Jobseekers Visa Country List (15+)

Jobseekers Visa

Are you an aspiring job seeker and looking to explore international career opportunities? If so, you’re likely to discover the term Jobseekers Visa. This particular visa category opens doors for job seekers to explore employment prospects in foreign countries.

However, choosing the right country for your job seeker visa is important. That’s why, in this comprehensive guide, we will highlight 15+ countries that offer jobseeker visas.

Also will provide the eligibility, detailed requirements and other related information about the Jobseekers Visa. So stay tuned with us.

Jobseekers Visa
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Jobseekers visa: A path to international career opportunities

If you are planning to give yourself an opportunity to work in an international environment, a jobseeker visa could be a game-changing decision. A Jobseekers visa serves as a gateway to global career prospects, offering individuals a chance to explore international job markets.

This visa category opens doors to diverse work environments, fostering personal growth and skill development. Moreover, it encourages cross-cultural collaboration and exposes applicants to new perspectives. As a result, jobseekers can gain valuable experience and expertise, enhancing their competitiveness in the job market.

What is Jobseekers Visa?

So now, you may ask, What is Jobseekers Visa? To answer your question, I would like to say, that a jobseeker visa, is often referred to as an employment-seeking visa or job-search visa. It is a type of visa designed to allow individuals to enter a foreign country for the sole purpose of seeking employment opportunities. It’s a great option for those seeking international career growth as it offers several advantages, including legal residency during the job search process.

Countries Offering Jobseeker Visas

There are several countries in the world that offer jobseeker visas. In this section, we will explore them in detail. So which countries actually are offering jobseeker visas at the moment? After doing in-depth research we have found these 15 countries are offering jobseeker visas:

  1. Germany
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. New Zealand
  5. Austria
  6. Sweden
  7. Denmark
  8. Portugal
  9. Spain
  10. Ireland
  11. UK (only for Indians)
  12. Singapore
  13. South Korea
  14. Hong Kong
  15. UAE

Now we will check the eligibility for each country and also add the details information of the respective country’s government portal.

German Jobseekers Visa

Germany, known for its robust job market and thriving economy, offers a jobseeker visa program that attracts talent from around the world. To be eligible, you need to have a recognized degree, sufficient funds to support yourself, and comprehensive health insurance. With a six-month visa duration and access to numerous job opportunities, Germany is a prime destination for job seekers.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Possess a minimum of 5 years of experience in your related field of study.
  2. Hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree from a German university or an equivalent foreign degree.
  3. Provide evidence of adequate funds to cover your expenses while in Germany.
  4. Obtain travel or health insurance that covers your entire stay in Germany or until you receive your work permit.

Visa application process

  • Proof of academic and work qualification
  • Birth certificate
  • Financial proof of EUR 5,604 or written consent from a sponsor living in Germany (Verpflichtungserklärung)
  • Passport with at least 12 months validity at the moment of submission
  • Updated CV
  • 3 passport size photos
  • Cover letter explaining the applicant’s career plans
  • Accommodation for initial 30 days
  • Health insurance

You can learn more about it from the German official website.

Canadian jobseekers visa

Canada’s jobseeker visa program is another excellent choice. With a strong job market and welcoming immigration policies, Canada offers a warm welcome to job seekers. Eligibility criteria include proof of sufficient funds, proficiency in English or French, and an express entry profile. Canada’s diverse job market and high quality of life make it an appealing destination.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Hold a post-secondary degree, diploma, or certificate.
  2. Have enough funds to support yourself and any accompanying family members.
  3. Score 67 points or more in the points-based assessment.
  4. Ensure the experience is in one of the eligible occupations.
  5. Possess at least 1 year of continuous full-time paid work experience in a single occupation.
  6. Pass language testing conducted by a recognized third party to demonstrate intermediate-level language skills.

Visa application process

  • Check your eligibility through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).
  • Create an Express Entry profile online and wait for an Invitation to Apply (ITA).
  • Submit your online application for Permanent Residence (PR).
  • Get ready for your arrival (if your PR application is approved).

You can learn more about it from the Canadian official website.

Australian Job Seeker Visa

Australian jobseeker visa program allows you to explore the country’s booming job market. Requirements typically include a valid passport, financial proof, and proficiency in English. With a visa duration of up to 12 months, you’ll have ample time to secure your dream job while enjoying Australia’s stunning landscapes.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Be under 50 years old at the time of application.
  2. Demonstrate proficient English language skills.
  3. Obtain a positive skills assessment for an occupation on Australia’s Skilled Occupations List.
  4. Achieve the pass mark in the skilled migration points test, which is currently set at 65 points.

