Norway scholarships for international students

Norway is one of the leading countries to study as an international student. And in terms of education and academic excellence, it is great too. So, studying in Norway will make you eligible. But when it comes to Norway scholarships for international students you need to be a bit tricky to achieve one.

In this post, we will try to give you basic info on the four best Norway scholarships for international students.

Thus, a notable number of people around the world prefer the country. They seek Masters’s or Ph.D. scholarships in Norway. And other scholarships and degrees as well.

The country also provides the best options. A number of educational institutions and the government offer scholarships. And anyone suitable can apply for it.

4 best Norway scholarships for international students

For international students aspiring to study in Norway, there are four outstanding scholarships to consider. The Norwegian Government Scholarships, Quota Scheme Scholarships, and the Erasmus+ Programme offer financial support and enriching experiences. Additionally, the University of Oslo Scholarships recognizes academic excellence and encourages global talent to pursue their educational dreams in Norway.

Besides that, you will know about certain aspects of the education system in Norway. Also, some of the most preferable scholarships in the country. We will give you all the info on these scholarships in Norway:

  1. EEA/Norway Grant
  2. Lakselaget Foundation Scholarship and Opportunity Fund
  3. Erasmus+ Grant
  4. Norwegian-Russian Scholarship

So before we go to explain Norway scholarships for international students, let’s talk about the overall study in Norway below.

Why study in Norway for international students?

To be frank, Norway is a bit more special than other countries. Most of the citizens here are highly skilled. Professionally. It has happened as they have had some quality education.

At the same time, educational institutions provide education to everyone. Regardless of their race, social status or profession.

If the students are unable to manage their costs, there are options for scholarships.

However, most of the institutions are public. Run by the government. Not to worry. There are private institutions available too. In that case, you (the students) may need to spend some of your fortunes.

At present, the government owns a total of 22 educational institutions. Among them, nine are universities and eight are university colleges. And the five others are scientific colleges.

But the number of private institutions is also mentionable.

Norway scholarships for international students: what need to know?

When it comes to Norway scholarships for international students, there are essential factors to consider. As we mentioned earlier, there are several options. Firstly, explore the various scholarship options available in Norway. Though you will get an amount but keep in mind that Norway is an expensive country. And that’s why you need to be careful. But the good thing is, the Norwegian Government Scholarships and Quota Scheme Scholarships cover almost all expenditures. Additionally, understand the eligibility criteria and application deadlines. Moreover, be aware of the specific requirements and documents needed for each scholarship. That’s why research thoroughly to maximize your chances of securing financial support for your studies in Norway.

Academic structure in Norway

Let’s talk about the academic structure in Norway.

I know you are curious to know about this particular topic. So, I have assembled the generalized version of the fact.

The academic structure in Norway is a bit different than the other countries.

Educational institutions need to get accreditation. But some private universities are free of such procedures. They are exceptional. So, they are able to conduct operations without accreditation.

The country has been following a 3 + 2 +3 structure for higher education. Since 2003.

It is the structure of your Bachelors’s + Master’s + Ph.D.

And this is the European standard. It helps an international student. To complete his/ her academic activities in a short time. And under this period, the student gets all s/he needs. Even, the recognition of the structure is available around the world.

Any exception?

However, you may find an exception to this structure. In some old universities. They have a different style and structure.

The structure stands as a two-year degree for college candidates. You need to pursue a five-year MA degree consecutively. The professional program is for six years. Usually, the MA degrees are of one year. But in some cases, it exceeds the duration of one year.

If you pursue a bachelor’s in performing arts, you have to spend four years there.

Norway scholarships for international students (Scope of research)

When you are planning for higher education like PhD or other doctoral programs, you need research. Not to worry. The academic institutions in Norway have ample research opportunities.

The higher educational institutions in Norway will help you learn to conduct research.

You can know about basic research. Research during your graduate level. Or research for other professional degrees.

At the end of your degree, you will know how to conduct research. You can have it for short, mid, and even large-scale.

Treatment towards international students

In some other parts of the world, international students are not that much evaluated. But the scenario is different here.

Educational institutions have a firm belief. They consider international students as their assets.

But no matter where you are from. Or what is your cast, creed or color? You will have the same treatment as the native students. To some point, you will enjoy some more flexibility in educational institutions.

Course varieties to study in Norway

On top of that, as an international student, you will have a wide variety of courses. Don’t worry about the quality of education. It is of top-class and high standards.

Eventually, in line with quality education, you can have access to a wide number of courses in science, arts, performing arts, and business disciplines.

But, if you want to have some research, you can also do that. And you will get a number of topics to conduct the research.

