Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Fashion Design at Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences 7 Semesters
Germany Full time
Batchelor`s Onsite

In the English-language Fashion Design (BA) study program, you will acquire the creative, manual, and technical skills and learn to use interdisciplinary thinking to design progressive collections. In addition to a high degree of creativity, one of the most important traits for up-and-coming designers is a sensitivity to social, cultural, and economic factors. The program focuses on international developments and how they influence the fashion industry.

The seven-semester study program covers practical, artistic, and theoretical aspects. Providing individual support and promoting personal skills take top priority. Establish industry contacts from an early stage: Cooperation with fashion companies and cultural institutions as well as an internship are important parts of the study program. Specialist English skills will help you to launch your career in the international fashion scene.

Possibility of finding part-time employment

In general, EU citizens are not subject to any limitations of employment in Germany and are legally treated as German citizens. Exceptions to this rule are students from countries that are newer members of the EU (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Croatia). Students from these countries require a work permit for employment and should consult their local German embassy for detailed information.

Non-EU nationals are subject to employment regulations according to the individual country and should also consult their local German embassy for detailed information.

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Course Details:

First and second semester:
Modules Introduction, Forms + Lines I-II, Materials + Realisation I-II, Design + Presentation I-II

Third and fourth semester:
Modules Production + Techniques, Concept + Design I-II, Materials + Realisation III, Visualisation + Presentation I-II, Concept + Technology I, compulsory elective modules

Fifth semester:
Internship (six months)

Sixth semester:
Modules Design + Identity, Concept + Technology II, compulsory elective modules

Seventh semester:
Bachelor’s thesis

Enrollment Requirements:

  1. General qualification for university entrance (A-level or equivalent), or subject-specific higher education qualification, or university of applied sciences entrance qualification
  2. A creative portfolio must be submitted (with at least 10 drawings).
  3. Candidate must pass a selection process.
  4. English language skills level B2


Teaching Language:


Costs/Tuition Fees:

4,050 Euro

Language Requirements:

Evidence of English language skills of level B2 of the European Framework of Reference or equivalent knowledge must be provided.

About the University/Institution:

The AMD Akademie Mode & Design offers internationally certified training programs in fashion, design, media, communication, and management. Promoting and supporting creative as well as business-oriented youth has remained an essential strategic focus of the AMD Akademie Mode & Design for over 29 years of its dedicated educational activities. We educate flexible and open-minded specialists with expertise and know-how as well as the capability for an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to the international creative industries.

AMD stands for innovation, interdisciplinary approach, quality in teaching and research, practical relevance, and individual career development. The Academy has four campuses insignificant German creative locations: Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Munich, and Berlin.

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