Ausbildung as an Asphalt Worker in Germany

Asphalt Worker Ausbildung in Germany

Are you considering having an Asphalt Worker Ausbildung in Germany? If the answer is yes, this comprehensive guide will certainly help you! You need to read till the end.

In this blog, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about pursuing an Ausbildung in this field. In German this profession is known as ‘Asphaltbauer/in‘.

We will cover the salary of an Asphalt Worker in Germany, the requirements of the Ausbildung as an Asphalt Worker in Germany and other related info. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Asphalt worker Ausbildung in Germany

The demand for Asphalt Workers is on the rise, making it an excellent choice for both local and international students seeking a stable and rewarding career.

Asphalt Worker Ausbildung in Germany

In the heart of Europe, Germany stands out not just for its rich history and culture but also for its excellent educational standards.

If you’ve ever felt curious about the construction world and the craft of road-making, then the profession of an Asphalt Worker calls out to you.

What’s the way in? An Ausbildung. This guide dives deep into understanding the journey of becoming an Asphalt Worker in Germany through the Ausbildung system.

What is an Ausbildung in Germany?

Ausbildung is a program that is a combination of theory with practical experience. You will earn money during your learning phase. Today, we spotlight one such profession in the limelight: the Asphalt Worker. As the construction industry booms, this career offers ample opportunities for growth and stability.

At its core, Ausbildung in Germany is a formal apprenticeship program. Germany has always placed immense value on vocational training and for a good reason. These programs structure learning in a way where students alternate between classroom instruction and real-world application. Essentially, it’s where textbooks meet toolboxes.

There are lots of Ausbildung that pay really well. Here is a blog post about the best-paid Ausbildung in Germany.

Germany is known globally for its top-tier educational standards. But there’s a particular aspect that often goes unnoticed— the Ausbildung or apprenticeship programs. These programs are integral to the German education system.

Why choose Asphalt Work as a career?

While asphalt work may appear specialized, its significance cannot be emphasized enough. Think about the vast road networks that connect cities and countries. That’s the craftsmanship of Asphalt Workers. With Germany’s infrastructure projects on the rise, the demand for skilled Asphalt Workers follows suit. Hence, choosing this profession not only guarantees job security but also paves the way for a rewarding career.

Requirements & eligibility of Asphalt worker Ausbildung in Germany

Ready to tread this path? Generally, there aren’t many prerequisites. Firstly, you need to be physically fit. On the other hand, a basic educational qualification is necessary. You can think of a minimum 10th-grade passing from the school. While fluency in German isn’t mandatory, working German language knowledge can significantly benefit, such as a German A2-B1 language certificate.

Asphalt Worker Ausbildung in Germany Picture

For international applicants, a few additional criteria might come into play, ensuring they align with Germany’s vocational training standards.

Lastly, having a driver’s license is a plus point for any kind of Ausbildung in Germany, not only for Asphaltbauer/in!

Profile of an Asphalt worker Ausbildung applicant in Germany

Not only your academic or German proficiency certificate but also some motivation needed for Asphalt worker Ausbildung in Germany. Such as:

  • You enjoy working with large machines
  • You like hard work, not the table-jobs
  • Working in the fresh air is important to you
  • You are skilled in your craft

Application process

If you have the motivation and aspire to begin an apprenticeship as an Asphalt Worker, then it’s time to start applying. Generally, Ausbildung starts on 1st August every year. Therefore, it’s advisable to initiate your applications as soon as possible. You are open to applying at any time. To find an Ausbildung in Germany you can use this job search engine. Just add your keyword and location and then search!

If you want to know more about Ausbildung in Germany such as how to apply, where to find an Ausbildung etc. then check this blog post. This is a kind of A to Z guideline about Ausbildung in Germany.

To apply for an Ausbildung you need a cover letter and a well-crafted CV. You can check this Europass CV-making tutorial.

From our search engine, we see that as of today there are 29 jobs available as Asphaltbauer/in Ausbildung in Germany.