Academic Calendar

Basically, the ordinary academic calendar in Norway runs between mid-August to mid-June of the next year.

Living conditions in Norway

The living condition in Norway is excellent. The entire environment is filled with natural beauty. Also, you will enjoy lots of freshness. Most of the cases, people love the natural beauty around them.

Cost of living in Norway

The living cost in Norway is a bit higher. Than other Nordic countries. In fact, this is one of the most expensive countries. And without a proper financial backup, it is almost impossible to continue higher education.

But the students are free of such worries. They can avail of scholarships to cut the costs of living. Some of the scholarships cover their living and other costs. Besides, they will also enjoy discounts on different aspects.

norway scholarships for international students

Norway scholarships for international students

If you are unable to maintain the academic costs, you can apply for scholarships. But if you start the academic activities from the beginning with a scholarship, that would be better.

The top four scholarships in Norway for international students are here. You will have a brief overview of them.

EEA/Norway Grant

EEA/ Norway Grants is an impressive grant for local and international students in Norway. Under the grants, the students will have a scholarship. They will have it for up to 12 months. Consecutively.

But they are to be students of at least for their Bachelor’s. The students of MA or having their doctoral programs can also apply for it. And this is applicable for the same academic year.

Under the program, a student will get up to 1,200 Euros in a month. And the grant amount begins from 600 Euros. This is in a fixed amount.

When you will be under this program, you will enjoy certain benefits. You do not need to pay your tuition fee. Or any other costs like registration or exam fees. The monthly grant will also cover your other expenses like your house rent, living cost, and others in Norway. You can learn more here about this grant.

Lakselaget Foundation Scholarship and Opportunity Funds

This scholarship is more applicable to women. Who swim against the current to reach their goals. The scholarship is also a prestigious one. And you need to be a qualified person to apply for it.

Firstly, the applicant should have in-depth knowledge of Norway. The knowledge should cover areas like local politics, business, culture and science. It is better if you have a sound knowledge of technology as well.

The scholarship will also allow the applicants to have an intern or short-time job. In the field they are interested. It will allow the students to know more about the profession.

To avail of the scholarship, you are to have an excellent academic background. You are also to write an essay about why you are the best person for the scholarship. If you want to learn more about this fund then this link could be a lifesaver for you!

Erasmus+ Grant

Erasmus+ is a European Union Program. The program focuses on education, training, youth, and sports. So, it could be a great opportunity for international students in Norway.

However, as part of your education in Norway, you can have grants to study or get training. The grant is applicable to the students of the European Union. It started operation in 2015.

Under this program, the students of Norway can pursue higher education. The program will help the students to gain skills. Alongside professional practices. And finally, you can support yourself when you are in your professional life.

The Erasmus+ grant provides up to 850 Euros to successful applicants. But the study period should be at least three months.

For the training, the minimum tenure is two months and up to 12 months.

If you are an Erasmus student, you do not have to pay your tuition fees. It also will cover some other expenses like your exam fees, registration for academic activities, and more. You can learn more about the Erasmus+ grant here.

Norwegian-Russian Scholarship

If you are a Russian student and want to study in Norway, you are eligible for this scholarship. Under this scholarship, you can cover up to two semesters.

Annually, 30 students get this scholarship. So, this is a bit challenging for the applicants to get their berth in this program.

The scholarship is separated into two sections. Fifteen of the grants are for those who want to study literature and language in Norway. The remaining 15 are for those who want to study other subjects in the country.

However, the scholarship is available in certain institutions in Norway. The institutions include:

  • Oslo Metropolitan University
  • UiT The Arctic University of Norway
  • University of Bergen
  • Nord University
  • University of Oslo
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology

You can know more about Norwegian-Russian Scholarship from their website.

Norway scholarships for international students (FAQs)

Does Norway give scholarships for international students?

Yes, some organization offers scholarships for international students. These opportunities aim to attract global talent and promote diversity in Norwegian higher education.

Can I study in Norway for free as an international student?

Yes, as an international student, you can study in Norway for free at public universities, as they do not charge tuition fees. However, there may be some minor semester fees and living expenses to consider.

Do international students pay tuition in Norway?

No, international students do not pay tuition fees at public universities in Norway. The country offers tuition-free education to both domestic and international students, making it an attractive destination for higher studies. But in some cases, there are tuition fees for international students in Norway.


This study in Norway scholarship covers the tuition fees. But it does not cover a semester fee. And they will annually get a payment for each of the months. The monthly payment is between 2,500 – 4,500 Norwegian kroner.

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Keep browsing the site. Cheers!

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