Five best scholarships for black women

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Education is for everyone regardless of cast creed and color. So, if you are a black woman, you also have the scopes of higher studies. In fact, the number of grants for black women is on the rise. So pursuing higher education is not a barrier now because of the scholarships for black women.

A variety of global institutions provide scholarships to black women under different programs. The funds help to cover the basic tuition fees, living costs, transportation cost, health coverage and more. So, if you are woman and from the African region, no worries! You will have ample options to continue your higher education.

So, based on this ground, we have selected the five best scholarships for black women across the globe. Browse the texts and apply for the suitable scholarship

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ABA Diversity Scholarship

The ABA Diversity Scholarship program aims to improve the life and living of the underrepresented groups. If you are an African woman, it’s a great option for you. But you need to have certain academic background. The application process requires a minimum first year in college. And you will have some major courses to study.

The amount for the scholarship is USD 5000 for the successful applicant. You are to start the process by writing an essay worth 500 words about some specific subjects. After going through the essay, the selection committee will take further decision.


AMS Minority Scholarships

AMS Minority Scholarships solely aim to fund academic studies of the minority students, especially those from the African nations. The courses are highly structured and can provide with a better academic exposure to the applicants. The source of the funds is from the donations of the AMS Giving Program.

The scholarship is provided for two years and the amount is USD 6000. To obtain the scholarship, you are to hold at least a permanent resident status living the USA. Besides, you also should be from the minority groups. And most importantly, you are to study science courses.


Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship

Another impressive scholarship is Blacks at Microsoft or BAM. This is a program sponsored by the company and aim to the employees of African nations. And it aims to provide scholarships to the African descent population. However, the applicant has to complete at least a high school graduation.

The amount of the scholarship is 20,000 and the applicants need to study in some particular subject. The subjects include – business programs, computer science, among others. Please remember, the award is available for two candidates only.


Catharine Lealtad Scholarships

This is another scholarship named after the first African American graduate Catharine Lealtad. She graduated in 1915 and now the scholarships are awarded to the African American Students. But, if you need to apply for the program, you must have a positive high school record. Moreover, the admission committees have its individual ways to select the candidate.

The award is USD 72,000. Interestingly, there are fewer formalities to apply for the scholarship and you can renew it the same year if necessary. For more information about the scholarship, visit this page.


EPP Undergraduate Scholarship Program

EPP Undergraduate Scholarship Program is another attractive scholarship program for the minority people. It aims to increase the number of students to some targeted academic fields. Besides, the program provides funds to 10 students a year to cover all the necessary expenses.

But the scholarship is available when you are on the second year on a four-year program or when you are in third year on a five-year program. The reward of the program is USD 45,000

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