of scholarship is up to $15,000.

However, to avail of the grants, you need to demonstrate your skills and expertise. This is a highly competitive process and you need to follow all the rules strictly.


Fully-Funded PhD Scholarship

If you are a student or researcher of science background, this is the right one. This fully-funded scholarship is available in Water Chemistry and Microbiology.

The scholarship is available for both local and international students. It is for the PhD level, and you can have a scholarship at the Curtin University.

Under this scholarship, a successful applicant will have some key benefits. They include a grant worth $35,000 in a year.


The scholarships mentioned above are of top class. And they are prestigious as well. If you want to get any of the scholarships, click here.

Or if you want to know more about scholarships in other countries, like Germany, the UK, the USA, check them here.

I will be back with some other topic, shortly.

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