FASS 120-/240-point Master’s Thesis Awards for International Students in New Zealand

Scholarships in New Zealand

Each country has its unique style of teaching. Studying abroad can help you expand your academic horizon. Moreover, it develops the capacity to adapt various educational settings. Studying abroad can help launch your career and make you more competitive in the workforce. Besides, you would have an open mind and resourcefulness adapting to different environments and cultures. Hence, students prioritize studying in the world’s top-ranked universities rather than studying in their country. Unfortunately, due to the high rated expenses of lifestyle and education in those countries, some students can’t afford to fulfill their long-lasting ambitions. Hence, many scholars fail to receive enhanced and upgraded higher education. FASS 120-/240-point Master’s Thesis Awards for International Students is here with a scholarship program for all the international scholars at universities in New Zealand. This article is going to illustrate the key facts and figures of one of these venerated scholarships in New Zealand.


For bright and outstanding students, the FASS 120-/240-point Master’s Thesis Awards is being given out by the University of Waikato which is based in New Zealand. The scholarship award program is to be availed by International as well as Australian students aiming for a master’s degree in the discipline of Art and Social Sciences at the University of Waikato.

The foundation year of Waikato University is in1964. The University is determined to produce focused, educational education and active players in global research and offers its students to choose from a broad spectrum of courses for their future careers. The good name of the University also opens up various internship and job opportunities.  At this university, candidates can study a broad range of subjects to shape a qualification that matches their strengths and career interests. It offers more than 2000 industry placements and internships opportunities for eligible candidates.

Value Of Scholarship

The value of the FASS 120-/240-point Master’s Thesis Awards for International Students in New Zealand is  Up to $3,000.


  • The financial aid positions will be awarded worth up to $3,000 for applicants enrolling full-time in their thesis. The Awards will be pro-rata for applicants enrolling part-time.


  • Eligible Countries: New Zealand and International students are eligible to apply for these endowments.
  • Eligible Course or Subjects: The bursaries are open to study the master’s degree program in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
  • Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for the opportunity s, candidates must meet the following eligibility criteria: Where the enrolment period of the thesis covers more than one calendar year, students are advised to apply for the year in which they are taking the majority of points towards their thesis.
  • Applicants must be enrolling part- or full-time in a 120-point masters degree or in the thesis year of a 240-point masters degree and are doing either a three paper (90-point) or four-paper (120-point) thesis (or equivalent) in either A or B semester in the faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Application Process

  • How to Apply: How to apply: To be considered for the opportunity s, candidates need to apply for admission to study the masters degree  program at the university.
  • Supporting Documents: the candidate is required to provide a one-page statement about the candidate’s proposed thesis.
  • Admission Requirements: the candidates are required to attach their graduate certificate, graduate diploma, and bachelor’s with an honors certificate.
  • Language Requirement: Candidates who do not have English as their mother language are to provide evidence of their English Language proficiency as the IELTS tests or TOEFL score.


To sum up, New Zealand is one of the flourishing countries in the world right now. The education system of this country is up to the mark. Moreover, there are several renowned universities in New Zealand. Various prestigious scholarships are given in New Zealand. One of these scholarships is FASS 120-/240-point Master’s Thesis Awards for International Students in New Zealand.  A complete preparation can make your pathway easier to win this scholarship. Besides, an attempt for a grant is also an invaluable experience. Do not lose hope if you remain unsuccessful in your first endeavor. Your sagacity may lead you to other fortuities. If you want to know more updates regarding other scholarships, visit here regularly. However, share this article with your friends and fellows to make them benefitted as well. Best wishes.

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