10 Uncommon Study Facts About Germany You May Not Know Before

Facts about Germany

Most likely, you already know tuition fee is free in most public German universities. Moreover, studying in Germany is undoubtedly among the world’s top study destinations for international students. Besides, there are some uncommon study facts about Germany that you may not know before. So, to apprise all of those facts keep reading this article bitter end. Let’s initiate.

10 Unusual Study Facts about Germany

  • Higher study in Germany is pretty tough than in other European countries. One needs to understand the course material in depth to secure a good score.
  • German universities run pre-degree programs called ‘Studienkolleg’. It is a preparatory course for individuals for their desired programs.
  • Get ready for an unusual education system if you are keen on studying in Germany. Most courses are solely graded on basis of exams. There are no project works, exercises, presentations, etc. The exam is all to upgrade the score. The students who don’t like exams, Germany is not for them.

Facts about Germany & University Campus

  • The burden of learning is on the student. Students have to organize their own studies. Further, They are responsible for their study, not the university.
  • Course duration may exceed beyond expectation. In the case of bachelor’s or master’s study, it often takes a semester or two longer to complete coursework.
  • A second master’s degree is not tuition-free. For example, If you already have a master’s degree and apply for a second master’s in Germany, it will be counted as ‘Zweitstudium‘ both in private & public universities.

Facts about Germany Students

Some More Facts…

  • There are a plethora of English-taught courses in German universities. Approximately 1500 courses are taught in English. In addition,  220 universities in Germany offer programs in English that are open to all students.
  • Extended work-study options are available but you may have to pay tax even as a student. Students who are working part-time and earn over 450 euros per month are required to pay tax contributions.
  • Admission into German universities is quite competitive. Since it is a tuition-free country, global students from all over the world try to take admission in world-class universities.
  • Germany is not a fully tuition-free country. Some private university courses are remarkably expensive. On the other hand, while studying in a public university, you also have to pay admission fees as well as semester contribution fees annually.

study facts in Germany


Final Words

Germany is a paragon paradise for higher studies, no doubt! Nevertheless, after digging deeper, we have discovered the above-mentioned truths about studying in Germany that may not find all-time pleasant. The most interesting matter is many people are still unaware of these facts. However, If you are new to this site, then welcome. Consider reading other articles as well. There is a range of informative articles based on scholarship as well as world ranking’s top universities. Therefore, Be sure to click the share button if you find any content useful. To continue exploring opportunities visit the site regularly. Best wishes.

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