Visa application process

  • Passport that holds validity for at least 6 months.
  • Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect, providing information about your chosen occupation, skills, and qualifications.
  • SkillSelect will calculate your points score; if it meets the required threshold, Australian immigration will send you an invitation to apply for a visa.
  • Once you receive the invitation, you have 60 days to complete your online visa application.
  • 2-3 recent photographs of the applicant.
  • Applicant’s job offer letter.
  • Proof of applicant’s dependents(if applicable).
  • Proof of health and travel insurance.

You can learn more about it from the Australian official website.

jobseekers visa

Sweden jobseekers visa

Sweden’s jobseeker visa program attracts job seekers with its dynamic job market and high quality of life. Eligibility criteria include a university degree, comprehensive health insurance, and enough funds to support yourself. Sweden’s strong focus on innovation and technology creates opportunities in various sectors.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Have completed studies equivalent to an advanced-level degree.
  2. Plan to seek employment or explore entrepreneurial opportunities.
  3. Be financially self-sufficient for the intended permit duration and have funds for your return journey.
  4. Hold comprehensive health insurance valid for care in Sweden.
  5. Possess a passport that remains valid for the entire period of your stay (extend it if needed).
  6. Be located outside of Sweden at the time of application.

Visa application process

  • Following the job offer, you need to submit your part of the application.
  • Your employer initiates the application by extending a job offer to you.
  • Once the application is complete, you pay the required application fee.
  • If your application is approved, the work permit will be valid for the duration of your employment, up to a maximum of two years at a time.

You can learn more about it from the Swedish official website.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE, particularly Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is a hub for international job seekers. With its diverse economy and thriving job market, the UAE’s jobseeker visa program is a gateway to exciting opportunities. Eligibility criteria include proof of accommodation and financial sustainability. The UAE’s strategic location also offers access to businesses across the Middle East.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Belong to the first, second, or third skill level based on the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) job classification, OR be a recent graduate from one of the top 500 universities globally as recognized by the Ministry of Education, with graduation within the last 2 years.
  2. Possess a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.
  3. Meet the required financial guarantee.

Visa application process

  • A colored passport-sized photograph.
  • An attested qualification certificate.
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s passport.

You can learn more about it from the official website.

New Zealand

New Zealand has also a similar type of visa program. Direct job searching visa they closed last year. But now you can apply for another type of visa. It’s called an Accredited Employer Work Visa. To be eligible to have that type of visa you should have some prerequisites.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Be in good health and possess a good character record.
  2. Be under the age of 55.
  3. Demonstrate a satisfactory level of English proficiency.
  4. Possess either a return ticket out of New Zealand or sufficient funds to purchase one if needed.

Visa application process

  • Fill out the application form.
  • Collect the necessary documents such as your passport, evidence of good health and character (medical and police clearance certificates)
  • You have to show proof of funds, and documentation showing your intention to depart New Zealand after your stay.
  • Submit your application and pay the required application fee.

You can learn more about it from the official website.

Austria jobseekers visa

Austrian jobseekers visa is designed for highly skilled workers who are seeking employment in Austria. To be eligible, you typically need to have a job offer or an employment contract. The Red-White-Red Card for Job Seekers allows you to stay in Austria for six months while searching for employment.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Candidates should be between the ages of 18 to 45 years.
  2. Academic certificates
  3. Possess basic language skills in either German (A2 level) or English (intensified elementary use) to work in the nominated occupation.
  4. Present a police clearance certificate indicating no previous criminal record.
  5. Demonstrate sufficient funds to cover your stay in Austria at the time of application submission.
  6. Provide a recent medical report.
  7. Show proof of a gross salary earned in the previous year from a senior management position.
  8. Hold university qualifications relevant to the nominated occupation, with a minimum duration of 4 years.

Visa application process

  1. Valid passport
  2. Photo (dimensions: 45x35mm) which is not older than six months.
  3. Meet the criteria for a Red-White-Red Card.
  4. Proof of local accommodation (e.g. lease contracts, preliminary agreement on tenancy rights or ownership evidence)
  5. If you are living outside of Austria, apply for a Visa D at the Austrian embassy or consulate in your home country.

You can learn more about it from the Austrian official website.


Denmark offers a visa option for job seekers via its Greencard Programme. However, they want professionals holding advanced degrees who aspire to reside and work in Denmark.

