Top 5 Universities to Study Medicine in Germany

Is it hard to study medicine in Germany?

Well, this is not a big deal.

You can imagine yourself attending classes at the heidelberg university medical colleges in Germany. Or at any other universities in Germany.

It’s effortless. But you need sound knowledge on how to study medicine in Germany.

Easily, you can get involved in medical profession in Germany. A prestigious profession. Affluent living. And more…

Feeling interested?

In this post, you need to check the remaining part. As a result, you will have brief details of the universities. Also, you can use the comment box to share your thoughts.

However, we have another article titled Study Medicine in Germany- Things You Need to Know. You can check that too to have some comprehensive ideas.

Basic Course Structure

The best medical schools in Germany makes different courses for novices.

It takes around over six years to complete the course. And through this time, the students have to go through several stages. The steps are as below.

Stage one: Pre-clinical phase

The pre-clinical stage is for two years. You get four semesters in this phase.

Stage two:  Clinical phase

Clinical phase in Germany is for three years. You get six semesters in this phase. Two semesters in a year.

Stage three: Practical year

The practical year consists of one-year clinical training. In this phase, a novice doctor will have all the necessary practical sessions including surgery.

Final Exam

The last phase of studying medicine in Germany is the final exam. It is also known as State Examination.

You are to pass the examination. And then you are eligible to apply for a license. To practice medicine in Germany.



Study language  

German is the most preferable language while studying medicine. But there are some scopes of learning using English language as well. We shall discuss the language issue in some other post, shortly.



The Top 5  universities 


Heidelberg University

Six decades passed. But the reputation of the university is still skyrocketing. The university is capable of overcoming challenges of the modern age. The programs and research facilities here are of international standard. So, a notable number of aspiring medical graduates crave to get admission here.


RWTH Aachen University

It was established in 1966. The medical department is exceptional. Students have ample options of learning the top medicine skills. Research facilities are smarter. Wide lecture halls are the other feature here. More than 2000 students study medicine here.


Witten/Herdecke University

Planning to study in a reputed private medical institution? It’s the oldest among the privates. It was founded in 1983. Annually, 1200 undergraduates take their medicine courses here. Remember, it’s a private institution. Naturally, the tuition fees are higher.

However, if you are an international student, you can have a grant.


Lübeck University

Lübeck Medical School is a leading one in Germany. The institution focuses on several medical issues. Numbers of ordinary medical institutions term this one as the symbol of excellent. Research facility is sufficient here. Also, students get training from skilled and matured faculties.


Mϋnster University

Or, if you need an ancient one, Germany has that too. It was founded in 1780. If you want to know medicine, have in-depth research, and earn knowledge, it’s one of the bests. Some 37,000 prospective students take admission in various courses for higher studies.

So, here’s all for today. Follow the links to know more about the universities.

Also, you can share your thoughts and ideas about medical training in Germany. Germany is open wide to everyone for higher studies. Even, the best medical schools in Germany allows American students to study medicine in the country.

Therefore, it is not a big deal. Know the information. Apply accordingly.

Wishing you luck. See you shortly!

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