6 Determinants to Overcome Low CGPA


Are you concerned about your low CGPA? Many students think that low CGPA may ruin their careers. Probably there are no ways to get a chance in a good course at a good university or get a scholarship with a low CGPA. These thoughts are not always true. Though low CGPA may lag behind you from many meritorious students, there are still chances to win a grant or fellowship or study a higher degree abroad with a low CGPA. Today’s article is all about this topic. 6 ways have been explained here that can back up your low CGPA. Take a glance.

Research Publications

No one can deny that research publications are the optimum option to compensate for your low CGPA. Along with work experience, having a good journal publication or conference publication from a renowned source can make your application more winsome than those who have not this resource. You do not need to accomplish intensive research to publish a research publication. This can be based on one’s thesis topic or major subject-related topic. Moreover, Research publications are also beneficial for pursuing a career in academia and getting funds for Ph.D.

Work Experience

If your CGPA is low then the smartest way to overcome it with relevant work experience. Try to gain some work experience at least 2 years in which field or relevant area you want to study further. Research-oriented universities always seek candidates with work experience related to their programs. They evaluate it significantly. Therefore, fresh graduates can cover their low CGPA with internships or their first job. Moreover, students can participate in workshops to get hands-on experience with up-to-date technologies and sharpen their technical skills as well.

English Language Proficiency

If you are a student with low CGPA, obviously you should focus on IELTS/ TOEFL or other language proficiency tests. Your accumulated graduation result may not in your control or you can not change now your low CGPA. Nevertheless, you can back up it with your outstanding IELTS score. If you strive hard and get determined to cut a good score, it is pretty possible to get decent scores on the English language proficiency test. As English is the medium of instruction of the majority of universities, so IELTS/ TOEFL is a must. In some universities, GRE is also required. In the selection criteria of some universities, the level of English knowledge weights up to 10%. So, it is a vital determinant to cover up your low CGPA.

Consider College

Since university requirements are comparatively high standard, you may consider colleges if you have a low CGPA. But some students concerned about studying in college because they think they will not get a good job or permanent residentship later. It is not true at all. Students from any skill-based and state-approved college will get a job or PR. So, get a degree from a renowned college is not a bad option. In addition, some colleges of developed countries take a good position in the world ranking.

A Good Letter of Motivation

You have to write a solid Letter of Motivation (LoM) or Statement of Purpose (SoP). It is also one of the major essential determinants to win a scholarship and it can really assist you to compensate for low CGPA. Generally, it weights up to 20-40% of the overall evaluation depending on the university admission committee. However, you have to uphold clearly logical strong points why you want to study abroad. Be careful about grammatical or any common mistakes while writing a motivation letter. You cannot make a perfect LoM within a night. As a result, you need to spend your time and efforts to make an effective and errorless LoM that can explain your strong motivations towards the intended program. As it creates an impression who will evaluate your file so you have to present yourself as a suitable applicant using storytelling strategies to highlight your relevant skills and capabilities.

An Outstanding CV

Last but not least make your CV stand out to overcome your low CGPA. You may have low CGPA but you have passion, dedication, and strong commitment towards study and work. Try to portray these points in your CV or portfolio. Curriculum Vitae ought to be clear, concise, well-structured as well as showcase your exceptional skills. It shouldn’t be obsolete and boring. For example, do not write curriculum vitae on top of the page. Make your CV the smartest as it represents the candidate’s image.


To sum up, If you follow all the above-mentioned instructions you can overcome your low CGPA problem. Do not hesitate for low CGPA rather keep trying your luck. Sometimes the students with the highest CGPA have to face rejection. On the other hand, a smart candidate with a low CGPA may get a chance. So, just don’t give up. For some reason, you may have low CGPA but that does not mean life is end here. Do not allow your low CGPA to be an obstacle throughout your career path. Enhance your probable opportunities by following the guidelines. Best wishes to you.

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