Eligibility requirements

  1. A valid passport
  2. Proof of education
  3. Proof of suspended employment with reason

Visa application process

  • Start by creating a case order ID.
  • Next, complete the payment fees.
  • After that, submit the required documents.
  • Then, fill out the visa application form.
  • Now, wait for the application result.
  • You will need to have your biometrics taken.
  • Finally, patiently await the response to your request.

You can learn more about it from the official website.

Portuguese jobseekers visa

Portugal offers several types of visas and residence permits for individuals seeking employment opportunities in the country. However, one of the common options was the ‘D’ type visa or residence permit for job seekers.

Eligibility requirements

  1. A passport with a validity of at least three months
  2. A fully filled-out visa application
  3. Two recent photos
  4. A criminal record certificate
  5. Proof of financial resources, equal to or greater than three months’ salary
  6. Travel Insurance
  7. Return ticket

Visa application process

  • Applicants must demonstrate financial resources equivalent to at least three times the guaranteed minimum monthly remuneration or provide a notarized statement of responsibility from a Portuguese or qualified foreign citizen with residence in Portugal, meeting the same financial requirement.
  • The job search visa allows entry and stays in Portugal for job hunting and dependent work activities until visa expiration or residence permit approval.
  • Initially granted for 120 days, extendable for 60 days, permitting a single entry.
  • Visa issuance requires scheduling an appointment for residence permit consideration within the 120-day validity.
  • After forming an employment relationship within this period, applicants can apply for a residence permit, subject to general conditions.
  • If no employment is secured, the visa holder must leave Portugal upon visa expiration.
  • New visa applications are possible one year after the previous visa expires.

You can learn more about it from the Portuguese official website.


The Spanish job seeker visa provides access to the job market. Once you have a job offer, you can apply for work permits. If you completed your undergraduate studies in Spain, you’re eligible for a visa allowing work or business activities there.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Non-EU citizen
  2. Proof of eligibility for exemption from work authorization
  3. Completed higher education in Spain (if student)
  4. Proof of financial stability.
  5. Other necessary documentation.

Visa application process

  • Valid passport
  • Completed EX01 form (if you are a student) or EX-09 form​ for employment​
  • Proof of education
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Additional necessary documents

You can learn more about it from the official website.


Generally, Ireland does not have a specific ‘Job Seeker Visa’ program like some other countries. However, Ireland offers various types of visas and permits for individuals seeking employment opportunities in the country. The most common visa for this purpose is the Employment Permit.

Eligibility requirements

  1. The job offer’s annual salary should fall within the range of €30,000 – €60,000.
  2. Have a job offer not available to EU citizens or residents of the European Economic Area.
  3. Possess the necessary qualifications, skills, experience, and knowledge for the job.
  4. The job offer must come from an employer registered and operating in Ireland.

Visa application process

  • Collect all required documents: job offer letter, your CV, copies of your relevant qualifications, and passport.
  • Fill out the employment permit application form.
  • Make the application fee payment and submit your application.

You can learn more about it from the official website.

United Kingdom (UK)

In 2023, India introduced the Young Professionals Scheme, allowing Indians to work in the United Kingdom even without an offer letter. However, to be part of this visa program, they need to meet the eligibility criteria for the ballot system. Currently, the ballot is not open, and the UK government has not yet announced details about the next one.

Eligibility requirements

  1. You must be an Indian citizen.
  2. The age should be between 18 and 30 years.
  3. Hold a Bachelor’s degree or a higher qualification (Regulated Qualifications Framework level 6, 7, or 8).
  4. You need to show evidence of having at least GBP 2,530 (approx. $3,200) in your bank account.
  5. Should not have any financially dependent children.

Visa application process

  • To apply for a visa through the India Young Professionals Scheme, you must first be selected in the ballot.
  • As part of your application, you’ll need to verify your identity. The process varies based on your nationality and passport type.
  • You can either visit a visa application center for fingerprinting and a photograph to obtain a biometric residence permit or use the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check app to scan your identity document, along with creating or accessing your UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) account.
  • Specific instructions will be provided during your application.
  • If an appointment is required, your passport and documents may be retained during processing, and you may need to travel to the nearest visa application center, which could be in another country.

You can learn more about it from the official website.


Foreigners who want to work in Singapore need a valid pass, often called a work visa, before they begin their job. If you are hiring foreign workers in Singapore, you need to make sure they have a valid pass. You should also determine the appropriate pass, check if they qualify, and learn how to apply for it.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Should have at least 5 years of relevant work experience.
  2. Need acceptable qualifications, like a good university degree, professional certifications, or specialized skills.
  3. Show a genuine interest and commitment to contributing to Singapore’s progress.
  4. You must demonstrate a strong history of professional, managerial, or executive roles.

