BICM Embarked Masters Course in Capital Market

Masters Course in Capital Market

In the developed world, capital market management and various components of the capital market, for instance, bonds, mutual funds, shares, etc. conducted based on complex research with theoretical and practical knowledge. The expansion of the capital market is substantial for the development of Bangladesh. At the same time, the acquisition of comprehensive knowledge on the capital market is also momentous.

For that reason, the Bangladesh Institute of Capital Markets (BICM) launched a master’s program on Capital Market. This program first introduced in Bangladesh to create skilled manpower. The Institute published the admission notification for the first batch of the two-year Master of Applied Finance and Capital Market (MAFCA) postgraduate degree program affiliated with Dhaka University. Applicants can apply online or offline till May 30. Here is the online link.

Course Inauguration

The first batch class will start on July 4. The admission test is on June 11. Those who complete the course will get a certificate from Dhaka University. Apart from BICM’s teachers, teachers from various universities including Dhaka University, officials of regulatory bodies, executives of capital markets as well as financial institution experts will take classes. Besides, this is the first time that graduates can participate in any subject in the Masters’ course introduced under the supervision of BICM. For non-business students, 3 courses on capital market and financial runtime will be conducted separately.

In this course, students will have the opportunity to take theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience. The students will have to spend 3 lakh 15 thousand BDT for the entire program. This course under Dhaka University will have a total of 51 credits. Among these, 3 credits are practical. The remaining 48 credits are written.  However, some students may not need some credit. In this case, the lower the credit, the lower the cost. On the other hand, for the occasion of Mujib’s centenary, the members of the freedom fighter family will get a 50 percent discount on the applicable fee.

Admission Eligibility

Admission to the course requires a four-year bachelor’s or master’s degree. If anyone has a minimum score of 500 in GMAT or a minimum score of 300 in GRE, he/she will not require to take the admission test. Apart from this, if they are a member of professional organizations like CFA Society, ICAB, ICMAB, ACEA, ICMA, CPA, CGA, etc., or have a professional degree, they can admit directly to the course discussed.

Final Thought

The capital market is one of the leading sectors of Bangladesh’s economy. The Ministry of Finance has sought the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) opinion to introduce ‘capital market’ courses in various government universities, including Dhaka University (DU), to create skilled manpower in the sector.

With a view to acquiring knowledge on the capital market, there seems to be a need to introduce Masters or Honors courses in Capital Markets in various universities of the country. Consequently, the capital market course has been initiated. This course will help future generations better understand the various components of the capital market. Moreover, it will play a helpful role in creating a skilled population in the management of the capital market.

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