Scholarships for Women at RWTH in Germany

RWTH International Academy 24 Months
Germany Full Time
Bachelor’s Onsite

Scholarship Value

Full tuition fees for a Master’s degree program at RWTH International Academy over the standard study period with the exception of an administrative fee of EUR 500 per semester.

Application Papers

The application for the scholarship must be submitted together with the application for the program at RWTH International Academy. The deadline is 1 March of each year. Please provide the following documents with your application:

  1. completed application form for the scholarship ’Women in Engineering’
    [list|scholarship motivation letter of 500 words
  2. evidence on academic achievements showing that the applicant ranks among the top 15 % of her class
  3. basic knowledge of German (A1 level)

Please note that incomplete applications cannot be considered.

In order to apply for a Master’s program at RWTH International Academy and, therefore, the ‘Women in Engineering’ scholarship you need to register and create an account on the RWTH online application portal

Please download any required forms and documents here

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The ‘Women in Engineering’ Scholarship was created to allow more qualified female students from abroad to pursue a Master’s degree program in engineering and establish gender equality among students of English-language Master’s degree programs at RWTH International Academy.

Application requirements:

Candidates have completed their Bachelor’s degrees with very good grade point averages and at least 12 months of professional experience in their career field. They have furthermore been admitted to one of the following Master’s degree programs at RWTH International Academy:

  1. M. Sc. Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering,
  2. M. Sc. Management and Engineering in Computer-Aided Mechanical Engineering,
  3. M. Sc. Management and Engineering in Structural Engineering and Risk Management of Industrial Facilities,
  4. M. Sc. Management and Engineering in Electrical Power Systems,
  5. M. Sc. Management and Engineering in Production Systems,
  6. M. Sc. Management and Engineering in Water,
  7. M. Sc. Networked Production Engineering,
  8. M. Sc. Robotic Systems Engineering,
  9. M. Sc. Textile Engineering.

Teaching Language:


Admission Requirements:

The following criteria must be met to qualify for a scholarship

  1. status: graduate
  2. discipline: engineering (mechanical or civil engineering)
  3. citizenship: no restrictions

Duration of the Funding:

EUR 500 Per Semester

Language Requirements:


Application Deadline:

1 March of each Year

Apply/Website Link:$ctx=rbacId=

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