Bank Clerk Ausbildung in Germany: Monthy Salary €1,150-€1,300

Bank Clerk Ausbildung in Germany

If you are interested in building up your career in the finance industry, Ausbildung in Germany as a Bank Clerk could be a great option. Bank Clerk Ausbildung in Germany is one of the popular paths when it comes to doing an Ausbildung in Germany. In Germany, a bank clerk is known as Bankkaufmann/-frau.

Not only that Bank Clerk Ausbildung is one of the best-paid Ausbildung in Germany. But how to get an offer to start Bank Clerk Ausbildung in Germany? We will give you detailed information about that.

Moreover, we will cover how much money you get for your salary if you do Bank Clerk Ausbildung in Germany. So without further delay, let’s get started.

Bank clerk Ausbildung in Germany (requirements)

There are some requirements to start an Ausbildung in Germany as a Bank Clerk. Firstly, you have to have a secondary school leaving certificate (in German it’s called “Realschule“). It is recommended as a prerequisite for training as a bank clerk.

Banking sector Ausbildung
Ausbildung in the banking sector in Germany

It means you need a minimum of 10th grade school leaving certificate but it is always better to have 12th grade finished. In some countries, 12th grade means ‘college’. What else? If you are not from Germany and trying to your Ausbildung as a foreigner then you must need German proficiency.

German proficiency means there is at least a German B1 certificate. And if you have a German B2 certificate even better. In some cases, the certificate doesn’t matter if you can speak, read and write very well in German.

However, the German embassy in your home country can deny giving you a visa if you haven’t a German proficiency certificate. So it is better and also recommended to have a German B1 certificate at least. That means you need mainly 2 to 3 things to start this Ausbildung. These are:

  • School leaving certificate (secondary school)
  • German proficiency
  • Lots of motivation!

These are the mandatory requirements but the employer also sees your overall profile. So what are they? No worries, we also cover them in a bit below.

Profile of a bank clerk trainee

To be accepted as a trainee bank clerk in Germany you need a certain passion and profile. You need to have a keen interest in numbers, maths etc. You need to love money 😉 The topics of money and finances never leave you alone, even in your free time!

Networking capacity is everywhere worthy. And bank industry is also not out of it. Constant contact with people is an asset for you if you want to start your banking career.

Some other qualifications that you should have:

  1. You have an analytical mind
  2. Personal, social, professional and organizational skills
  3. Good communication skills
  4. You never let yourself be disturbed and always keep a cool head
  5. Always have an open ear for your customers and be available to give them advice
  6. Reliable, honest and punctual
  7. Ability to take criticism

What do you need to do as a bank clerk?

Like everywhere in the world, bank clerks support customers with financial matters. No exception in Germany! As a bank clerk, you have to inform clients about investments, account management, handling domestic or foreign payments etc.

Ausbildung in Germany as a Bank Clerk
Jobs in banking sector in Germany

Need to provide individual advice on private and corporate loans, building savings contracts, life insurance or other contracts types of contracts.

In the internal area of a credit institution, planning, identifying and controlling work processes is also in your work area. In addition, you need to carry out legal checks on management and monitor compliance with legal regulations as per internal company guidelines.

Salary of a bank clerk trainee (apprenticeship) in Germany

For everyone, for every profession salary is important. Bank clerk apprenticeship is also no exception. In this section, we will let you know about the salary of a bank clerk apprenticeship in Germany. During the Ausbildung your honorarium will be €1,150 to €1,350 per month.

This amount is settled by the German government for all 16 states (Bundesländer) in Germany. But if any bank wants can give you more salary for your Ausbildung.

But the minimum salary range of a bank clerk Ausbildung is €1,150 to €1,160 for the first year, €1,220 for the second year and €1,290 to €1,300 for the last year.

First year€1,150 to €1,160
Second year€1,220
Third year€1,290 to €1,300
Bank clerk (Bankkaufmann/-frau) apprenticeship salary in Germany

Duration of bank clerk apprenticeship

The training (Ausbildung) lasts normally three years. But in some cases, it can be shortened to two years. This can happen prematurely if you have particularly good grades or previous professional or school training.

Ausbildung in Germany in Banking sector
Ausbildung in Germany in the banking sector

Where you can work after finishing this apprenticeship?

Since you are already in the finance industry, you can also expect a job in the same industry after finishing this apprenticeship. Bank clerks find employment in Germany in credit institutions such as banks and on stock exchanges or in securities trading.

That means your field is open for almost any kind of banking job. You can get a job in Germany or internationally after finishing this three-year-long comprehensive training in the finance sector.

Find a bank clerk Ausbildung or direct banking job in Germany

People are always asking a very simple question: where can I find a bank clerk Ausbildung or direct banking job in Germany? The answer is very simple. Just do some research and find that. Since there are not many banks in Germany, your job search would be also very easy.

A simple strategy would be to check individual bank’s website’s job offering section. So now you may ask how many and what are the banks to find a bank clerk Ausbildung or direct banking job in Germany. No worries, we are giving here a list of popular banks in Germany:

  • Bremer Bank
  • Commerzbank
  • DVB Bank
  • DekaBank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • N26
  • NRW.Bank
  • Sparkasse
  • Volkswagen Bank

There are actually a lot of banks and financial organizations in Germany. You can have a look here at all of the bank lists in Germany.

By the way, if you are overwhelmed by searching an Ausbildung as a bank clerk by going individually then you can search it with a single click!

Just check the photo below. In the ‘what‘ field just write ‘Bankkaufmann/-frau‘ and in the ‘where‘ field just put ‘Germany‘. After that click on the ‘Find‘ button. Boom! You will find all the latest Ausbildung offers for bank clerks in Germany. As of today, we have found 824 Bankkaufmann/-frau Ausbildung after searching for you.

Bankkaufmann-frau Ausbildung in Germany

How much does a bank clerk earn in Germany?

Generally, bank clerks earn an average of €3,600 gross salary per month. You can expect a monthly starting salary of around €2,700 to €3,300. Over time you will get a promotion and can earn money. As your professional experience increases and you take on tasks with responsibility, your salary increases. Moreover, as a bank clerk, you can later earn a monthly salary of up to €4,500 or more.


In conclusion, we would like to mention that the bank clerk Ausbildung in Germany is a great opportunity who want to build up a prosperous career in the finance sector. Beginning with a foundational understanding, individuals progressively can dive into the sophistication of banking operations.

Over time, this training not only equips participants with hands-on experience but also integrates them seamlessly into the banking sector. Clearly, Germany’s approach to standardizing such professions through structured programs ensures both quality and consistency in the field.

So what are you waiting for? Try now! And if you find this content useful then don’t forget to share on your social media!

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