A complete guide to PhD in USA 2020   

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The United States of America. It’s not only the largest state. A country with possibilities and numerous options to explore.

A destination of millions of students, researchers, and academicians. They pursue higher studies in respective arenas. Some of them also pursue PhD in the USA.

So, if you are looking for PhD universities in the USA, you are in the right tab.

You will get a complete idea about the PhD requirements in the USA for international students. This post is also armed with more other necessary information.

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Let’s start exploring the PhD program information in the USA.

Why the USA


First thing first. The USA is the prime destination for international students. Prospects are higher. Hence, a notable number of international students arrive here annually, For free PhD programs in USA. Also, you can have some paid programs as well.

Some 1,000,000 students are pursuing higher studies in the USA.

If you want to pursue the degree, you need less worries. Students and researchers prefer USA as the PhD requirements are a bit flexible.

At the same time, you have your degree from the top-level educational institutions of the world. And there are over 1,000 universities offering this degree. Accordingly, you have ample options to select yours.

Also, you have possibilities of fully-funded PhD programs in USA.

Public and private universities


On the other part, you have the option to select your institutions. Either, you can select the public university or you can get admission into a private university.

It is notable that PhD in USA cost is moderate. But when you are in public universities, you can have grants and scholarships. The cost of PhD in USA for international students varies based on the institution.

If you are an American, you may have to pay less for your course in public universities. But if you are a non-American, your costs will be more.

And in private universities, the costs are the same for the local and international students.

University locations


Almost all the towns and cities in the USA have universities. So, no matter in which part you want to pursue, you have the option available.

Mainstream universities for PhD locations include New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston.

Length of PhD in USA


In the USA, the length of PhD is around 4 to 6 years. The incumbents have to work on their courses for around four years. And they have to spend the next two years for the dissertation.



To cross the barriers, you are to pass the regular assessments and exam. You are to defend your dissertation in the final stage.

Fees for PhD in USA


To obtain your PhD in USA, you have to spend around $12,000 annually. But this amount is for the US students. But if you are a non-US citizen, the fee might be higher, even in a public institution.

If you are pursuing PhD in USA with scholarship, you may have some relief.

But when you are in a private institution, you are to pay over $40,000. Private institutions do not get government funding. Thereby, the charges are more.

Competitive admission


You also need to remember that the admission process for PhD programs is too competitive. If you want to grab your space, you have to apply early. And also you must participate in the selection process or test.

And the application process is not similar to every university. You have to submit your academic transcripts, personal statement, recommendation letter, research statement, writing sample and CV.

To study in the USA, you also should know some other features. For the deadline and other application procedures, you need to check this.

So, that’s all today. I will arrive shortly with any other topic. To know about IELTS, scholarships, and other educational matters, stay tuned.

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