Visa application process

  • You have to apply through the Employment Pass Online system.
  • Include essential documents like educational certificates, previous job references and your CV.
  • The processing may take around three weeks.

You can learn more about it from the official website.

South Korean jobseekers visa

The H-1 Visa in South Korea is distinct, as it permits professionals to search for job openings in this East Asian center renowned for its technology and automobile sectors.

List of Countries that Offer Job Seeker Visa

Eligibility requirements

Sure, here are those requirements stated more simply:

  1. You should have worked for a Fortune Global 500 Company for over a year in the last three years.
  2. You must have graduated from a university featured in the Times Higher World University Rankings (Top 200) within the past three years.
  3. Age between 18 and 39 years old.
  4. Graduation from a Korean community college or higher within the past three years also qualifies.
  5. You need to have more than $1,000 to cover your living costs.

Visa application process

  • Fill out the H-1 Visa application form.
  • You can submit your application in person without needing an appointment, or you can use an appointed travel agent.
  • Submission and collection are possible from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM, Monday to Friday, excluding certain public holidays.
  • It takes about 4 working days for processing, and there is no urgent or express service available.
  • You don’t need to provide flight and accommodation bookings as part of your application.

You can learn more about it from the official website.

Hong Kong jobseekers visa

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme in Hong Kong is designed to draw in highly skilled professionals, offering them outstanding job prospects, especially in fields like finance, trade and logistics. However, you should meet some requirements.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Age should be between 18 and 50 years old.
  2. You need to have a good character and be financially independent.
  3. Proficiency in written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or English is required.
  4. You should have a solid educational background, typically holding a first degree from a recognized university or a tertiary educational institution.

Visa application process

  • Apply through the General Points Test.
  • You need to provide all required documents, such as proof of identity, financial documents and educational certificates.
  • You can submit your application by mail or in person.

You can learn more about it from the official website.

List of countries that offer Job Seeker Visas

SL.CountryVisa duration
1.Germany6 months (12 months with new law)
2.Canada1-2 years
3.Australia12 months
4.New ZealandUp to 3 years
5.Austria6 months
6.Sweden3 to 6 months
7.DenmarkUp to 6 months
8.Portugal120 days, renewable for another 60 days
9.Spain1-2 years
10.Ireland3 months
11.UK (only for Indians)2 years
12.Singapore2 years
13.South KoreaUp to 6 months
14.Hong Kong2 years
15.UAE60, 90 or 120 days

Jobseekers visa in European countries

Jobseekers visas are increasingly popular in European countries. These permits enable non-EU citizens to actively search for employment within the European Union. Upon arrival, applicants can explore various job opportunities, making it easier to connect with potential employers.

This visa category offers a valuable bridge for skilled professionals to integrate into the European job market. As a result, many individuals view it as a strategic step towards securing meaningful employment and fostering international career development.

European nations continue to refine their policies to attract global talent through these jobseeker visa to enhance their global competitiveness.

At the moment, these countries in Europe offer jobseekers visa:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Portugal
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • UK

FAQs about jobseekers visa

What are the common requirements for a jobseeker visa?

Jobseeker visas typically require a valid passport, proof of funds, and health insurance. However, specific requirements may vary by country, so it’s essential to research your chosen destination thoroughly.

How long is the validity period of a jobseeker visa?

The duration of jobseeker visas varies by country. For example, Germany and Sweden offer six-month visas. On the other hand, Canada and Australia provide longer periods of up to 12 months. The UAE’s jobseeker visa duration depends on your job search.

Can I bring my family on a jobseeker visa?

In most cases, jobseeker visas are for the primary applicant only. However, some countries may allow dependents to accompany you on a separate visa category.

Which countries in Europe offer jobseeker visas?

There are several countries in Europe that offer jobseekers visas. Currently, these countries in Europe are offering jobseekers visa:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Portugal
  • Ireland
  • Sweden
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom (UK)


In conclusion, we would like to say, that a jobseeker visa is a great chance for anyone seeking international job opportunities. In this case, you have to choose the right country for your job hunt.

Germany, Canada, Australia, Sweden and the UAE each offer unique advantages. So consider your goals, qualifications and preferences carefully.

Finally, we would say, that with this guide, you’re well-equipped to launch on your international job-seeking journey. Good luck!

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