Best UK Universities for International Students

United Kingdom (UK) is the heaven for international students. A notable number of universities admit students globally and many of the get scholarships as well. So, if you need an admission in the best UK universities for international students, this is a guide to help you out.

In fact, a large number of international students try to pursue their higher studies in the UK. Unfortunately, they lack the guideline to apply in the universities. Most of the cases, they lack the idea how to apply, do not know information about the grants or other related issues.

To know more about higher studies or scholarship, you can keep visiting the site. Besides, this particular article will describe the five best universities in the UK in brief.

University of Cambridge

Basically, the University of Cambridge is the most suitable for students and researchers for higher education. The university is also known as The Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Cambridge.

The university was founded in 1231 and now the top-ranking one in the UK. It has survived the ages and reached in the peak of reputation in all terms. The formation of institutions in the university is unique and there over 100 departments.

Besides, the university has its publishing house as well. Students and researchers have several options to pursue their higher studies. They either can pay the entire academic fee or can avail scholarships.

University of Oxford

University of Oxford is the second oldest university in the world in terms of operation. Academic activities began here around 1096 and it is running the activities till today.

The university has a long history of ups and downs during the operation from the early age. But the growth was constant during the reign of King Henry II. He banned students going abroad for higher education.

Oxford University now has over 30 constituent colleges. Besides, there are numbers of departments. You will get the option for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate studies. Interestingly, many of the UK influential people and notable people around the world were the students of Oxford.

Imperial College London

If you are looking for a standard university for research, Imperial College London is the best one. It was the initiative of royal charter and now is on a leading position. Several campuses across London hold numbers of students for higher studies. Interestingly, the students are more from out of the country. Students from around 140 countries are now pursuing their academic studies.

The college has gained reputation around the globe for extraordinary teaching modes, numbers of departments and the outstanding result. Besides, the college has gained position for its support to world-class research. Over 1000 staffers have been appointed to take care of the research assessment framework.


King’s College London

King George IV and Arthur Wellesley jointly established the King’s College London. It is also known as the KCL. Since after its inception in 1829, the college has been providing support to local and global students. Moreover, this is one of the oldest universities in England.

In later phases, the college underwent several mergers with several educational institutions. Besides, the KCL now has five campuses to accommodate increasing number of students. There are nine faculties which are divided into departments and divisions.


University College London

A member of federal University of London, University College London is the third largest university in the UK in terms of students and researchers. Most of the postgraduates take their enrollment here for its outstanding reputation.

This is the first secular university in the UK and been admitting students without considering their cast creed and color. In several researches, the university gained top position for maintaining excellent academic quality.

Now you have all. You know got the idea about the best universities in london for international students. You can visit this site too for more information.


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