Asphaltbauer/in Ausbildung

Duration & curriculum of Ausbildung

A typical Ausbildung program for an Asphalt Worker spans 3 years. In this period of time, you’ll alternate between classroom sessions understanding the theory and on-site experiences where you’ll wield the tools. By the end, you’ll have a robust skill set, adept at both the practical and theoretical facets of the job.

What do you do in this job?

Asphalt workers craft specific asphalt mixtures tailored for upcoming loads, such as mastic asphalt.Depending on the area of application, they process the asphalt mixtures for example for sealing, protective and top layers or hall and workshop floors.

In addition, you need to apply these to the pre-treated substrates and, if necessary, also carry out drainage and sealing work as well as thermal and insulation protection measures. Their tasks in this area also include the maintenance of the required tools, devices and machines.

Where do you need to work?

Generally, Asphalt Workers find employment in companies in the construction industry. These industries include expansion, bridge construction, road construction, building and industrial construction, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering etc.

Benefits of Asphalt Worker Ausbildung

Why tread this path? For one, it’s a golden ticket to ‘earning while learning‘. As apprentices, students receive a monthly salary. It allows them to be financially independent. Moreover, post-completion, job prospects are bright.

Many students often secure positions within their training firms, promising a smooth career revolution. Since there are always lots of construction projects going on in Germany, you will never be unemployed. There are always jobs available.

How much do you earn as an Asphalt Worker (Asphaltbauer)?

As an Asphalt Worker, your earnings can vary based on factors like your location, experience, and employer. On average, Asphalt Workers receive competitive compensation, typically in the form of an hourly wage or annual salary in the construction industry. Asphalt workers in Germany earn an average of between €2,800 and €3,700 gross per month. Even a salary of over €4,000 is also possible if you have further training or education.

What does an Asphalt Worker do?

Asphalt workers create special asphalt mixtures. They make these mixtures for different uses, like mastic asphalt. Depending on where they’ll be used, they prepare the mixtures for sealing, protection, top layers, or floors in halls and workshops. They also apply these mixtures onto prepared surfaces. If needed, they do drainage and sealing work and add thermal and insulation protection. They also maintain the tools, machines, and equipment they need for their work.

What does a road builder (Straßenbauer) do?

Road builders construct different types of roads, including main and secondary roads, footpaths, cycle paths, pedestrian zones, motorways, and airports. First, they mark the construction site, and then they start the earthworks. They loosen, transport, level, and compact soil masses using equipment like excavators, caterpillars and rollers.

Salary of Asphalt worker Ausbildung in Germany

The salary of Asphalt workers Ausbildung in Germany is good. You can expect €850 to €1,500 per month salary during your Ausbildung. Generally, for the first year, it would be around €830 to €905. For the second year, you will get €1,030 to €1,230. Lastly, for the third and last year of your Ausbildung, you can expect €1,240 to € 1,495 per month. These salaries are before tax. For the tax, you need to pay maybe around €120 to €180 per month.

First year€830 to €905
Second year€1,030 to €1,230
Third year€1,240 to €1,495
Asphalt worker Ausbildung in Germany Salary


Germany’s Ausbildung system is a beacon for vocational training worldwide. For those keen on building a career as an Asphalt Worker in Germany, this route promises not just skills but also stability and growth.

From theoretical knowledge to practical application, the journey is comprehensive and fulfilling. So, gear up, for the road to success awaits for you! If you have any questions about this Ausbildung, don’t forget to ask by commenting below. And if you find this blog useful then please share it with your friends and colleagues.

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  2. Hello sir,
    Im Mohammed Shakil sadik and Im from Bangladesh.
    I have completed my BSC degree in APPAREL MANUFACTURE AND TECHNOLOGY.Currently im working as a PRODUCTION MANAGER in a chinese manufacturing company for last 4years in Bangladesh.
    Could you please suggest me that,m i eligible for Ausbuldung or not.Please help me to get the information,im very much interested to apply here.It will be a great honor for me.


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