How to stay in Germany after an Au Pair Program?

Stay in Germany After an Au Pair

Welcome to another brand new blog post. Here we will guide you on staying in Germany after completing an Au pair program. Being an Aupair in Germany you are going to be offered a unique cultural experience, but what comes next? I am sure you wanna stay in Germany after finishing your Au pair program. But you can do that? Here we’ll explore various options for extending your stay in Germany and provide valuable insights about this issue. So let’s get started.

Basic Understanding of the Au pair Program in Germany

Before diving into post-au pair options, let’s briefly recap the Aupair program in Germany. As an Au pair, you had the opportunity to live with a German host family, engage yourself in their culture, and assist with childcare. The program typically lasts for 6 to 12 months. This program will foster your cross-cultural exchange and personal growth.

Salary of an Aupair

The salary of an Au pair can vary depending on various factors, including the country and the host family’s agreement. However, we can provide you with a general overview of Au pair salaries.

In many countries, including Germany, au pairs are not considered regular employees but rather participants in a cultural exchange program. As such, they receive a stipend or pocket money instead of a traditional salary. The purpose of the stipend is to cover the Au pair’s personal expenses and provide them with some financial support during their stay.

As of 2023, in Germany, the monthly compensation for an Au pair is €280. It was €260 in previous years. In other countries, it could be up to $700. For Germany, the amount is meant only pocket money. Host-family also covers other expenses like food, transportation, personal items, language course and leisure activities.

Exploring Post-Au Pair Options

There are several options to stay in Germany after finishing the Au pair job. In this section, we will explore these options. Once your au pair program ends, it’s essential to consider your next steps. And it is better you make a small plan before your program finishes. After doing thorough research we have seen that there are around 6 options to stay in Germany after Aupair jobs. These are:

  • Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr (FSJ) or Voluntary Social Year
  • Ausbildung / Apprenticeship
  • Higher Study
  • Taking a Job
  • Language Course
  • Marrying a German Citizen

So let’s elaborate on each of these now one by one…

Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr (FSJ) or Voluntary Social Year

You can understand from the words itself what it is. Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr means Voluntary Social Year. You have to work as a volunteer in Germany. And volunteering in the social services sector (schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, social centers and with disabled people) is a great way to develop your German skills and acquire specialized vocabulary. There’s an assortment of programs for which you must meet certain requirements, and when accepted, they can provide you with a monthly allowance as well as meals and/or lodging.

Ausbildung / Apprenticeship

If you are aware of Germany then most probably heard the word Ausbildung. Actually, Ausbildung in Germany is very popular not only among Germans but also among foreigners. That’s why Ausbildung is an excellent way to learn a profession in a practical setting. So it could be an easy option to try to do your Ausbildung in Germany after finishing your Au pair job. Of course, to access these programs, you must meet certain requirements. Please read this comprehensive guide about Ausbildung in Germany and its requirements as well.

Higher Study

After finishing your Aupair job in Germany you can study in this beautiful country. Higher study in Germany could be another awesome option for you. It offers exceptional opportunities for international people like you as well. Germany is renowned for its world-class universities. And these universities provide a wide range of programs in various fields, including engineering, sciences, humanities and many more. You can find your desired subjects for Germany here on the DAAD website.

Taking a Job

If you can get a full-time employment contract by this time with your qualifications then you can stay in Germany. Though there are bureaucracy if you can manage a job then other things you can overcome for sure. You can try to find a job here with Degreeola Job Search Engine.

Stay in Germany After an Au Pair

Language Course

After finishing your Au pair job in Germany you can of course admit yourself into a new level of language course. You can show your motivation to a foreign office to extend your visa. You can apply for a language course visa. And also you can manage after talking with the team of the foreign office or Ausländerbehörde.

Marrying a German Citizen

If you marry a German citizen then as a spouse you can apply for your spouse visa. In some cases, you may go to your home country and then apply for your spouse’s visa from there. Or there are even called fiancé visas. Your German partner can help you with that to come and live in Germany forever. But you will manage it and you can come permanently to your favorite country Germany!

Positive aspects of Au pair in Germany

Becoming an Aupair in Germany offers several positive aspects. It provides a great cultural experience, allowing individuals to live with a host family and gain insights into German customs and traditions. Au pairs often have the opportunity to improve their language skills, build lifelong connections, and develop valuable childcare experience. Overall, being an au pair in Germany offers a unique and enriching experience for personal growth and cross-cultural exchange.

Au pair jobs in Germany also help to make networking and building connections. Building a strong network in Germany is essential for finding opportunities. Au pair job can do that for you in three ways. It will help you with these ways to enrich yourself:

  1. Option to join local organizations and communities. You can participate in social, cultural, or professional groups related to your interests.
  2. Chances to attend events. Since you are in Germany you can attend lots of networking events, workshops and seminars to meet like-minded individuals and potential employers for your future career.
  3. It helps with professional networking possibilities. While au pairing in Germany, you have the opportunity to build professional networking connections that can benefit your future career.

What are my options after au pair year in Germany?

After completing your Au pair year in Germany, you have various options. You can do an Ausbildung or pursue higher education by applying to universities, seeking employment opportunities, continuing language learning, or even exploring other visa options based on your specific circumstances and long-term goals.

Can an Au Pair stay in Germany after contract period?

Yes, an au pair has the option to stay in Germany after the contract period. They can explore different pathways such as pursuing higher education, finding employment, or applying for a different visa that aligns with their long-term goals and allows for an extended stay in Germany.

Can you extend Au Pair visa in Germany?

Yes, it is possible to extend an Au pair visa in Germany. However, the specific extension process and requirements may vary depending on the circumstances and the immigration regulations at the time. It is important to consult with the relevant authorities and follow the necessary procedures to extend your visa in Germany.

Normally, the Au Pair visa is only valid for 12 months in Germany and cannot be extended. But an Au Pair can apply for one of several residence permits within Germany to extend their stay.


It is really nice that you have already planned and maybe finished your Au pair job in Germany and thinking to stay in this country. As your time as an au pair comes to an end, it’s important to finally plan your next steps to stay in Germany. In this blog post, we have already explored various options for extending your stay after the Au pair program finishing.

To recap the options, we would like to say, pursuing an Ausbildung to higher education, seeking employment to focus on language learning or maybe marrying someone who’s German could be a great option to stay in Germany forever. Each path presents unique opportunities for personal growth, cultural integration and professional development after your Aupair job in Germany. So if you find this blog post helpful then please share it on Social Media platforms such as Facebook and so on…

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