Top five scholarships for int’l students in UK

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Do you know how to get a scholarship in the UK? Well, many of us are unaware of the facts. The other important aspect is that we are unaware about the scholarships and grants.

And getting the right information is not available everywhere.

So, in this post, I will describe some of the prominent scholarships in the UK.

Shall we start reading the remaining part?

In the UK, there are two types of scholarships. Generally, grants are from the government and from the universities. So, check the scholarships and asses if you are eligible to apply.


# 1 Chevening Scholarship

It’s one of the leading scholarship programs of the UK government. The scholarship fund is provided from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Besides, there are few partner organizations who also participate in the scholarships.

However, the scholarship is for MA programs in the UK. Anyone from around the world can apply for the scholarship. And they need to be full-timers. Also, there is no subject bar. You can pick any subject you want.

Some 1500 students get scholarships under this program. Please know more here.


# 2 Commonwealth Masters Scholarships

Commonwealth Masters Scholarships are available for those who are in Commonwealth states. So, this is a bit special for them and not suitable for the states other than this Commonwealth country list.

However, you will have the option to complete your MA program through this scholarship. It has funding from the DFID.

On the other part, you are unable to apply to all the universities. Only those universities are suitable who have a funding agreement with the CSC.

You can have six themes to complete your MA program. And they include Science and Technology, Global prosperity, Strengthening global peace, among others.

The scholarship will cover tuition and exam fees, a stipend, an initial arrival allowance, and more. You can learn more about this scholarship here.

# 3 Gates Cambridge Scholarships

When you plan to have a full-time postgraduate course at the University of Cambridge, there are less alternative of this scholarship. It covers all the costs of the scholarship receiver.

In fact, this is one of the most famous and prestigious scholarships in international arena. Only a bunch of outstanding students have this one. It’s for full-timers and you can pursue any subject you need.

Around 95 candidates receive the scholarship annually. And it covers all the costs of studying in Cambridge. You will have tuition fees, travel costs, maintenance allowance, among others.

However, before you apply, you must check the official website of the scholarship. It will help you know more details.


# 4 Rhodes Scholarships at University of Oxford

It was set in 1902. Now, the scholarship has crossed over 100 years. So, this is another special scholarship program for international students.

A total of 95 scholars get the scholarship annually. And in all cases, the applicants need to be a full-time student.

Students from across the globe can apply for the scholarship. Interestingly, the amount of grants in this program is special. It provides more than 15,000 pounds in a year that covers all the expenses related to your study.

To apply for the scholarship, check the website to know more. The application procedure, selection criteria, eligibility – all are subject to change. And so, you need to visit the site.


# 5 University of Westminster International Scholarships

It’s our last scholarship for today’s post. Anyone from a developing country can apply for the scholarship. If you want to pursue higher study in the UK, this is the most suitable one that will open the door of possibilities.

Moreover, you can have your MA degree in any subject. There is no subject bar. But, you will not be eligible to pursue your MBA using this scholarship.

The scholarship is also meant for applicants who are full-time students.  And the number of scholarship receivers is six only.

However, the students of middle-income or developing countries can apply for the program.

The scholarship includes tuition fee waiver, living expenses, accommodation, and others.

No matter if you want to have your postgraduate scholarships UK, visit the links. Get the necessary information and apply for it. Or, if you want to know the Best UK universities for international students, check here.

Chase your success.

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