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If you are looking for a fully accredited business degree that integrates high academic standards with international internship experience, then this program is designed specifically to meet your needs. You will learn how to do business as a global player and gain valuable leadership skills and intercultural awareness combined with a full spectrum of strategic management, marketing, finance, and other relevant skills. Additionally, the course offers double degree opportunities with universities in Australia, Brazil, Finland, France, Mexico, and New Zealand.

Our goal is to train you to fill the growing demand for multilingual, multicultural managers, who can lead dynamic companies across cultures and borders.

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Course Details:


The International Management Bachelor’s program is rooted in foreign language competence. During the course of study, English is the primary language used in the classroom and workplace. In addition, students are required to study one or more additional foreign languages (Spanish, Italian, French, etc.) in each of the first three semesters. Since up to 50% of the participants in the program are foreign students, their integration into the program is supported through German language courses offered over three semesters.

The Bachelor’s program is a seven-semester program that includes both theoretical and practical training:

  1. Semesters 1 and 2:

In the first year, particular emphasis is placed on teamwork, presentation skills, information technology, business methods, and foreign language acquisition. The first two semesters also cover the functional areas of business (economics, logistics, marketing, accounting, etc.). All courses are taught and tested completely in English with the exception of the foreign-language electives. Foreign students are also required to take German language courses that span both semesters.

  1. Semester 3:

The third semester is almost exclusively designed to cover the international aspects of the functional areas of business: accounting, economics, finance, business law, tax, and marketing. Information technology skills and foreign language acquisition are further emphasized. All of the courses are taught and examined in English with the exception of the foreign language elective. Foreign students are required to take a German language course.

  1. Semesters 4 and 5:

In the fourth or fifth semester, the students work as interns either abroad or in an international function at a German company of their choice. In addition to gaining business and foreign language skills, the internship helps the students with their career plans. They get the first-hand experience in a company and an industry where they may wish to work later. Our graduates are often later employed at the same organizations where they have done their internships. Also in the fourth or fifth semester, students have the opportunity to widen their academic horizons at a foreign university. In addition to European universities, Deggendorf has partnership programs with universities all around the globe, including Hong Kong, Brazil, and Mexico. This semester is designed to broaden the students’ management perspective in their field of interest and improve their understanding of foreign systems and cultures.

  1. Semesters 6 and 7:

In the final semesters, students take capstone seminars and case-study courses in the areas of international management, finance, economics, and managing across cultures. They also make their first contributions to the scientific world by conducting independent research and study that culminates in a Bachelor’s thesis.


Enrollment Requirements:

Please find the application procedure for international applicants for this degree course here:

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Costs/Tuition Fees:

Free Of Cost

Level/Field(s) of Study:

Resource Management

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15 July (for the following winter semester)

Language Requirements:

Please find the language requirements for this degree course here:

About the University/Institution:

We are still expanding rapidly 25 years after our foundation in 1994, and we have evolved into one of the most international, pioneering universities of applied sciences. In 2015, we established an international campus with programs conducted exclusively in English. Our total student population of 7000+ includes 20% international students.

Study groups rarely include more than 50 students to ensure not only a personal atmosphere but also individual support and excellent qualifications. Moreover, we follow the “National Code of Conduct for German Universities Regarding International Students”, which grants international students the same rights, services, and assistance as EU students.

Application Deadline:

15 April – 15 July for October entries (winter semester)

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