Master of Science (MSc) in Chemical Engineering at The Hamburg University of Technology

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Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering is a new multidisciplinary program. It offers the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge of both biotechnological processes and classical chemical engineering. Close collaboration between these disciplines is a special feature of the engineering departments at TUHH in both education and research. Apart from basic knowledge in biological and biocatalytic processes, separation technologies, mechanical and reaction engineering, Master’s students will gain an insight into the most challenging problems on the boundaries between these disciplines and participate in the collaborative research of several departments.

The standard duration of the course is two years. In the first year, students take part in lectures, exercises and laboratory work. A project and a subject-specific seminar or a process design course take place in the third semester. The course of study is completed with a six-month Master’s thesis in the fourth semester.

The technological challenges of modern society and the requirements of the globalized labor market call for excellent engineering education as well as for a sound additional qualification in the fields of business and management, soft skills and humanities. Therefore, the international Master’s degree courses at TUHH include a number of non-technical compulsory elective courses.

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Course Details:

Teaching the methodology and logic of engineering – “learning to think” – is a key aspect of studies at TUHH. Only in this way can one acquire the knowledge to keep pace with rapid technological change. This sound theoretical foundation is rounded off by a well-balanced mixture of practical application in internships, projects, and thesis work. It should be noted that students at TUHH are trained to think and decide for themselves, to learn and work independently as well as in international teams representing many different academic, national and cultural backgrounds. TUHH promotes interdisciplinary research, teaching, and learning. Students will be integrated into research and development projects at an early stage; this facilitates a smooth transition to working life.

Enrollment Requirements:


  1. Bachelor of Science or equivalent in a relevant subject
  2. Subject-specific requirements
  3. Very good previous academic performance


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Costs/Tuition Fees:

Free of Cost

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About the University/Institution:

The Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) was founded in 1978 and specializes in training engineers. There are 7,500 students registered at the university; almost one in every five students is of foreign nationality.

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