Top five int’l scholarships for women

Top five int’l scholarships for women

Of course, everyone can apply for a scholarship regardless of their gender identity. But there are some privileges for women as well.  An int’l scholarships for women is something special.

Generally the scholarships for female graduate students are not limited, but most of the females are unaware of the information.

If you are a woman and seeking option to pursue your higher study, you need to get some solid information about the scholarship for women. You will be surprised to know that scholarships for female graduate students are available in different global universities.

A notable number of bodies and government provide the scholarship for the growth of the women. Any female student from around the globe can participate in those programs.

So, if you are a female and want to grow your life and career, this is a must read for you.

Not only academic expenses, the scholarships also provide some other costs of the female students. So, this is a lucrative chance for the students, especially the women to reach into their dreams.

Considering the ground, a list of ten international scholarships for women is here. The list below will provide all the necessary information. And you can also keep visiting here to know more about the latest updates of scholarships and other academic issues.

Let’s explore the scholarships.


International Fellowship for Women

This is another scholarship for women that is also from American Association of University Women Educational Foundation. The successful applicants will get the scholarship for five years (from the first year to the fifth year).

But this is aimed to provide grant to postdoctoral students. When you are planning to have your postdoctoral study and need fund, apply for this.

The students under this program will get around USD 30,000. So, a large number of students apply for it and the selection process is a bit challenging.

Anyone from or out of the US can apply here. But they must have a bachelor’s degree which is the selection criteria.


Women in Science Environmental Scholarship

Are you a female student of science or environment background? Then this is the right grant program for you.

Dronethusiast offers this scholarship to global students. Interestingly, the scholarship is applicable to different level of students. Even if you are a high school student, you can apply for it. Or if you are college-goers, you must apply here.

The fund is smart. A successful candidate will get USD 500 to meet the necessary costs and other issues.

Alongside the regular application, the applicants have to show some creative ideas that can help to improve the environment.


Career Development Grant for Women

American Association of University Women Educational Foundation offers this scholarship to women for their empowerment. This is a great opportunity for them to expand their career using the top-notch educational facilities.

The sole aim of this scholarship is to provide scopes to women to pursue their desired certificate and degrees.

Under this scholarship, a successful participant will get up to USD 12,000 during the scholarship period. The applicant will get the scholarship for next five years.


Haffizulla Family Scholarship

This particular scholarship for women is applicable from college level. If you are studying in a college, you can apply for it. The rewards are smart too.

A successful candidate will get USD 2000 under this program. They can spend the fund to meet their academic costs and other expenditures.

The authority prefers medical students for the scholarship. Moreover, the applicant must have a very good academic score. Unless you have a better academic background, the grant providers discourage to apply. Hence, ensure you own a great academic track.


Selected Professions Fellowship for Women

If you are a student of MA or any other post graduate studies, this is a suitable grant for you. The American Association of University Women Educational Foundation offers this scholarship to females for their academic enrichment.

Moreover, you will get the grants from the first year and it will remain valid till the fifth year. The scholarship will provide USD 18,000 to the successful applicants.

The grant providing authority prefers students of medicine, law and business for this grant. So, it would be better if you are one of them.

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